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Soylent Green (1973, MGM)

Stars Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, Chuck Connors and Edward G. Robinson.  In the year 2022, one of the board members of the Soylent Corporation is murdered.  Why?  Heston (as police Detective Thorn) discovers a conspiracy behind it all and of the future food for the masses.  Wonderful final performance from Edward G. Robinson as Sol Roth, Thorn’s “police book”.  Sad last scene with them both.  Robinson was dying from cancer while making this.


Leigh Taylor-Young

Leigh Taylor-Young


As “Shirl” a “furniture girl”.


Becket Movie Poster

Becket (1964, Columbia)

True story of King Richard II (Peter O’Toole) and his best friend Thomas Becket (Richard Burton) whom he makes his Archbishop and who must choose God over the kingdom.  Arguably, O’Toole’s best performance; Burton’s no slouch either.  th2XZHKQ65thJYLLID9Z

They both received Oscar nominations, losing to Rex Harrison for “My Fair Lady”.


Black Sabbath aka Les Trois Visagees de la Peur or I Tre Volti della Paura (1963, Italy. 1964, USA)

There are two different versions, AIP’s and the original one in Italian.  The three tales of horror include, “A Drop of Water”, “The Telephone” and “The Wurdelak” – which stars Boris Karloff.  (The Italian version is dubbed and does not contain Karloff’s distinctive voice.)  thI9QIN8RB

“The Telephone” (the middle episode) has been toned down in the AIP cut.  “A Drop of Water” is  pure shock horror.  Where did they get the woman to play the dead medium?  Directed by Mario Bava, well known for being the father of giallo horror and the inspiration for future director Dario Argento.


It’s Alive (1974, Warner Bros.)

Psychodrama/sci-fi/horror flick written, directed and produced by Larry Cohen.  Stars John P. Ryan and Sharon Farrell as the Davis’, parents who inadvertently breed a mutant killer baby.


Flopped upon its first release, then became a cult hit upon its 1977 re-release.  Spawned two more sequels and a remake.  Atmospheric score by master composer Bernard Herrmann.


The Illustrated Man (1968, Warner Bros.)

Uneven, but noteworthy film adaption of the Ray Bradbury classic.


Rod Steiger stars as the “Illustrated Man” who is tattooed from head to toe, “but don’t look too long because those tattoos will become alive.”  Robert Drivas costars with Claire Bloom who was married to Steiger at the time.


The Hitcher (1986, Tri-Star Pictures)

MV5BMTI4ODEyMTc2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzk3MjM5__V1_SX100_CR0,0,100,100_AL_Effective little thriller starring Rutger Hauer as the hitchhiker from hell who won’t leave C. Thomas Howell alone.


Costars Jennifer Jason Leigh as Nash, a very underrated actress.


Hamlet (1996, Columbia)

Big-budget, all-star, epic of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.  A Kenneth Brannagh project.



1996 Kate Winslet as Ophelia in “Hamlet” | Kate Winslet

Best performance is Kate Winslet’s Ophelia.

70mm cinematography effect lessened on the small screen.


Let’s Make Love (1960, 20th Century-Fox)

Somewhat overlooked Marilyn Monroe film, more known at the time for the affair she had with her co-star Yves Montand.  Comedy about Jean Marc Clement (Yves Montand), a billionaire who pretends to be a poor actor trying to impress Amanda Dell (Monroe.)  Contains the showstoppers “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” and “Specialization”.  Very funny in spots with cameos by Milton Bearle, Gene Kelly and Bing Crosby.  Co-stars Tony Randall.  MM’s husband, Arthur Miller, worked on the script, uncredited.

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Bergdahl Swap Pre-planned, Obama-Taliban-Bergdahl Connection


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In a still developing story, the May 31, 2014 trade of deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five top Taliban commandos from Guantanamo Bay has many questioning how it took place.  The painful reality is that it was planned that way from the start.  Bergdahl defected in exchange for the most dangerous war criminals in the world.th6XHZVID9

Robert Bergdahl with Obama

Robert Bergdahl with Obama

While the MSM prefers to look the other way, others have asked, “Why did Robert Bergdahl (Bowe’s father) speak in Arabic on the White House lawn with the President?  Why didn’t the MSM translate it?  “Bism Allah al-Rahman alraheem” means “In the Name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful.”  Was father Bergdahl claiming the White House as property of Islam?  Why did Obama smile when he said this?  Why does Obama call Bowe Bergdahl, “bird-dog”?  (An old term which means to use someone to get what you want.)

