Muslim hatchet man attacks police in NYC.

Muslim hatchet man attacks police in NYC.

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

The First Lady begs for the return of 300 Nigerian kidnapped girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.

The First Lady begs for the return of 300 Nigerian kidnapped girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.

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The time is now for every American citizen to arm himself, before another Sandy Hook occurs.

I WANT YOU ALL TO GO OUT AND BUY A FIREARM.  New is best, second-hand if you can’t afford it.  Make it a handgun, because that’s what the government wants to get rid of.

Some will read this and say, “The government can’t stop gun sales.  What about the 2nd Amendment?”

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Obama and the Supreme Court could reinterpret it as the right of the “militia” and that a militia must be government approved.  See?  There go your guns.

You may ask:  “What if later they tell me to turn my gun in?”  How can the government prove you have it, if you “lost” it or it was “stolen”?  This happens a lot.

ISIS and al-Qaeda will target our infrastructure.  Stores, malls, churches, schools, theaters, auditoriums, libraries, hospitals, street-corners, any public place.

While it may be difficult or awkward to carry a gun in some places, make an effort to do so.

“What about the police?  Won’t they save me?”


Like Batman?  iuHRZS4P7UReal life isn’t like T.V. or the movies.  The police are good for after the event, so they can strut around with their big guns, as they did in Sandy Hook.  What good did that do?  In the case of Columbine, the police chickened-out and wouldn’t go in until the shooters killed themselves.

1992 L.A. Riots. – Rodney King verdictiu5Z6GCP98


The LAPD stand-down and do nothing while over 100 people are killed, and the city goes up in flames.  Then-President George H.W. Bush calls in the National Guard.

“What if I’m a woman and don’t like guns?”

That’s why, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to allow the far-left to destroy the traditional American family.  Before, you had a father or husband to protect you.  Now, you have yourself.  I’d advise you to learn how to safely handle a gun, because the police are not dependable.

“Won’t Obama wage war against ISIS, if they invade and attack us?”

Are you kidding?  Obama is ISIS.  He has already publically stated:  “We cannot wage war against Islam.  How can you be at war against yourself?”

NEWSFLASH – ISIS is already here, amongst us.  Democrats achieved their open border policy in a scheme to register more voters, but they also got Muslim terrorists.  How do you like that?  See what happens when the Dems run everything?


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Even Obama fans will admit that 2014 has been a disastrous year for the President.

1.  The emergence of ISIS.

2.  ISIL – the new caliphate.  (Iraq lost to terrorists.)

3.  Non-Muslims butchered by the ISIS army.

4.  Russian President Putin faces down Obama on the Ukraine.  (BHO looks weak and indecisive.)

5.  Ebola:  Obama refuses to stop flights from infected countries.

6.  Ebola virus now in the USA.

7.  Stagnant economy, fading $.

8.  IRS scandal.  Did White House use the IRS to unfairly target conservative groups?

9.  The NSA is spying on citizens and saving all our data in our gov’t facility in Utah.

10.  Secret Service failure.  Assassin enters the White House armed with a knife.

President Obama has been given a wake-up call from the New World Order (NWO).  The sudden failure of the Secret Service was no accident.  It was deliberate.  Pres. Obama’s failure to control ISIS in the Middle East threatens our oil supply, our economy, our life’s blood.  The NWO, if anything, is about profit.  Do you think the NWO would allow 9/11 and two wars, just to give it all away because Obama is a radical Muslim?


The air-strikes on Syria and Iraq are NOT Obama’s idea.  He would prefer to give ISIS their caliphate.  He’s being forced into action.  Despite the President’s braggadocio, he’s not one hundred per-cent in control.  His power can be taken away.  2015-2016.  Commentators are predicting two lame duck years for Obama.  I don’t think so.  Right now, Obama’s last years as president seem as though he’s not really there.  This will not last.

Just as I believe the CIA was behind the Sandy Hook massacre, I also believe there will be another attempt on Obama’s life.  If it’s a white, right-wing, Tea Party member, expect riots all across this nation.

Pres. Reagan shot. 3/30/81

Pres. Reagan shot. 3/30/81

March 30, 1981.  Pres. Reagan is shot and nearly killed by John Hinckley, Jr.  (The Hinckley family are close friends with then-VP George H.W. Bush, who would have inherited the presidency if Reagan had died.  What a coincidence!)

