Joan Rivers funeral.  Daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson.

Joan Rivers funeral. Daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson Cooper.

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

The MSM (mainstream media) will soon come to the conclusion that comedienne Joan Rivers death was caused by medical malpractice.  How so?

A.  The dangerous anesthesia “Propofol” was used, despite the fact that it was known for causing the death of Michael Jackson.

B.  A biopsy was performed without permission.

C.  Her doctor takes a “selfie” while she’s out cold.

All three of these factors fit in well for a medical mishap – – BUT, WAS THIS A SET-UP MEANT TO HAPPEN?

Quickly forgotten in all those MSM tributes was the outing of Pres. Obama and his wife by Joan Rivers.  The Internet rumors of our President being gay and his wife a transsexual have long been out there, however, the MSM had skillfully avoided them.  Until Joan said the unmentionable on CNN, July 4, 2014.

The MSM were forced to go after her in a CNN interview, where she walked off.

CNN walk-off interview.

CNN walk-off interview.  7/6/14.

…And on the Letterman show, where she was humiliated.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.  7/9/14.

Following Joan’s statement, she explained that the “Michelle Obama is a tranny” remark was a compliment and then never mentioned it again.

Some will ask, “Why would the Obamas care about any of this, if it isn’t true?”  They care, because it is true.  Joan Rivers was a Jew, daring to joke about the “chosen one”.

iu  Those behind the Obamas have cultivated and crafted an image – – Barack Obama, a straight, black man and an African-American civil-rights leader.  Michelle Obama, the tough-talking, ghetto-graduate who rose about it all to become the First Lady.  But, what if the Obama tale is just a fable?  A fairy tale?  What if a political machine decided to create a backstory, erasing the truth?

The MSM, which scrutinizes those they don’t like, takes the Obamas at their very word, using his two ghost-written autobiographies as the official story.  The Gospel According to Obama.

And, if in the 1990’s, Barack Obama had to be coached by actor Harry Lennox on how to act like a black man from the south-side of Chicago, so be it.  And if the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has to teach Obama how to behave like a Christian (instead of a Muslim), so be it.  And if Obama isn’t vetted in 2008 (and John McCain is), so be it.  And if Joan Rivers winds up dead, weeks after saying his life story is a fake, so be it.

Obama the King of Liars

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

The Muslim Obama

Barack Obama, our Muslim-foreign born-Communist President is ever hopeful that he can fool the American people into believing that 9/11 and ISIS have nothing to do with Muslim terrorists.  And why not?  He’s one of them.

The late Loretta Fuddy - released Obama's fake birth certificate.

The late Loretta Fuddy – released Obama’s fake birth certificate. Killed in a mysterious plane crash.

In regards to Osama bin Laden, Pres. Obama said:  “Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader, he was a mass murderer of Muslims.”  Our President is ever diligent  in defending his people – the Muslim community – making sure to outright lie and say Bin Laden and al-Quada aren’t Muslim.

Obviously, Pres. O would rather sleep through the ISIS invasion, but with journalists being butchered on YouTube, how can he ignore it, while still ignoring it?

9/10/14.  BHO’s Address to the Nation really said nothing different.  Obama blusters in a sad, desperate attempt to make you think he cares about the U.S.  Air-strikes have been kept to an absolute minimum – done only to stop ISIS from destroying Iraq’s dam and infrastructure.  The caliphate remains and so do thousands of dead Christians.

Obama takes another trip thru Fantasy Land by saying the following…”ISIL is not Islamic.  No religion condones the killing of innocents.  The vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.”  Again, BHO repeats the same lie.  ISIS/ISIL aren’t real Muslims.  This is sheer insanity.  This is a Holy War of religion, but not for our President, who said, “We must also reaffirm that the U.S. is not and never will be at war with Islam.”  Thus, Obama refers to his air campaign as a “counter-terrorism offensive” or a “kinetic action”.  He will not use the word, “war”.   Mr. O wants our military to train “moderate” Syrian fighters, who, when all is said and done, are the terrorists he supports.