Shortly before his defection, Bowe emailed his father, writing that:  “I’m ashamed to be an American.  The title of U.S. soldier is just the lie of fools.  The horror that is America is disgusting.”  Why would someone who thinks like this join the military?  When Bowe Bergdahl deserted on 6-30-2009, he left behind a note to his platoon, saying he was renouncing his citizenship and joining the Taliban.  Upon his capture, he converted to Islam and taught the Taliban how to make explosives.  Six soldiers were killed in a desperate search – some believe they were set up to be killed by Bergdahl himself.


The six soldiers killed trying to rescue Bowe Bergdahl.

His father Robert Bergdahl tweeted:  “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.  God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, amen!”  He has called “democracy” “a cult of the West” and supports Sharia Law.  Also, Mr. Bergdahl calls America, “occupiers” who “destroy things”.

It’s impossible for the Obama Administration not to have known Bergdahl’s affiliations with the Taliban.  What we have here is a President collaborating with the enemy, in the guise of saving a soldier, who is actually a traitor.

For those who lived in the 1970’s, Pres. Richard Nixon was forced to resign because he covered-up and blocked the investigation of the Watergate wiretapping scandal.  Bad, yes, but all of this seems like child’s play, compared to Obama’s deal with the Taliban.  (Whom he refers to as “the government of Afghanistan.”)

Why hasn’t the MSM investigated the Bergdahl-Obama-Taliban connection?  Was this uneven trade, Obama’s plan all along, i.e., to release the worst of Gitmo?  How long will the American people stand by and do nothing while our Commander-in-Chief sells out our country to the enemy?

Many warned of the implications of electing an unknown senator from Illinois to the Presidency, a man who had ties to the Weather Underground and who is obviously a fake Christian, hiding his Muslim faith.  Citizens, we are watching the unraveling of the fabric which holds our nation together.  It’s up to us to stop this madman.  He will continue to push the envelope, until he pushes us all off the cliff in exchange for what he labels “politically correct”.

So long, suckers.

So long, suckers.

Obama Double-crosses Hillary Exposing Secret Email Account

Watch] Incriminating Timeline Proves Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Co ...

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has already begun to unravel over proof that she used a private email account while serving as Secretary of State from 2009 – 2013.  Even worse, she has admitted to deleting as many as 30,000 correspondence, explaining them away as texts on “yoga” and “Chelsea’s wedding”.

No doubt, Mrs. Clinton regretted agreeing to the March 10 press conference, where her answers came up short as to why she would break the law to maintain her privacy.

More lies were found…HRC said she had only one electronics device, when earlier had admitted to having four.  Also, she said she used husband Bill’s Presidential email account, when he himself said he’s only sent two emails in his life.

Foolishly, Mrs. Clinton refuses to turn over her server, maintaining her right to privacy.  Instead, she sent in selected transcripts on paper:  Nixon style.


Whatever HRC is hiding must be damaging enough to risk her 2016 run.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News has done the most vigorous reporting on this scandal.  Kelly is hoping for a Watergate-sized fiasco to derail Hillary’s campaign.  This depends on whether the DNC cares enough about Mrs. Clinton being outed for being too crooked, even for them.

March 17.  The State Department announces that the former Secretary of State (HRC) didn’t sign off her OF-109 form – meaning her email (still property of the U.S. gov’t) was stolen.  Hillary claims her lawyers deleted the emails, but if any were destroyed that were not personal (e.g., on Benghazi), that would be called destroying evidence and obstruction of justice.

The usual suspects (Boxer-Feinstein) rushed to Hillary’s aid, saying it’s all about “sexism”.  A truly pitiful defense.  Hillary hoarding federal records for six years is a felony, not sexism.

Predictably, Mrs. Clinton blames the Republicans for outing her, saying that her computer was hacked.  (Another “vast right-wing conspiracy”.)  Let’s put the blame where it belongs.  Who knew all along that HRC used the wrong kind of email account?  The Obama Administration.  There’s no way they couldn’t know.  She worked there for four years.  The question is:  Why would Obama and his people want to destroy Hillary’s chances in 2016?  Many theories exist…

Obama prefers Joe Biden.

Obama prefers Elizabeth Warren.

Obama just plain hates Hillary Clinton.

Obama will suspend the General Election for future unknown reasons.  (Martial Law?)

This will be impossible to answer until current events unfold.


Obama Bypasses Congress – Goes to U.N. for Iran’s Sanction Removal


President Obama no longer pretends to follow the rule of Constitutional Law and is removing Congress from negotiations with Iran.  I’m calling it treason.  Dems call it “smart politics”.  (Can anyone out there tell me where it is in the Constitution that the United Nations controls our foreign policy?)

