Stars who Refused to Join the Illuminati

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Charlton Heston:  Longstanding star of Biblical epics, such as, “The Ten Commandments”, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and “Ben-Hur”.  Movie career began to fade in the 1980’s, more so in 1998 when he became President of the NRA.

how great thou art photo: How Great Thou Art elvis-presley-how-great-thou-art-cover-art-47186.jpegElvis Presley:  Rock ‘n roll pioneer was actually a fervent Christian, recording three gospel albums.

Pat Boone.  1950’s and 60’s pop singing star/movie actor.  Born-again Christian and author of many inspirational books.

iuYR8STJVVBobby Sherman.  Late 1960’s – early 70’s singer/actor.  (Hit songs include “Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Jennifer”.)  Starred in the TV series “Here Come the Brides”.

iuWIBAK4XVJulia Nickson.  Appeared in “Rambo”. Also starred in the true story of Nora Lam, who fought for her Christian beliefs in Communist China.  (“China Cry” – 1991.)

China cry cover.jpg

Skip Bolen/Alabama ReliefTaylor Hicks.  Winner of fifth season of “American Idol”.  Recorded a few c.d.s, now sings for small venues.

David Archuleta Going On Mormon Mission For Two Years – CRAZY DAYS ...  David Archuleta:  Filipino-American “American Idol” (Season 7) contestant.  Sings mostly in the Philippines.

iuQMRGEDAU Duck Dynasty:  A & E program.  Father refused to back-pedal an anti-gay remark, despite threatened cancellation.

iu4QI271MQTila Tequila:  Former reality show star.  Has exposed the Illuminati as “the Watchers” and “the Others”.  Nearly died for her efforts in 2012 from an overdose/brain aneurysm.

iuBNJDQXFY78violet (formerly known as Aly & A.J.)  They dumped Hollywood Records (owned by Disney) and now record independently.

The Osama bin Laden Hoax


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Much has been made over the May 1, 2011 Pakistani raid that supposedly killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.  In fact, one could conclude this military action confirmed Obama’s re-election.  Every few months, his administration finds a reason to talk about and trumpet this unqualified success.  But, is it true?

Video frame grab of Osama bin Laden watching himself on television in videos released by United States Pentagon

Is this Osama bin Laden?  Is this off-center camera shot proof?  Those in Pakistan say they know this man and it’s not bin Laden.


May 1, 2011. Staged photo.  Love Hillary’s over-acting.

Pres. Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” to explain why the White House wouldn’t release a photo of the dead bin Laden.  “We don’t think a photograph, in and of itself, is going to make a difference.”  The photos taken were “too shocking” and “would only incite violence in the Arab world.”

Now you see him, now you don’t!  Pres. Obama announces that, according to Muslim tradition, Osama bin Laden’s body was cleaned, wrapped in a ceremonial cloth and then dumped into the ocean.  There is no “Muslim tradition” for sea burials.


A.  The fingerprints don’t match.

B.  The DNA sample doesn’t match.

Obama’s proof?  They used DNA from a relative of OBL and it matched.  (Or at least they made it match.)  This somehow wipes out the other two factors.  Fingerprints and a real DNA sample no longer matter.

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto

11/2/07.  Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan, tells interviewer David Frost that Osama bin Laden has already been killed by Omar Sheikh.  (No follow-up questions by Frost.)


Bhutto assassination.

12/27/07.  Benazir Bhutto is assassinated.  I wonder why.

Osama Bin Laden Griffin

Real vs. fake

The two Bin Ladens.  In his last, proven video, Osama bin Laden appears much older and ill.  In the next, he’s gained weight, his face, beard and eyes appear different.  Not a very good lookalike, and yet good enough for Seal Team 6 raid.

8/6/11.  25 members of Navy Seal Team 6 are killed in a helicopter shoot-down over Afghanistan.  Did Obama give away their position as a trade-off?

With the death of OBL, Obama could end the wars in Iraq and eventually Afghanistan.  Also, there would be new attempts for a shared 2-state of Israel-Palestine.

The President Gives Stand-down Order to Ferguson Police

Ferguson Riots: In Defense of Violent Protest | Time

Ferguson Riots

Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony: The highlights

Benghazi U.S. compound attack by Muslim terrorists


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Nov. 24, 2014.  The Grand Jury evidence on the Darren Wilson – Michael Brown case was released.  Evidence proves the assailant Michael Brown had robbed a convenience store, resisted arrest and then attacked a police officer before he was shot six times.  Officer Wilson acted in self-defense when Michael Brown turned and ran at him, ready to attack again.