Another Obama quote:  “America is safer.”  Is he kidding?  Half of America believes we are on the verge of another terrorist attack that will make 9/11 look like a fireworks display.

Even more depressing… In our public schools, on the 9/11 anniversaries, a videotape of Obama is shown, explaining to the children that al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden aren’t Muslim.  Obama really gets ’em while they’re young.  And, of course, our ultra-liberal schools go along with the lie, knowing it’s a lie all along, which is even worse.  Back on 9/19/01, Obama commented on 9/11 in the Hyde Park Herald – “I hope that we as a nation draw some measure of wisdom from this tragedy.  Certain immediate lessons are clear and we must act upon those lessons decisively.”  Basically, Obama is saying that al-Qaeda has taught the USA a lesson and that we had better learn from it.  What more do you need to know?

Citizens, it’s up to us, not the media or the government to say the truth of what we are up against.  Radical Islam wants to destroy Christian America and the Jewish State of Israel.  And they will be successful as long as we have leader like Barack Obama who is working, directly for the other side.  The MSM will continue to defend him no matter what.  Internet journalism is our last chance to expose the fraud who occupies the White House.


Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

Time:  Aug. 28, 2014.  Place:  Yorkville Endoscopy, NYC.

Yorkville Endoscopy

Yorkville Endoscopy

Comedienne Joan Rivers undergoes a routine endoscopy (throat exam) and is then given a fatal dose of anesthesia known as Propofol – the same drug that killed singer Michael Jackson.

Q.  Who administered the overdose and why?

Q.  Why wasn’t oxygen made available?

Q.  At age 81, why wasn’t Joan Rivers referred to a hospital, instead of a clinic?

The sad reality is, for all intents and purposes, Joan Rivers was needlessly killed, when her breathing stopped, suffering brain death and a heart attack.  Whoever was out to get her, made sure she was dead three times over.

After all hope was gone, Joan’s daughter Melissa made the difficult decision of taking her mother off of life-support systems.  Her last day was spent in a private room.  Family and friends said a final goodbye.  Death occurred on Sept. 4, at 1:17 p.m.

The MSM has made sure to forget about Ms. Rivers comments about Pres. Obama as “gay” and his wife as “transgendered”.  (7/4/14.)  The Obamas sexual preferences have long been the stuff of rumor on the Internet, largely ignored by the press.

Also, forgotten was David Letterman’s rude walk-off stunt, leaving her on the stage, alone.  (7/9/14.)

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

Gay Rumors Surface – 2008 Presidential Campaign

In late 2007, Candidate Hillary Clinton hires detectives to uncover then-Sen. Obama’s “on the down-low” lifestyle, i.e., to find any gay lovers in his past in an attempt to ruin his presidential bid.  By some coincidence, Donald Young and Larry Bland, who were suspected of being sexually-linked to Obama, wound up dead, shot in the head, execution-style.  Nathan Spencer, also associated with Obama, died from complications from AIDS.

Donald Young and Larry Bland, murdered.  Nathan Spencer dies from AIDS.

Earlier this year, a video was posted on YouTube that went viral:  “Is Michelle Obama a Man?”  The video describes through photos, that the First Lady isn’t one, because of her “Adam’s apple”, “penis bulge”, “brow ridge”, “man hands”, “muscular arms” and “abnormal shape and size”.  YouTube eventually took down the video, due to complaints from Obama fans.  Did this video convince Joan Rivers that Michelle Obama is a “trans”?  …With fatal results?

Q.  The MSM must know how damning it is for Joan Rivers to wind up dead less than two months after her gay/trans remark.  Why won’t they follow this news story?

A.  The MSM have long been on the receiving end of Obama (if you know what I mean.)  They will continue to do so, as long as it suits their political purposes.

The Internet remains the medium for uncensored news.  Eric Reports will continue to go after news stories that the mainstream media is afraid to touch.





