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Even Obama fans will admit that 2014 has been a disastrous year for the President.

1.  The emergence of ISIS.

2.  ISIL – the new caliphate.  (Iraq lost to terrorists.)

3.  Non-Muslims butchered by the ISIS army.

4.  Russian President Putin faces down Obama on the Ukraine.  (BHO looks weak and indecisive.)

5.  Ebola:  Obama refuses to stop flights from infected countries.

6.  Ebola virus now in the USA.

7.  Stagnant economy, fading $.

8.  IRS scandal.  Did White House use the IRS to unfairly target conservative groups?

9.  The NSA is spying on citizens and saving all our data in our gov’t facility in Utah.

10.  Secret Service failure.  Assassin enters the White House armed with a knife.

President Obama has been given a wake-up call from the New World Order (NWO).  The sudden failure of the Secret Service was no accident.  It was deliberate.  Pres. Obama’s failure to control ISIS in the Middle East threatens our oil supply, our economy, our life’s blood.  The NWO, if anything, is about profit.  Do you think the NWO would allow 9/11 and two wars, just to give it all away because Obama is a radical Muslim?


The air-strikes on Syria and Iraq are NOT Obama’s idea.  He would prefer to give ISIS their caliphate.  He’s being forced into action.  Despite the President’s braggadocio, he’s not one hundred per-cent in control.  His power can be taken away.  2015-2016.  Commentators are predicting two lame duck years for Obama.  I don’t think so.  Right now, Obama’s last years as president seem as though he’s not really there.  This will not last.

Just as I believe the CIA was behind the Sandy Hook massacre, I also believe there will be another attempt on Obama’s life.  If it’s a white, right-wing, Tea Party member, expect riots all across this nation.

Pres. Reagan shot. 3/30/81

Pres. Reagan shot. 3/30/81

March 30, 1981.  Pres. Reagan is shot and nearly killed by John Hinckley, Jr.  (The Hinckley family are close friends with then-VP George H.W. Bush, who would have inherited the presidency if Reagan had died.  What a coincidence!)

Pres. Kennedy shot. 11/22/63

Pres. Kennedy shot. 11/22/63

November 22, 1963.  Was Pres. John Kennedy murdered because he threatened to end the CIA and the Vietnam War?

Pres. Richard Nixon (targeted by CIA?)

Pres. Richard Nixon (targeted by CIA?)

August 9, 1974.  Nixon resigns.  New information is coming out that the CIA considered killing Nixon for ending the Vietnam War in 1973.  Instead, they allowed the Watergate scandal to take its course.

If Obama is shot and survives, he will have a blank check to do anything he wants.  And he will.  Except sites like this to disappear.  Expect Martial Law.  Expect your Constitutional Rights to be put on hold indefinitely.  Democrats and Republicans have proven themselves to be gutless against this imperial presidency.  If BHO is wounded (whether it be real or a fake event ), the aftermath will make him one hundred times worse.  The MSM will say, “He’s given his blood for our country!  What more do you neo-cons want?  Like Jesus himself, he’s come back from the dead, ready to save us!”  (Or as actor Jamie Foxx said, “Give honor to God and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama.”

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