Regardless of these facts, Pres. Obama disagreed with the Jury’s decision.  Obama/Holder sent FBI agents to stop police from preventing the mass riots and fires which raged throughout the night.  Who is behind these violent actions?  The Black Panthers?  The black revolutionaries?  Obama’s hired thugs?  The MSM doesn’t want to talk about it.

Note to MSM:  Stop showing the same picture of Michael Brown as a 14-year old lost “Brady Bunch” kid wearing headphones.  This is what he looked like on August 9th…

Michael Brown's stepfather investigated



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From here on, America begins its most dangerous time.  There is no longer any doubt, Barack Obama has made himself our dictator, creating laws he calls “executive orders”.  Even the mainstream media is aware of it, blithely wondering if Congress or the Supreme Court can slow down his agenda.  As I wrote before, it is up to you, the people, to stop him.

What about impeachment?  Even if by some miracle, Congress summoned up the courage for impeachment hearings, it would eventually fail, as it did for Bill Clinton.  The President has access to many secret files that could sink the careers of those in Congress.

At this point, assuming Obama continues his imperial presidency, my best advice for those who are able, is to leave the country, until the new president is inaugurated.  I’m more than certain Martial Law is coming.  The U.S. is about to be torn apart from without and within.

First of all, the Obama Administration is coordinating with black Muslim groups (such as “The New Black Panther Party”) to create civil unrest and riots in Ferguson, MO.  Agitators designed to lead the black community into bloody violence.  The  President hopes this will spread across America.  How’s that for “hope and change”?

Secondly, Obama is goading Russian Pres. Putin into a war over Syria.  BHO hasn’t forgotten his humiliation over “the red line drawn” and his failed bombing campaign of the Assad regime.  Putin knows well that Obama is arming the “rebels” ( Islamic terrorists) to overthrow Assad.  This is a proxy war, like Vietnam.  Except back then, we were #1.  Militarily, Russia is now #1.  Obama knows this.

Do you feel comfortable with this President’s finger on the red button?  What do you think the consequences will be of a nuclear war?  Is this what the New World Order wants?  Is this part of their depopulation program?  Are FEMA camps next for those who won’t go along with Obama’s utopia?

Citizens, we did this to ourselves.  Obama didn’t become President by himself.  Remember 2008?  Remember that cocky, young senator, grinning from ear-to-ear promising “social justice”?  The American people had a choice, just like Adam and Eve, and then made the wrong one.  Now, we will suffer for it.

Obama Gives Away U.S. Internet Control to the United Nations

United Nations

United Nations

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President Obama has agreed to the demands of the “international community” by releasing American’s control of the Internet to the United Nations.  The date of the turnover is Sept. 2015.

Originally, the Internet was created under the Nixon Administration in 1970, to allow the gov’t a better way to communicate with itself.  An unexpected side benefit:  the World Wide Web has become our last, best hope of defeating the stranglehold the MSM had on the news.  Until now…

The MSM, knowing these matters aren’t interesting to the general public have downplayed it as “just another step toward our global community”.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  The problem is – the U.N. doesn’t have the First Amendment.  Therefore, in the near future, if I write an article critical or offensive to other countries or the gov’t or any leader, it will be removed.  (Or worse, never appear.)  Our days of freedom our numbered.

I’d advise all of you, if you want to say something contrary to the New World Order’s globalist agenda, or to King Obama or to (presumably) our next President, “The Grand Doughnut” Hillary Clinton, say it now.

MSM naysayers, (the fools who didn’t vet Obama), will slough this off by saying that I’m overreacting and that nothing will change.  The overpaid talking-heads don’t care – they’re already controlled by the standards and practices of the U.S. gov’t.

Be aware and save any important information on your computers, flash drives, external storage, etc. before it disappears.

Obama’s Dead Ringer

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March 27, 2011.  President Obama’s controversial and long-awaited birth certificate is finally released by Loretta Fuddy.  (Director of the Hawaiian Dept. of Health.)  At the time, Obama’s citizenship had been questioned by many, including billionaire Donald Trump, who considered running for president.  The release of the birth certificate effectively ruined his 2012 presidential run.

Loretta Fuddy

Loretta Fuddy

Dec. 11, 2013.  Airplane failure.  Loretta Fuddy dies shortly after a forced ocean landing.  Witnesses said a loud bang was heard shortly before the plane went down.  Passengers wore life-jackets and awaited rescue not far from shore.  A witness, who held Ms. Fuddy’s hand said she appeared fine, until she suddenly let go and floated away.  Cause of death – heart attack.  She was the only fatality.  While news of Fuddy’s death made the MSM news, no indepth reporting was made, other than she died in a “plane crash”.  (Inaccurate – she died from whatever happened following the plane’s soft landing.)