Is OBAMA Secretly Helping ISIS?

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

As ISIS/ISIL spread across the Middle East and continues to threaten the Western World, Americans have to ask themselves, “How did it come to this?”  Why wasn’t ISIS stopped earlier, when they started?”  The answer lies on Obama’s doorstep.

Obama's Apology Tour, Egypt.

Obama’s Apology Tour, Egypt

Time and time again, Barack Obama has sided with the Muslim world.  It was all spelled out in his 2009 “Apology Tour” beginning in Egypt.  BHO marveled over the many achievements of Islam and then condemned the U.S. colonists; whom he sees as imperialists stomping all over weaker nations and cultures.  Frankly speaking, if Obama had unzipped his pants and taken a whiz all over our flag, it would have amounted to the same thing.  The left support such capitulence because they think the USA is always wrong and everyone else is always right.

Now we have ISIS – Islamic terrorists bent on destroying anything that gets in their way of establishing a worldwide caliphate.  What do Obama supporters have to say about that?  Nothing, because in the face of danger, they are cowards.

Jan. 2014.  Obama refers to ISIS as “a Jayvee Team”, wannabe terrorists who pose no threat.  Even Democrats are embarrassed by this statement.

The MSM can’t figure out the President.  He dithers and stammers excuses on how he’ll solve our problems “down the road”.  With mass slaughters across Iraq and Syria, we need action NOW!

Citizens, it has come time to realize the facts.  Obama is working for the other side.  There’s no other explanation.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.

The Afghanistan War (2001 – present).  U.S. deaths have skyrocketed under our current “Commander-in-Chief”.  Our soldiers are sitting ducks.

The ISIS army which started off as a bunch of ragtag al-Qaeda rejects are running circles around us.  How’d that happen?  It happens because we have been infiltrated by radical Islam – namely Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and others who are secretly at work in support of a Muslim caliphate.  (Didn’t Obama want to help the “Syrian rebels” depose Assad last year?  The same rebels who became ISIS?  The bombing never occurred because Russian Pres. Putin controls Obama.  Putin has proof Obama is not a natural born citizen.)

The U.S. gov’t has been contaminated by Marxists-Muslim-Wahhabi-fanatics who want our country destroyed and are helping ISIS every step of the way.

The mainstream media can do nothing but issue statements of fear on how the terrorists will be soon in our malls, schools, and airports…the same MSM that helped Obama get elected in the first place.

Incredibly, VP Joe Biden has separated himself from his master, saying to ISIS, “We will follow you to the gates of Hell!”

In the final analysis, I see no happy endings — only two more years of horror.

“No Strategy” Obama – ISIS 2nd Decapitation

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

September 2, 2014.  ISIS releases another video of an American journalist being beheaded by ISIS – Steven Sotloff of Time Magazine.

Steven Sotloff, journalist murdered by ISIS.

Steven Sotloff, journalist murdered by ISIS.

August 28, 2014.  In a rare, candid moment, Pres. Obama admitted he had no strategy for dealing with ISIS in Syria.

Obama's infamous "tan suit" press conference.

Obama’s infamous “tan suit” press conference.

What did he really mean by that?  No strategy means no plan.  And if Obama has no plan, he doesn’t perceive ISIS as the enemy.  (The White House has officially stated that the U.S. is not at war with ISIS.)

Gov't attacks Bundy Ranch.

Gov’t attacks Bundy Ranch.

Who is Obama’s enemy?  The “very dangerous” rancher Clive Bundy, who dared not pay grazing fees for his cattle.  On top of that, this was sacred government land, inhabitated by the desert tortoise.  How dare he?

What ended this seige?  The men decided they would have to use women and children as human shields, knowing the government would back down.  The slaughter of innocents doesn’t look good on T.V.

So now in the upside-down world of Obama, ISIS is not the enemy.  Conservative Americans are.

Is the American government ready to wage war against U.S. citizens?  Have Americans lost control of their own government?