Aaliyah Illuminati Sacrifice

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The Matrix Reloaded Posters

Outtake from "Matrix Reloaded" with Aaliyah

Outtake from “Matrix Reloaded” with Aaliyah

Aaliyah was in the midst of filming the “Matrix Reloaded” when she was killed in a plane crash on August 25, 2001.  She was replaced by Nona Gaye.  (Note:  The “Matrix” films are loaded with Illuminati imagery.)

Last song/video of Aaliyah

Last song/video of Aaliyah

8/25/2001, the Bahamas.  Aaliyah Haughton has just completed her “Rock the Boat” video.  Young, black and beautiful, she is poised to become a major star of films and music.  Suddenly, it’s all over.


Aaliyah, her entourage and the pilot are all killed when their small Cessna 402B crashes into a crumpled heap, 200 feet from the runway.

Questions remain.  Why would those in charge rent out a flimsy, piece of junk airplane?  Why was she asked to return to Florida before scheduled?  Why was the pilot’s warning of an overloaded aircraft ignored?  Ordinarily, wouldn’t a record company rent or buy her a small private jet?  Answer:  Aaliyah was her own girl and wouldn’t play the Illuminati’s game; therefore, the chess pieces were put into play.  Inadequate plane + excess weight = death.


The Eye of the Devil

Q.  Why would the Illuminati kill the goose that lays the golden egg?  Aren’t they loosing money?  A.  The Illuminati believe they will receive power from Satan for those they kill on his behalf.  This also serves as a warning to those who disobey.  Had she refused to sell her soul?

Q.  Wasn’t the pilot, Luis Morales III, on drugs?

Luis Morales

Luis Morales

A.  Trace amounts of cocaine and alcohol were found in his body, but this isn’t why the plane crashed.  The cause was that the plane was overloaded – and by those who insisted she fly.  Morales chanced the flight, probably because he was desperate for money and about to be fired.

Seventeen days after Aaliyah’s death, 9/11 occurred.


Was this somehow a precursor for America’s worst terrorist attack?

Favorite Bikini Starlets 4 – Gone Too Soon Edition

Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate

46 Rare Marilyn Monroe Photos Reveal Her Life Before She ...

Marilyn Monroe

Jill Ireland

Jill Ireland

... jayne mansfield bikini legs slip 1960 60 s jayne mansfield jayne

Jayne Mansfield

Unseen Anna Nicole Playboy shots in tribute edition ...

Anna-Nicole Smith

bob carol ted and alice actress natalie wood wood xoxox wood photos ...

Natalie Wood

See the source image

Brittany Murphy

Inger Stevens in a polka-dotted bikini | 24 Femmes Per Second

Inger Stevens

Found on swimsuitdispatch.tumblr.com

Jean Seberg


Carol Wayne


1.  Sharon Tate, murdered.

2.  Marilyn Monroe, overdose.

3.  Jill Ireland, cancer.

4.  Jayne Mansfield, car accident.

5.  Anna-Nicole Smith, overdose.

6.  Brittany Murphy, disputed causes of death.

7.  Natalie Wood, drowned.

8.  Inger Stevens, overdose, possible suicide.

9.  Jean Seberg, suicide.

10.  Carol Wayne, drowned.


Elvis Presley, 1977.

Elvis Presley, 1977.

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The Estate of Elvis Presley refuses to allow an official DVD release of his final 1977 T.V. special.  Why?  CBS has already aired “Elvis in Concert” twice.  (Oct. 1977 and Feb. 1978.)  It’s been seen by millions.  What is there to hide?

June 1977.  It’s well known that Elvis was near the end.  For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a shock.  There really is no official filmed record of the final version of Elvis, except for this one.  His prior T.V. special had been four and a half years earlier:  “Elvis:  Aloha from Hawaii, via Satellite” – 1/14/73.  During this three year interim, Elvis divorced and nearly died on several occasions from drug overdoses.

His main girlfriend, Linda Thompson, managed to keep him alive, until she feared for her own safety when Elvis nearly shot her, accidently.

Elvis with Linda Thompson

Elvis with Linda Thompson

Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla Presley.

Elvis with Ginger Alden.

Elvis with Ginger Alden.

In 1977, Elvis found new girlfriend Ginger Alden, who was basically a Priscilla Presley lookalike.  Ginger was too immature and didn’t know how to care for an out-of-control rock star.


Elvis’ current album at the time, “Moody Blue” had been pieced together by RCA, containing random cuts from a few ’76 studio sessions, early ’77 concert recordings and one 1974 song.  His voice is strong through most of it, especially during “Way Down”, in comparison to what would follow.


Col. Tom Parker (Elvis’ manager/agent) accepted the CBS special only because he didn’t believe they’d pay all the money they did.

