EBOLA, Obama’s Fake War, Media in Denial

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

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EBOLA – Obama’s cheerleading squad, the mainstream media, can’t figure out why the President won’t discontinue flights from West Africa into the USA.  Obummer is waiting for the mid-term elections because if he stopped the immigrations (even of EBOLA patients), he would be asked to close the U.S./Mexican border as well.  That he won’t do.  After the mid-terms and after granting amnesty to the illegals, then BHO will quarantine W. Africa.  It’s also worth mentioning that Obama was lying when he said that EBOLA won’t spread and that it’s hard to catch.  The opposite is true.

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ISIS + OBAMA’S FAKE WAR – The MSM have been showing quick montages of U.S. military air-strikes in Iraq and Syria.  What they aren’t telling you is that Obama is bombing empty buildings and trucks.  Casualties are being kept at a bare minimum.  BHO won’t bomb the tanks ISIS stole from Iraq (ultimately from us) because he wants the “rebels” (ISIS) to depose Syrian Pres. Assad.  Why?  Because Assad is a Alawite (Shi’ite) and Obama is a Sunni.  Also, Assad blocks the caliphate Obummer wants.

MSM DENIAL – The lame-brained, left-wing, media egg-heads still refuse to admit the complete and utter disaster of Obama’s presidency.  Even his former CIA chief and Sec’t of Defense Leon Panetta announced that “Obama is not a leader, he’s a law professor,” “who’s lost his way” and that it remains to be seen if he’ll “make the right decisions.”

Dems are stuck with the “Obama will come through in the end” mantra.  What a pitiful excuse.  The truth is:  Obama is doing as much damage as possible in the next two years, whether by executive actions or inactions.

We’re doomed.

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