Playing Politics with EBOLA

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

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Barack Obama (Pres. Ebola) has decided that the health and welfare of West Africans is more important than ours.  As Ebola begins to spread into the United States, our President continues to allow countries affected by Ebola (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia) to enter.  If that’s not enough, the Obama Administration is blaming the Ebola epidemic on the Republicans for cutting funds to the CDD (Center for Disease Control.)  Reality Check:  ObamaCare has swallowed up all of the health-care money – $1 billion.

I might add that it’s Pres. Obama fault for allowing Ebola in.  Either BHO is doing this so as not to affect the mid-term elections (bad) or he wants Americans to become infected with this deadly virus.  (worse)

It must feel shameful to be a Democrat right now.  In order to defend your “Dear Leader”, you either have to say “He’s so full of compassion, he won’t quarantine West Africa” or “Obama didn’t know Ebola was so dangerous.”  Let me address the later statement first.  If “O” didn’t know Ebola’s dangerous, than he’s an idiot and shouldn’t be president.  Secondly, if Obama loves people so much, why doesn’t he love us?  Why doesn’t it bother him that he’s putting our lives at risk?  Additionally, why send 4,000 soldiers there?  Soldiers are meant to defend our country and kill the enemy – not combat a deadly disease.

Is Obama crazy?  Crazy like a fox…i.e., for those he really works for and it’s not us.

I’m going with the “Obama wants Americans to get Ebola” theory – because I think he believes we should suffer just like the third-world nations do.  Call me cynical, but I believe that’s where Obama and his inner circle are in their twisted vision of the world.

For the record, Ebola isn’t the mysterious disease that came out of nowhere.  It started in 1976 and it’s been known ever since that the virus is highly contagious and fatal.

Back in the 70’s, I guess Obama was busy doing something else.


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Obama smoking weed

For those who remember, this happened before, early in Obama’s presidency (2009.)  There was an outbreak of flu from Mexico (in some cases, fatal.)  Obama refused to close the border, making the allegory:  “Why lock the barn door if the cow is already loose?”  Here’s a better one…If the bathtub is over-flowing, wouldn’t you turn the water off?  Or would you just stand there and watch?

You really have to be stupid to believe anything Obama has to say.  He’s an abject liar; a warped narcissist who takes the wrong side on every issue.

Ebola is a life and death problem.  This isn’t about politics anymore and yet that’s what our leaders are doing – playing the blame game.  And while the Democrats and the Republicans are worrying about the mid-terms, Ebola is coming to a neighborhood near you.

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