Sandy Hook – Gov’t Inside Job, Cash Cow

Sandy Hook - Cash Cow

Sandy Hook – Cash Cow

 Written/Copyright 2014 – EricReports

Most of the public is unwilling to accept the truth about Sandy Hook.  Most people don’t want to admit that their leaders are corrupt and will do anything to implement gun control.  This article will show the facts.


1.  The goal of Sandy Hook was/is nationwide gun control. canstock12583021

2.  Sandy Hook is being used to raise millions of dollars for

those involved.  iu

3.  The mainstream media is on board as the propaganda machine.

4.  President Obama is well aware that Sandy Hook is a government psyop.


Can you say, Photoshop?

ADAM LANZA – Can you say “Photoshop”?

5.  Adam Lanza is a straw man – a mythical figure made up to frighten the public into giving up their guns.


6.  A new, expensive security system had been recently installed at the school, and yet, there is not one single photo or video clip of Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2014.

7.  Originally, Adam’s mother Nancy was reported as a teacher, then a substitute teacher, then a teacher’s aide and then that she didn’t work there at all.  Is Nancy Lanza really Anne Haddad, who is still alive?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Is Nancy Lanza, Anne Haddad?

Mass evacuation?  Where are all the kids?

Mass evacuation? Where are all the kids?

8.  Evacuation or is this a photo of a fire drill?


9.  The car found in front of the school (License plate 872YEO) belonged to a Christopher Rodea, wanted on numerous felony counts.  Lanza didn’t own a car and his mother’s BMW was left at home.

10.  iu8VV25IS0  Two gunmen can be seen running from the back of the school.  One is dressed in camouflage.  He tells police, “I didn’t do it, my kid goes here.”  His excuse for being there was that he was going to make gingerbread houses with his six-year old daughter.  The man is put in front of the police car.  MSM ignore this.

Police audio recording:  “Two shadows are seen running…they’re running right at me…suspect is arrested and prone.”

11.  For the last three years, Adam Lanza’s whereabouts are unknown, except by his mother.

Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen

12.  Gene Rosen belongs in a category all by himself.  His story changes constantly, but he claims 4 to 6 children escaped from the school with a bus driver, then camped out on his lawn.  Afterward, he took them inside his house and gave them juice.  After an hour of coaxing, they told him their teacher, Victoria Soto, has been shot and killed.  (Why no follow up interviews with these children?)

Victoria Soto.  Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

Victoria Soto. Man in background gives the Satanic salute.

13.  Reportedly, Adam Lanza destroyed two home computers.  MSM/police now claim there is evidence that he was obsessed with violence, based on his Internet activity.


Newtown receives $50,000,000 to replace the school. Moo!

14.  Sandy Hook is demolished, destroying all DNA evidence or lack thereof.  SANDY-HOOK-DEMOLISHED-AND-SECRECY-WHY-10-15-13

15.  The same day of the shooting, a fake school shooting drill took place in nearby, Putnam County.

16.  iuJ68J249ENew Sandy Hook sign – Illuminati symbol.

17.  EMS vehicles and ambulances are blocked.  No medical helicopters.

18.  MSM still shows video clip of cops rushing into the wrong school.


“Read the card?”

19.    The infamous Robbie Parker, all smiles as he is about to announce the death of his daughter.

20.  In a recent poll, ten percent of the public said that did not believe the “official Sandy Hook MSM news story”.


Obvious government cover-up…

21.  All the parents to the dead children and relatives to the slain faculty have the same scripted message of GUN CONTROL.  Why haven’t one of the parents tried to sue the school?  Weren’t their kids killed on their watch?  Why weren’t they protected, if they really were killed?  What about suing the father of Adam, the very wealthy Peter Lanza?  Isn’t he partly responsible, if he knew his son was a gun nut?  There are no lawsuits, because the story of Sandy Hook is fake.

22.  The MSM has tried to ridicule Sandy Hook truthers.  Why? – if all they want is the truth?

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