Pres. Kennedy shot. 11/22/63

Pres. Kennedy shot. 11/22/63

November 22, 1963.  Was Pres. John Kennedy murdered because he threatened to end the CIA and the Vietnam War?

Pres. Richard Nixon (targeted by CIA?)

Pres. Richard Nixon (targeted by CIA?)

August 9, 1974.  Nixon resigns.  New information is coming out that the CIA considered killing Nixon for ending the Vietnam War in 1973.  Instead, they allowed the Watergate scandal to take its course.

If Obama is shot and survives, he will have a blank check to do anything he wants.  And he will.  Except sites like this to disappear.  Expect Martial Law.  Expect your Constitutional Rights to be put on hold indefinitely.  Democrats and Republicans have proven themselves to be gutless against this imperial presidency.  If BHO is wounded (whether it be real or a fake event ), the aftermath will make him one hundred times worse.  The MSM will say, “He’s given his blood for our country!  What more do you neo-cons want?  Like Jesus himself, he’s come back from the dead, ready to save us!”  (Or as actor Jamie Foxx said, “Give honor to God and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama.”

UPDATE! – One World Trade Center – Headquarters for the New World Order

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Collapse of WTC-1

Collapse of WTC-1

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The entrance to the 21st-Century began with the destruction of the World Trade Center.  What does this signify?  Why was Pres. George W. Bush held back from building the “Freedom Tower”?

Illuminati Card Game 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

The Illuminati card game – issued before 9/11.


One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center is a modern day “Tower of Babel” and the headquarters for the New World Order – NWO.  America’s top leaders belong to a society of Luciferians.  BUSH-CLINTON-OBAMA.  These people believe they are preordained by Lucifer to rule the world.  We have entered a “New Age”, but it isn’t the new age promised by astrologers and gurus.  It’s a time of great evil.

Barack Obama is referred to as the “President of the World” at the United Nations.  Is he the future leader of the United Nations?

Barack Obama, also Head of the U.N. Security Council (President of the World)

Barack Obama, also Head of the U.N. Security Council (President of the World?)

President Obama made waves when he endorsed the “Cordoba House” aka Park 51, an Islamic community center, located two blocks from where the World Trade Center stood.AAGAAR10-03

When Pres. Obama signed a beam for the new One World Trade Center, he wrote…

“We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger!”


WWW = 666 (World Wide Web) = The I.D. Chip RFID Implant (Obamacare)


Hillary Clinton’s new Agenda 21.  (Our next President?)

... Hillary Clinton walks on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative 2014

Hillary Clinton



Pres. George H.W. Bush – NWO speech.  (The USA + the U.N.)


Novus Ordo Seclorum – Goal:  A Secular New World Order – A World Without God.great seal eye pyramid US dollar

Have you carefully examined the new One World Trade Center?  It’s a cleverly disguised tribute to Islam.  (And I mean “clever” in the very worst way.)  The sphere on top of the new One-World Trade Center.  (Looks Muslim, doesn’t it?)  Photo from

40 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity


One World Trade Center – notice the pyramid theme?


Pyramids of Egypt – Symbols of the Muslim World

Mecca and the 9/11 Memorial.  (Photo from


What’s Wrong with Bill O’Reilly?

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Bill O'Reilly - Fox News

Bill O’Reilly – Fox News

For those who watch “The O’Reilly Factor”, you may have noticed a more shrill, hysterical tone in his opening monologues.  Why is that?  Mr. O’Reilly suffers from a guilt complex, because he helped get Barack Obama elected.  How so?

Obama-O'Reilly interview

Obama-O’Reilly interview

Mr. Bill conducted two interviews with our current President, which the MSM (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) said were “too tough” and “disrespectful”.  Maybe that because the MSM interviews were softer than oatmeal.

At first glance, these interviews may have seemed tough; however, O’Reilly stays well within the political playpen.  He avoids the toxic issues which could’ve sunk Obama campaign/presidency.  He didn’t seriously probe Obama’s foreign birth…

Obama (Barry Soetoro) - Citizen of INDONESIA -= School Records.

Obama (Barry Soetoro) – Citizen of INDONESIA -School Records.

…Or Obama’s Muslim faith.

Obama wearing Muslim ceremonial robe.

Obama wearing Muslim ceremonial robe.

