ISIS – An OBAMA Creation


ISIS flag

The mainstream media’s (MSM) version of ISIS:  a Muslim terrorist army that came out of nowhere, caught Obama by surprise and established (by bloodshed) territory in Syria and Iraq.  The reality:  ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a product of the Obama Administration.  Their terrorist army is being trained/funded by the U.S. military.  300,000 Christians were slaughtered, tortured and beheaded; this was approved of, even desired by our President, who is a Sunni-Wahhabi-Muslim fanatic.  In his mind, Christians have no business in the Middle East.  The Jews in Israel are next.


Obama knows full well that he has the cooperation of the MSM.  They’ll believe anything he says.  Now and then, the truth creeps out.  BHO admits that there is “no strategy” against ISIS.  Then, he is forced to blow up a few empty buildings and tanks.

A video of our U.S. military training ISIS has been leaked, but, of course, this is explained away as, “Helping the rebels fight the intolerant Syrian Pres. Assad”.

The actions of ISIS are so abhorrent, even Russian Pres. Putin was forced to stop an all-out bombing campaign from Obama.

Russia: Vladimir Putin's Powerful Friends Rally Around Him ...


Citizens, where are we, when Putin must stop a U.S. President from helping a terrorist group from committing atrocities?

I’m serious that if the truth ever came out about Obama, he could be tried for war crimes…but, it won’t come out as long as liberal Democrats control the MSM.  Yes, there’s Fox News; however, they won’t sink the boat.  If someone like me came on and told it like it is, Obama’s people would refute everything, call me a “racist” and say that I must believe in UFOs.  Hey, if I’m a racist, you’re a bunch of fckng a**-h*les.  Regardless of Obama’s color, he’s a contributor to mass genocide.  Actions speak louder than words.  Iraq is being divided up into sections – one for the terrorists, one for U.S./Saudi interests.  That was the plan all along.  The Christians just got in the way.  Casualties of war.

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