The end goal is to cut a deal with Iran, allowing them nukes.  What do we get in return?  Nothing.  What does Israel get?  Annihilation.

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America, you broke my heart


Currently, we have a President who is on record for not wanting to wear “that” flag pin.  Notice how BHO says “that” with unconcealed contempt, then tries to paper it over by saying those who wear one aren’t true patriots.  It didn’t take long for him to realize that he went too far, but why didn’t the public understand this naked insult of our flag?  Our symbol?  The reality is Obama stopped wearing the flag pin in protest of the Iraq war.

We have a President who was captured on video, refusing to put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem because he said, he didn’t know he had to.  What do you think of that?  Citizens. where is your bullshit detector?  Are you asleep?

I saw a still photo of Obama wearing a casual, beige, summer suit while ISIS is turning the Middle East into a slaughterhouse.  Afterwards, he played golf.

PHOTO: President Barack Obama holds a press conference in the Brady ...

The thing I remember most is his smile — that shit- eating grin.

Americans, if I had my way, I’d raise an army of Christians and throw those Muslims bums out of office.

Do you love your country?  Do you?

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani

America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani said Obama doesn’t:  the understatement of the year.

Maybe someday, Obama’s Mafia – his inner circle of gangsters the MSM won’t talk about – will bring me down.  They’ll have to before I stop trying to expose this agent of Islam.

Obama chuckles, sticks out his chin and says, “I’m President, I can do anything I want.”  No you can’t, you dirty, rotten, son of a bitch.

You want to wait it out ’til January 2017?  Fine.  And if I’m the last man standing, who can say there will be a tomorrow for America?


U.S. Gov’t Overthrown; Israel-Iran will go to War


Obama’s Rule:  If a Muslim commits an act of violence, he’s not a “real” Muslim.

Did you know that six members of the Muslim Brotherhood work for the Obama Administration?

Mohammed Elibiary

Mohammed Elibiary

Worst of all, Mohammed Elibiary is a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security council.  He also supports a Muslim caliphate.


Remember how President Obama and Hillary Clinton betrayed our ally, Egyptian Pres. Hosni Mubarak, in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood?  Egypt, one of the few countries at peace with Israel.  For Obama, known as a “devout Muslim” until the age of twenty-nine, this could not stand.  Mubarak is deposed.  The Muslim Brotherhood is rewarded with three billion U.S. dollars.  BHO didn’t foresee that the Egyptian military would replace them.  They soon knew them for what they were:  Islamic fanatics.  Obama’s response?  He cut Egypt’s aid in half.

The bigger question is:  Why does Obama back the Muslim Brotherhood?  Is he a secret member?  If so, what does that mean for the USA?


The fact that Obama is a Muslim cannot be denied.  The question is – What kind of Muslim?


Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress.  (Obama is absent.)

Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress. (Obama is absent.)

March 3, 2015.  Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before Congress, despite Pres. Obama’s temper tantrum and refusal to watch.  Obama pretends to work against Iran’s nuclear program when he is actually helping them become a nuclear power.


Netanyahu’s most important statement was that Israel would not allow Iran to complete their nuclear arms program.  This, I believe, will set off a war.  Most think the United States will be involved.  We won’t.  Netanyahu believes that when push comes to shove, Obama and our military will come to his aid.  They won’t.

Obama has always planned it this way.  To paint Israel into a corner and force them into a “two-state solution” with Palestine.  This will be the beginning of the end for Israel.

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Mr. Spock is Dead

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy, known as Mr. Spock on the original television series “Star Trek” died on February 27, 2015.  He was eighty-three.  Cause of death:  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

William Shatner

William Shatner

William Shatner (Capt. Kirk) is the surviving member of the trio who starred with…

DeForest Kelly

DeForest Kelley

DeForest Kelley – Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.  Death by stomach cancer – June 11, 1999.

2009 remake

2009 remake

A brief comment on the new “Star Trek” movies – starring whomever is in them.  (Does it matter?)  This film contained a lot of big special effects, a loud soundtrack and the current style of non-acting I despise.  These aren’t actors.  They parrot lines and pretend.  I didn’t believe them for a minute.  In fact, I fell asleep.

Some viewers of the original series have commented on the “cheesy” special effects.  First of all, I don’t agree.  Secondly, good writing makes good science-fiction, not a lot of CGI-video game effects.  People who don’t like the original should stick with their own miserable mindlessness.


Whether you like them or not, can you tell me of any other actors who could portray Kirk, Spock and McCoy?  DeForest Kelley is the real unsung hero of “Star Trek”.  His intense performances are often overlooked.

For me, “Star Trek” was over some time ago.  Paramount will continue to redo it; however, the original is still the best.

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