Obama's ring "There is no God but Allah" in Arabic

Obama’s ring inscription:  “There is no God but Allah” in Arabic.

This ring is worn (hidden) underneath his wedding band.

O’Reilly asks Obama about the Muslim Brotherhood and is given the usual non-descript answer.  O’Reilly refers to them as “bad boys” with no real follow-up question.  (Later, the President would give them billions of dollars.)

Obama ties with terrorism:  Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.  Even Sen. John McCain mentioned this in the third debate.  O’Reilly dismisses these subversive actions as “past actions, when he was young.”

Now we have Pres. Obama doing nothing about ISIS and Ebola.  He’s too busy campaigning for fellow Democrats in the 2014 mid-terms.  It’s become obvious that Obama couldn’t care less about the mass slaughter in the Middle East or the fact that he has put all of American’s health in danger by allowing a deadly, incurable disease in our country.  All of this must nag at O’Reilly.  He knows his interviews made BHO appear credible.  The MSM proudly announced that Mr. O didn’t cave-in under O’Reilly “hard questioning”.  (What hard questioning?)

Bill O’Reilly made a real deal with the Devil.  By conduction these so-called “tough interviews”, middle-of-the-road voters saw Obama as worthy of their votes.  But, what if Mr. O’Reilly had asked…

Did your campaign receive funds from foreign Arab-Muslim interests?

Why did you launch your Senate campaign from Bill Ayers house?

Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist and Obama's buddy-advisor.

Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist and Obama’s buddy-advisor.

Why are your college and passport records sealed?

Why did you write that “Al-Qaeda taught us a lesson on 9/11”?

Why should you be President, if you only have a few years experience as Senator?

Why should you be Commander-in-Chief if you have no military experience?

Why did you say, “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.”

If anybody had ever dealt Obama a symbolic knock-out punch, this arrogant s.o.b. would not be the President.  America’s world power status is in danger of being lost at the hands of the politically-correct.  Bill O’Reilly threw away a golden opportunity at exposing the man who would become our Pretender-in-Chief.

Playing Politics with EBOLA

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ebola photo: Ebola ebola.jpg

Barack Obama (Pres. Ebola) has decided that the health and welfare of West Africans is more important than ours.  As Ebola begins to spread into the United States, our President continues to allow countries affected by Ebola (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia) to enter.  If that’s not enough, the Obama Administration is blaming the Ebola epidemic on the Republicans for cutting funds to the CDD (Center for Disease Control.)  Reality Check:  ObamaCare has swallowed up all of the health-care money – $1 billion.

I might add that it’s Pres. Obama fault for allowing Ebola in.  Either BHO is doing this so as not to affect the mid-term elections (bad) or he wants Americans to become infected with this deadly virus.  (worse)

It must feel shameful to be a Democrat right now.  In order to defend your “Dear Leader”, you either have to say “He’s so full of compassion, he won’t quarantine West Africa” or “Obama didn’t know Ebola was so dangerous.”  Let me address the later statement first.  If “O” didn’t know Ebola’s dangerous, than he’s an idiot and shouldn’t be president.  Secondly, if Obama loves people so much, why doesn’t he love us?  Why doesn’t it bother him that he’s putting our lives at risk?  Additionally, why send 4,000 soldiers there?  Soldiers are meant to defend our country and kill the enemy – not combat a deadly disease.

Is Obama crazy?  Crazy like a fox…i.e., for those he really works for and it’s not us.

I’m going with the “Obama wants Americans to get Ebola” theory – because I think he believes we should suffer just like the third-world nations do.  Call me cynical, but I believe that’s where Obama and his inner circle are in their twisted vision of the world.

For the record, Ebola isn’t the mysterious disease that came out of nowhere.  It started in 1976 and it’s been known ever since that the virus is highly contagious and fatal.

Back in the 70’s, I guess Obama was busy doing something else.


This information was nowhere to be found despite the most expensive ...

Obama smoking weed

For those who remember, this happened before, early in Obama’s presidency (2009.)  There was an outbreak of flu from Mexico (in some cases, fatal.)  Obama refused to close the border, making the allegory:  “Why lock the barn door if the cow is already loose?”  Here’s a better one…If the bathtub is over-flowing, wouldn’t you turn the water off?  Or would you just stand there and watch?

You really have to be stupid to believe anything Obama has to say.  He’s an abject liar; a warped narcissist who takes the wrong side on every issue.