“Elvis in Concert” contains two videotaped performances, edited together.  (Omaha, Nebraska 6/19/77 and Rapid City, South Dakota 6/21/77.)  The first ends with “My Way” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, the second ends with “Unchained Melody”, cut from the original broadcast, but shown later during “Elvis – The Great Performances”.  CBS intercuts comments by fans and other footage, similar to the 1970 documentary “Elvis – That’s the Way It Is”.  This would eat into his actual show time and songs, some of them not broadcast by CBS.

Although Elvis is only 42, he appears older.  His weight makes it difficult for him to move.  Even walking shows effort and there are times when he appears to be in pain.


Much has been made of him forgetting the words to “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”‘; however, this is what I would call a throwaway song.  You could divide this program into two sections – one half for the songs he cares about and the other half for those he didn’t.  When Elvis put his heart into it, as he does in “How Great thou Art”, there is still the power that made him a star.


It has been theorized that Elvis knew he was going to die and put this last effort out as a way to say goodbye to his fans.  Maybe.


A single was released, “My Way” (originally recorded by Frank Sinatra), which seems to sum up the tragedy of the situation.


Also, “Unchained Melody” is another reminder of how great Elvis could be.  He accompanies himself on the piano and invests every last bit of energy left.



On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley would be found dead by his girlfriend Ginger Alden.  Official cause of death:  Heart attack.  There can be no doubt that drugs played a major role in his premature demise.  RCA would release a double LP album posthumously.


It’s unknown whether Elvis’ estate will ever give an official release to an authorized, uncut version of “Elvis in Concert”.  It remains on YouTube.  All the more reason to release it, since those who are interested are already aware of the condition he was in.

In conclusion, in 2002, an unreleased version of “A Little Less Conservation” was released and became another #1 hit.  After all the years, the King still had it.


ISIS – An OBAMA Creation


ISIS flag

The mainstream media’s (MSM) version of ISIS:  a Muslim terrorist army that came out of nowhere, caught Obama by surprise and established (by bloodshed) territory in Syria and Iraq.  The reality:  ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a product of the Obama Administration.  Their terrorist army is being trained/funded by the U.S. military.  300,000 Christians were slaughtered, tortured and beheaded; this was approved of, even desired by our President, who is a Sunni-Wahhabi-Muslim fanatic.  In his mind, Christians have no business in the Middle East.  The Jews in Israel are next.


Obama knows full well that he has the cooperation of the MSM.  They’ll believe anything he says.  Now and then, the truth creeps out.  BHO admits that there is “no strategy” against ISIS.  Then, he is forced to blow up a few empty buildings and tanks.

A video of our U.S. military training ISIS has been leaked, but, of course, this is explained away as, “Helping the rebels fight the intolerant Syrian Pres. Assad”.

The actions of ISIS are so abhorrent, even Russian Pres. Putin was forced to stop an all-out bombing campaign from Obama.

Russia: Vladimir Putin's Powerful Friends Rally Around Him ...


Citizens, where are we, when Putin must stop a U.S. President from helping a terrorist group from committing atrocities?

I’m serious that if the truth ever came out about Obama, he could be tried for war crimes…but, it won’t come out as long as liberal Democrats control the MSM.  Yes, there’s Fox News; however, they won’t sink the boat.  If someone like me came on and told it like it is, Obama’s people would refute everything, call me a “racist” and say that I must believe in UFOs.  Hey, if I’m a racist, you’re a bunch of fckng a**-h*les.  Regardless of Obama’s color, he’s a contributor to mass genocide.  Actions speak louder than words.  Iraq is being divided up into sections – one for the terrorists, one for U.S./Saudi interests.  That was the plan all along.  The Christians just got in the way.  Casualties of war.

Jessica Chambers Burned Alive! Media Cover-Up


Jessica Chambers Was Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd ...

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12/6/14.  Courtland, Mississippi.  White girl Jessica Chambers, 19, was attacked in her car and burned to death with lighter fluid that had been poured down her throat, nose and body.  It’s well known in the community that she was involved with a black man, but-

Jessica Chambers - Mistrial!


-the uber-left-wing-scumbag-MSM-news won’t say anything.  They (the MSM) are impeding an investigation by not saying the suspect is black.

Caught on camera: Jessica (seen left) then went into the shop and paid while three men chatted nearby

Last Surveillance Video

Miss Chambers purchased gas shortly before her murder and was seen in a gas station surveillance video.  Shortly before her death, she whispered something to the firemen who discovered her walking away from her car, covered in flames.

Didn’t Ferguson just recently go up in flames?  Who did that?  All coincidence, right?  F.U., MSM!

