What’s Wrong with Bill O’Reilly?

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Bill O'Reilly - Fox News

Bill O’Reilly – Fox News

For those who watch “The O’Reilly Factor”, you may have noticed a more shrill, hysterical tone in his opening monologues.  Why is that?  Mr. O’Reilly suffers from a guilt complex, because he helped get Barack Obama elected.  How so?

Obama-O'Reilly interview

Obama-O’Reilly interview

Mr. Bill conducted two interviews with our current President, which the MSM (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) said were “too tough” and “disrespectful”.  Maybe that because the MSM interviews were softer than oatmeal.

At first glance, these interviews may have seemed tough; however, O’Reilly stays well within the political playpen.  He avoids the toxic issues which could’ve sunk Obama campaign/presidency.  He didn’t seriously probe Obama’s foreign birth…

Obama (Barry Soetoro) - Citizen of INDONESIA -= School Records.

Obama (Barry Soetoro) – Citizen of INDONESIA -School Records.

…Or Obama’s Muslim faith.

Obama wearing Muslim ceremonial robe.

Obama wearing Muslim ceremonial robe.

Obama's ring "There is no God but Allah" in Arabic

Obama’s ring inscription:  “There is no God but Allah” in Arabic.

This ring is worn (hidden) underneath his wedding band.

O’Reilly asks Obama about the Muslim Brotherhood and is given the usual non-descript answer.  O’Reilly refers to them as “bad boys” with no real follow-up question.  (Later, the President would give them billions of dollars.)

Obama ties with terrorism:  Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.  Even Sen. John McCain mentioned this in the third debate.  O’Reilly dismisses these subversive actions as “past actions, when he was young.”

Now we have Pres. Obama doing nothing about ISIS and Ebola.  He’s too busy campaigning for fellow Democrats in the 2014 mid-terms.  It’s become obvious that Obama couldn’t care less about the mass slaughter in the Middle East or the fact that he has put all of American’s health in danger by allowing a deadly, incurable disease in our country.  All of this must nag at O’Reilly.  He knows his interviews made BHO appear credible.  The MSM proudly announced that Mr. O didn’t cave-in under O’Reilly “hard questioning”.  (What hard questioning?)

Bill O’Reilly made a real deal with the Devil.  By conduction these so-called “tough interviews”, middle-of-the-road voters saw Obama as worthy of their votes.  But, what if Mr. O’Reilly had asked…

Did your campaign receive funds from foreign Arab-Muslim interests?

Why did you launch your Senate campaign from Bill Ayers house?

Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist and Obama's buddy-advisor.

Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist and Obama’s buddy-advisor.

Why are your college and passport records sealed?

Why did you write that “Al-Qaeda taught us a lesson on 9/11”?

Why should you be President, if you only have a few years experience as Senator?

Why should you be Commander-in-Chief if you have no military experience?

Why did you say, “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.”

If anybody had ever dealt Obama a symbolic knock-out punch, this arrogant s.o.b. would not be the President.  America’s world power status is in danger of being lost at the hands of the politically-correct.  Bill O’Reilly threw away a golden opportunity at exposing the man who would become our Pretender-in-Chief.

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