Obama with his real father?  Muhammad Sabuh

Obama’s real father? Muhammad Sabuh.

The Backstory.  Incredibly, Loretta Fuddy also knew Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.  They both belonged to the same religious cult known as “Sabud”.  (Fuddy was the chairwoman for Sabud’s Nationaly Committee, 2006-2008.)  Is Muhammad Subuh Obama’s real father?  Ask yourself, who looks more like our President?

Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Obama Sr.


BirtherReportDotCom - AdrienNash Image 3

Muhammad Subuh.

Again, America is faced with questions about Barack Obama’s lineage.  Where did he come from?  Who is his real father?  Is he a natural born citizen?  If not, why wasn’t he vetted in 2008?  Was the mainstream media so anxious to elect an African-American into the White House, that they forget to check his true identity?  (Or did they want to?)

In 2013, did Loretta Fuddy make the deadly mistake of leaking info about Obama’s true parentage?  If so, was she eliminated?  The MSM has stayed far away from this news story, demoting it to another “conspiracy theory”.  To those of you reading this, I ask, “How long will America be fooled by the liars who keep this man in office?”

US President Barack Obama gestures for t

Obama Could End the Muslim Violence if…

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Obama bows before Saudi prince.

        Obama bows before Saudi prince.

The MSM (mainstream media) has concentrated its news on Ebola and anything else other than ISIS.  Why is that?  Because they know Pres. Obama really doesn’t want to stop this encroaching army which threatens the Middle East.  (ISIL includes Israel, by the way.)

Polls show that half of the American people believe or suspect that our current President is a Muslim.  The other half (Dems) refuse to admit it.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Clearly, his “born-again Christian” status was one of many cover stories invented when he was starting out in politics.  Obama used Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ for all that it was worth, then quickly dumped it, when the political waters got hot.

Rev. Wright quote - "G*d damn America!"

Rev. Wright quote – “G*d damn America!”

Since then, Barry, I mean Barack hasn’t bothered to attend another church.  I guess his Christian faith wasn’t so important after all.  The only mention of it was when a heckler screamed at him from a crowd, calling Pres. O, the “Anti-Christ”.

The Muslim Obama

muslimobama The Muslim Obama

Let’s face facts.  Barack Obama was, is and always will be a Muslim.  As a Muslim and leader of the free world, he could tell the Islamic terrorists to stop the violence against all non-Muslims.  Will he do that?  No.  Obama would rather hide under the blanket – keep to the lie – than admit he campaigned under false pretenses.  Yes, he would rather see innocent children slaughtered than admit the truth.

If BHO admitted his Muslim faith, would the MSM turn on him?  No way.  They would say, “Isn’t it sad that Oboo-boo couldn’t say he was a Muslim all along?  How terrible!  This decent, wonderful man had to hide in the closet!”

How sad.  Yet, not as sad as the terrorist cells he allowed in, under his open-border policy.  Sooner or later, we all know another 9/11 is going to happen.  Will it be Obama’s fault?  Or did it all happen in a vacuum, unexplained and for no reason?

Citizens, the MSM will never throw Obama under the bus.  You, maybe, but not Obama.

The President has nothing to lose and cannot run for a third term (thank God.)  He should come out and admit his Muslim faith for the safety of the world.


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Photo from

Photo from

The First Amendment of the Constitution reads as follows:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Once again, the LGBT community has overplayed their hand by trying to outlaw any sermon which criticizes homosexuality.  Mayor Parker obviously takes her cue from Pres. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, who have decided to enforce the laws they like, ignore the laws they dislike and make up laws at the whims of the President.  Parker’s action is a test of the political waters to see how much Christians will tolerate from our current ultra-left-wing dictatorship.  Whenever gay marriage is put to the test by a vote:  it fails.  It can only survive by judges who overturn the will of the people by pushing an un-Godly agenda.

The gov’t should not be able to tell people what they do with their sexual lives; likewise I don’t want the LGBT community telling ministers what they can say in church.

There is no real evidence proving people are “born that way”.  It is a choice, a sexual preference.

We are on a very dangerous road when a politician or a group of people try to dictate what can be said in church.  This country was founded by the Pilgrims seeking religious freedom.  (Or don’t they teach that in the schools anymore?)

I am not a homophobe, but sometimes the LGBT community can be their own worst enemy.

Gay pride parade in Chicago, 1970s