Sandy Hook – Gov’t Inside Job, Cash Cow

Sandy Hook - Cash Cow

Sandy Hook – Cash Cow

 Written/Copyright 2014 – EricReports

Most of the public is unwilling to accept the truth about Sandy Hook.  Most people don’t want to admit that their leaders are corrupt and will do anything to implement gun control.  This article will show the facts.


1.  The goal of Sandy Hook was/is nationwide gun control. canstock12583021

2.  Sandy Hook is being used to raise millions of dollars for

those involved.  iu

3.  The mainstream media is on board as the propaganda machine.

4.  President Obama is well aware that Sandy Hook is a government psyop.


Can you say, Photoshop?

ADAM LANZA – Can you say “Photoshop”?

5.  Adam Lanza is a straw man – a mythical figure made up to frighten the public into giving up their guns.


6.  A new, expensive security system had been recently installed at the school, and yet, there is not one single photo or video clip of Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2014.

7.  Originally, Adam’s mother Nancy was reported as a teacher, then a substitute teacher, then a teacher’s aide and then that she didn’t work there at all.  Is Nancy Lanza really Anne Haddad, who is still alive?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Mass evacuation?  Where are all the kids?

Mass evacuation? Where are all the kids?

8.  Evacuation or is this a photo of a fire drill?


9.  The car found in front of the school (License plate 872YEO) belonged to a Christopher Rodea, wanted on numerous felony counts.  Lanza didn’t own a car and his mother’s BMW was left at home.

10.  iu8VV25IS0  Two gunmen can be seen running from the back of the school.  One is dressed in camouflage.  He tells police, “I didn’t do it, my kid goes here.”  His excuse for being there was that he was going to make gingerbread houses with his six-year old daughter.  The man is put in front of the police car.  MSM ignore this.

Police audio recording:  “Two shadows are seen running…they’re running right at me…suspect is arrested and prone.”

11.  For the last three years, Adam Lanza’s whereabouts are unknown, except by his mother.

Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen

12.  Gene Rosen belongs in a category all by himself.  His story changes constantly, but he claims 4 to 6 children escaped from the school with a bus driver, then camped out on his lawn.  Afterward, he took them inside his house and gave them juice.  After an hour of coaxing, they told him their teacher, Victoria Soto, has been shot and killed.  (Why no follow up interviews with these children?)

Victoria Soto.  Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

Victoria Soto. Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

13.  Reportedly, Adam Lanza destroyed two home computers.  MSM/police now claim there is evidence that he was obsessed with violence, based on his Internet activity.


Newtown receives $50,000,000 to replace the school. Moo!

14.  Sandy Hook is demolished, destroying all DNA evidence or lack thereof.  SANDY-HOOK-DEMOLISHED-AND-SECRECY-WHY-10-15-13

15.  The same day of the shooting, a fake school shooting drill took place in nearby, Putnam County.

16.  iuJ68J249ENew Sandy Hook sign – Illuminati symbol.

17.  EMS vehicles and ambulances are blocked.  No medical helicopters.

18.  MSM still shows video clip of cops rushing into the wrong school.


“Read the card?”

19.    The infamous Robbie Parker, all smiles as he is about to announce the death of his daughter.

20.  In a recent poll, ten percent of the public said that did not believe the “official Sandy Hook MSM news story”.


Obvious government cover-up…

21.  All the parents to the dead children and relatives to the slain faculty have the same scripted message of GUN CONTROL.  Why haven’t one of the parents tried to sue the school?  Weren’t their kids killed on their watch?  Why weren’t they protected, if they really were killed?  What about suing the father of Adam, the very wealthy Peter Lanza?  Isn’t he partly responsible, if he knew his son was a gun nut?  There are no lawsuits, because the story of Sandy Hook is fake.

22.  The MSM has tried to ridicule Sandy Hook truthers.  Why? – if all they want is the truth?

Eric Reports Recommended Films

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Suspiria – 1977

Italian giallo director Dario Argento’s masterpiece.  Girl (Jessica Harper) enrolls in a school for dance, then slowly begins to discover that it’s a cult of witches.  (Partially based on a true story.)  Blood-red Technicolor rolls off the screen.  The extreme style + beautiful camera work and direction – put current horror films to shame.

Suspiria (1976)


Magnum Force – 1973

Second of the “Dirty Harry” film series.  Detective Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) uncovers a death squad of fanatical cops who execute criminals that slip through the justice system.  The absolute flip-side of the first Dirty Harry movie and every bit as good.



Seconds – 1966

A middle-aged businessman finds a second chance for a new life.  Sound too good to be true?  Nightmarish black & white cinematography by James Wong Howe, bleak, hopeless story by David Ely and razor-sharp direction by John Frankenheimer.  Intelligent sci-fi that was way ahead of its time.

A still from Joel Frankenheimer's 1966 film "Seconds."