Ebola is a life and death problem.  This isn’t about politics anymore and yet that’s what our leaders are doing – playing the blame game.  And while the Democrats and the Republicans are worrying about the mid-terms, Ebola is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Hillary the Lesbian

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No doubt in 2015-2016, when Hillary Clinton runs for President, she’ll be portrayed as a loyal wife and mother, besides her political accomplishments as a former Senator and Secretary of State.

Wife + mother = normal heterosexual, right?

Well, there seems to be nothing Hillary won’t do to achieve power and that includes her act at being a woman.  This isn’t a condemnation of Mrs. Clinton’s sexual preferences.  That’s between her and God.  This is a reality check.

Eric Reports is not going to allow the mainstream media to put on a fake two-year show of Hillary being “Super-Woman”, i.e., a straight wife, mother, and grandmother.  No way.


Obama (Barry Soetoro) - Citizen of INDONESIA

Obama (Barry Soetoro) – Citizen of INDONESIA – (School records)

“No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a resident with the United States.”  (Constitutional requirement to serve as President of the United States.)

Without prejudice, examine the following facts.  Is Barack Hussein Obama, our forty-fourth President, qualified to hold office?  Was his lack of illegibility swept under the rug because of political-correctness?  Or is he the innocent victim of racism?


In 1965, Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham remarried an Indonesian named Lolo Soetoro. Upon moving to Indonesia, she decides to remove her son from her passport.  Did she obtain an Indonesian passport for Obama?  An application still exists, with his name crossed out and the added name “Soebarkah”.  Reportedly, his mother believed there would be violence to her son, as an American.

Barack Obama’s name is legally changed to Barry Soetoro and is part of the official school records.  (St. Fransiskus Assisis in Jakarta.)  His citizenship is listed as “Indonesian”.  (Photo above.)  This indicates he was adopted; however Obama denies it.


Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Obama Sr.

The definition of a natural born citizen is “An American born on U.S. soil whose parents are also American.”  At most, Barack Hussein Obama is “native born”.  His father was Kenyan, then a British colony.  He was never naturalized.  These facts account for why presidential candidate Obama was never vetted.


Obama owns a Connecticut-issued Social Security card, despite the fact that he never worked or lived there.  The number is 042-68-4425 and has been traced to a Harrison J. Bounel, born in 1890.  This matter was taken to court by attorney Orly Taitz, but was dismissed by Judge Royce Lamberth who said, “The President has a right to his privacy.”


Obama-Keyes debate

October 21, 2004, Debate 2.  Barack Obama debates Alan Keyes for the Illinois State Senate.  It was broadcast on C-SPAN.  During the debate, Keyes accuses Obama of being a foreigner.

Keyes quote:  “You are not even a natural born citizen!”

Obama’s quote:  “That’s okay.  I’m not running for President, I’m only running for Senate.”

Alan Keyes would take Obama’s lack of eligibility all the way to the Supreme Court, who refused to hear his case.


The fact that Obama did not release his birth certificate until April 27, 2011, (two and a half years into his presidency), proves that he was not vetted in 2008.  Previously, an online release of a “Certificate of Live Birth” had been BHO’s only proof.  The most important fact about Obama’s birth certificate is this – it does not prove he is an American citizen, because his citizenship was changed to Indonesian in 1968.  There is even a great deal of doubt regarding Obama’s Hawaiian long-form birth certificate, acquired through his own “special dispensation”.  (In other words, it was created on request.)


MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews – Dec. 18, 2007.

“But, didn’t Hillary dump on Obama a few days ago for playing up his Indonesian roots?  So, what is she up to here?  Is she pushing how great he is for having been born in Indonesia or what, or simply reminding everybody about his background, his Islamic background?”


“Kenyan-born Obama all set for U.S. Senate”


Early ad for "Dreams from My Father"

Early ad for “Dreams from My Father”

This ad states that Obama was “born in Kenya”.  Did Obama receive his college scholarships as a foreign-exchange student?  Is this why all of his college records are sealed?

In the final analysis, it will be up to the American public to decide.  Is our 44th President a natural born citizen or a foreigner?  Congress and the Supreme Court have concluded that Obama will remain President regardless of the facts.  Most likely, this is to keep the system from total collapse.  There is more than enough evidence proving that Barack Obama wasn’t vetted in 2008.  Most likely, his 2011-issued birth certificate is a forgery.


Has the Democratic Party participated in the biggest cover-up in U.S. history?

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EBOLA, Obama’s Fake War, Media in Denial

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ebola photo: Ebola Ebola.jpg

EBOLA – Obama’s cheerleading squad, the mainstream media, can’t figure out why the President won’t discontinue flights from West Africa into the USA.  Obummer is waiting for the mid-term elections because if he stopped the immigrations (even of EBOLA patients), he would be asked to close the U.S./Mexican border as well.  That he won’t do.  After the mid-terms and after granting amnesty to the illegals, then BHO will quarantine W. Africa.  It’s also worth mentioning that Obama was lying when he said that EBOLA won’t spread and that it’s hard to catch.  The opposite is true.

muslim terrorist photo: Terrorist terrorist.jpg

ISIS + OBAMA’S FAKE WAR – The MSM have been showing quick montages of U.S. military air-strikes in Iraq and Syria.  What they aren’t telling you is that Obama is bombing empty buildings and trucks.  Casualties are being kept at a bare minimum.  BHO won’t bomb the tanks ISIS stole from Iraq (ultimately from us) because he wants the “rebels” (ISIS) to depose Syrian Pres. Assad.  Why?  Because Assad is a Alawite (Shi’ite) and Obama is a Sunni.  Also, Assad blocks the caliphate Obummer wants.

MSM DENIAL – The lame-brained, left-wing, media egg-heads still refuse to admit the complete and utter disaster of Obama’s presidency.  Even his former CIA chief and Sec’t of Defense Leon Panetta announced that “Obama is not a leader, he’s a law professor,” “who’s lost his way” and that it remains to be seen if he’ll “make the right decisions.”

Dems are stuck with the “Obama will come through in the end” mantra.  What a pitiful excuse.  The truth is:  Obama is doing as much damage as possible in the next two years, whether by executive actions or inactions.

We’re doomed.

Michelle Obama’s Black Widow Dress

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Michelle Obama's Black Widow dress

Michelle Obama’s Black Widow dress

What is Michelle Obama predicting with this dress?  Why wear it on Election Night?

black widow dress

Election Night, 2008.

Sept. 19, 2014.  Veteran Omar Gonzalez, 42, manages to climb over the fence and enter the unlocked doors of the White House.  Armed with a folding knife with a serrated blade, Gonzalez said he was on a mission to save the world.  By coincidence, the would-be assassin just missed seeing the President and his two daughters by ten minutes.  For the first time since 9/11, the White House was evacuated.

Omar Gonzalez, 42

Omar Gonzalez, 42

The Secret Service attempted to quiet the situation by saying the man was “unarmed”.  Why the disinformation?  To prevent copycats from declaring open season on the President.

Opinion – What if Gonzalez had killed Obama?  What are the effects?  The first would be that the Muslim world would lose their top agent.  Secondly, the new President Biden would carpet-bomb ISIS.  After sending in ground troops, ISIL would no longer exist.  Also, we would no longer have a president apologizing and humiliating the U.S. or saying that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Sept. 25.  Before the U.N., Obama compares the actions of ISIS to what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.  What do you think of that?

The public is being fooled if they think Obama is going to stop ISIS.  A few scattered air-strikes on empty buildings aren’t enough.  No matter what the President says, al-Qaeda is not “decimated”.

Would America be better off without Obama?  It would have been better if Barack Obama had never been born.  His presidency has damaged this country beyond belief.  Many thousands more will die as radical Islam spreads across the Middle East, Europe and the USA.  Obama has encouraged this climate of terrorism and violence by his inactions.


Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

Colleen Hufford + Muslim murderer Alton Nolen

Sept. 26, Moore, Oklahoma.  Vaughan Foods Plant.  Colleen Hufford, 54, is beheaded by Alton Nolen, 30, because she refused to covert to Islam.  Another co-worker, Traci Johnson, was also stabbed.  Nolen was shot and wounded by hero, Mark Vaughan, who should have blown his head off.

The media is quick to call it “an isolated incident by a lone wolf.”  An MSNBC commentator actually laughed at the idea of calling this “Muslim terrorism”, instead labeling it “workplace violence”.  The reality is Alton Nolen is a black Muslim fanatic like our President, who hasn’t commented on the incident.  I wonder why.

It’s time to say it like it is.  Obama has created the nightmare world we’re living in.