Macbeth – 1971

Whoever said Shakespeare was boring, never saw this version of “Macbeth”.  Directed by Roman Polanski, a few years after his wife and unborn son were murdered by the “Manson Family” and it shows.  Bloody, bloody violence and a foreboding sense of disaster.  Polanski said he was only giving the public what was expected of him.  Rich, dynamic performance by star Jon Finch.untitled


The Shootist – 1976

Last, best performance by John Wayne as an aging gunfighter dying of cancer.  Great all-star cast, Richard Boone is especially good.  Don Siegel directs; based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout.  Despoite the sad theme, “The Shootist” remains upbeat.  A fitting tribute to the Duke, who died from cancer three years later.


My Name is Nobody – 1974

Comedy-western starring Henry Fonda and Terrence Hill.  Based on a idea by Sergio Leone.  Memorable music composed by Ennio Morricone.


The Manchurian Candidate – 1962

Forget the lame 2004 remake.  Returning Korean War POWs all have the same recurring nightmare.  What’s the connection?  Set against the Cold War-McCarthy Era, this fictional story proves more true every day:  how a Communist agent could one day occupy the White House.  Frank Sinatra-Lawrence Harvey-Angela Lansbury, all excellent.  John Frankenheimer directs, based on Richard Condon’s novel.

The Manchurian Candidate’ from page to screen (twice)


Sisters – 1973

Director Brian de Palma’s first horror-suspense film.  Story about separated Siamese twins (the Blanchion sisters) both played by Margot Kidder.  Which one is the psychotic killer?  Loud, pulsating score by the man who composed “Psycho” – Bernard Herrmann.

Sisters (1973) Poster

Police Kill Eric Garner Twice

Eric Garner attacked by five police officers.

Eric Garner attacked and killed by five police officers.

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports News

July 17, 2014, Staten Island, N.Y.  Police stop and try to arrest Eric Garner, age 43, for selling cigarettes on the street.  In the ensuing scuffle, Mr. Garner was choked and his chest was compressed, so that he could not breathe.  He can be heard saying, “I can’t breathe,” six times.  Nevertheless, it is so important to arrest a black man for illegally selling cigarettes, that it is imperative that they kill him, because what else could be more important?  What could be worse than selling cigarettes without permission?…Right?

Dec. 3, 2014.  Despite the cell-phone video taken by a bystander, clearly showing that Mr. Garner was killed by the police for no reason – the Grand Jury chose to acquit the police responsible.  (Note:  the system chooses jurors who cannot fathom the police doing anything wrong.)

I don’t care who you are and I don’t care what you think you know – this was MANSLAUGHTER.  (Murder in the third degree.)  As for those who say, “He resisted arrest”, what did you expect him to do?  Lie face down on the sidewalk like an animal?  Is that where we are now?  If this is all the police have to do, I think this country needs to re-examine what the purpose is of a police force.

Why do I say Eric Garner was killed twice?  Because he was killed once on July 17th, then killed again on December 3rd, when the perpetrators of this crime were set free.

Illuminati Stars Out of Control!

Miley Cyrus Tongue Tied

Miley Cyrus – Controlled programming by the Illuminati.

Illuminati members, whether they’re controlled pawns or of the highest rank, give their allegiance to the devil aka Satan aka Lucifer.

Kesha, X-Factor Australia e o Simbolismo Illuminati Jogado na cara do ...

Kesha – Devil worshipper.  Pentagram earring – Satanic star.  Her song “Die Young” was almost pulled from broadcast because of its release shortly before Sandy Hook.  Coincidence?

Miley Cyrus – Sexual Illuminati ritual for former “Hannah Montana” star.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Tied

justin bieber illuminatiJustin Beiber’s rise and fall can be attributed to him disobeying his masters.

The witches Kardashian.Illuminati goddess symbolism in Kardashian’s NSFW Christmas card

Bruce Jenner – former Olympic champion, now…?

Britney Spears cracks up

Britney Spears cracks up

Britney Spears breakdown and confinement to a mental hospital leads me to believe she was trying to break away from the Illuminati.  Lucky to be alive if you consider the following…

Whitney Houston dead. whitney-houston15Bizarre circumstances surrounded Whitney’s death.  Why was she left alone to drown in a bathtub?  (Was it part of the ritual?)  Why did the Grammy party continue, even upon news of her death?  Why was her body left to remain until after the party was over?

Michael Jackson dead.  michael-jackson-03

Questions remain on how M.J. could die from a Propofol overdose while in the presence of a physician.  Was Dr. Conrad Murray the fall guy as sister La Toya said? Following Jackson’s death, sales for his disks went way up.  Was that the plan?  –that a dead Michael was more valuable (t0 the Illuminati) than a live one?  Or was M.J. about to expose who controls the music industry?