Obama Antichrist

Fact 1:  The Antichrist is a Muslim.

Nostradamus quatrain:  Century 2, Quatrain 30:  “One who the infernal gods of Hannibal, (Muslim)…Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind…(terrorism) Never more horror, nor worse of days…In the past than will come to the Romans (Italy) through Babel.”  (Iraq.)  Nostradamus predicts three antichrists.  1.  Napoleon.  2.  Hitler.  The third is yet to come.

666 = In the Name of Allah.  The following is a observation by former Muslim terrorist Walid Shoebat, who believes the number of the antichrist “666” means “In the Name of Allah”.  Note the similarities.

The crossed sword is the symbol of Islam.  Obama admits he controls ISIS.  Is he ordering them to kill all the Christians living in the Middle East?  Proof Obama Heads ISIS

OBAMA-RING-wh-photo-THERE-IS-NO-GOD-EXCEPT-ALLAH-hand-closeup OBAMA-RING-overlay-WITH-ARABIC-SCRIPT1Obama’s ring bears the inscription (in Arabic), “There is no God, but Allah.”  Is Obama the “Mahdi”?  BaracKOsamaAP_154x100

Fact 2:  The Antichrist will suffer a fatal head wound and recover from it. 

Why haven’t the MSM asked about Obama’s prominent head scar?  Why are they so uncurious?  What caused it and why did it happen?

Fact 3:  The Antichrist will be a homosexual.

Daniel 11:37.  Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god, for he shall magnify himself above them all.

Fact 4:  The Antichrist enters as a peacemaker. 

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize

2009:  Obama wins the Nobel peace prize.  Revelation 13:11b.  “And he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a dragon.”

Fact 5:  The Antichrist will be filled with pride.

Daniel 7:8b.  “Behold, in this horn were eyes like a man and a mouth that spoke arrogantly, uttering great boasts.”  (The horn symbolizes the Antichrist.)

Fact 6:  The Antichrist will be a dictator.

President Obama has deported nearly 1.6 million people for minor ...

Revelation 13:2b.  “And the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority.”  (The dragon is Satan.)

Obama’s executive orders, bypassing Congress.  “I’m the President.  I can do anything I want.”  “All I need is a pen and a phone.”  Where does Obama’s power come from?  Isn’t it miraculous that a new senator with a sketchy background (Muslim, Marxist, gay, ties with terrorists, citizenship in question) could be elected President?  Who gave him this power?  Matthew 4:8-9.  Again, the devil took him (Jesus) up on an exceedingly high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them; and he said to Him, “All these things I will give to you if you will fall down and worship me.”

Fact 7:  The Antichrist will force people to accept his identification mark.

the stone angel: Verichip Raytheon España y sin enterarnos...Que cosa ...

The implantable Verichip

The Verichip, included in Obamacare.  “…to support the classification of the implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information into class II.  The device is intended to enable access to secure patient identification and corresponding health information in humans.”

Revelation 13:16-17.  And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  and that no one might buy or sell, unless he had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast:  for it is the number of a man and his number is 666.

Fact 8:  The Antichrist will hate the Jews.

Obama is trying to give away large portion of Israel to the Palestinians.  He refers to the Israelis as “occupiers” and despises Netanyahu.  Currently, he is trying to push through a “2-state solution” in the U.N., i.e., Israel-Palestine.

Zechariah 13:8.  “And it shall come to pass that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.”

Daniel 9:27.  “He will confirm a covenant  with many for one “7”.  In the middle of the “7” he will put an end to sacrifice and offering and at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

Fact 9:  The Antichrist will impose world rule.

from themillenniumreport.com

Revelation 17:13.  These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.    Obama makes forceful defense of new UN development goals; Syria war ...

For anyone paying attention, you will notice Obama’s new “International Police Force” from the United Nations.  BHO, et al, calls for a “New World Order” – in other words, “a One-World Government”.  Is he the future leader of the U.N?

Fact 10:  The Antichrist will impose a false religion, aided by his False Prophet. 

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The above illustrates a “New Age” all-is-one religion being pushed by the New World Order.


Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”  Rev. 22:13

God, our Heavenly Father, forgive my sins.  I accept your only begotten son Jesus Christ as my eternal savior.  Thank you for giving me everlasting life.  I pray this in your Son’s Holy Name, Amen.

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Illuminati Killings – Stanley Kubrick, Brittany Murphy, Cathriona White

Stanley Kubrick Interview 1966The official cause of death for director Stanley Kubrick was a heart attack while he slept.  What arouses suspicion?  The timing of his death:  a mere three days after screening “Eyes Wide Shut” for Warner Brothers executives who wanted drastic cuts.  Kubrick refused.  Final cut was written in his contract.

7Eyes_Wide_Shut_-_frontThe “Eyes Wide Shut” DVD.  There are three interviews with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg.  Cruise is asked what was the first thing he thought when he heard of Kubrick’s death.  Answer:  “I wondered what would happen to the movie.”  Kidman cries, saying, his death didn’t seem like it was real or that it was the right time.  The big question:  What is Spielberg doing there?  Answer:  He was brought in to make the cuts Kubrick refused.

What was removed from “Eyes Wide Shut”?

A.  Nicole Kidman (as Alice Hartford) has a sexual encounter with Sandor Szavost during the first party sequence.  (This is made clear by the song which follows:  “Baby Did a Bad Thing”.)

B.  The Victor Zeigler character (based on Zbigniew Brzezinski) is having an affair with Alice.

C.  Alice’s dream sequence.  (“Alice in Wonderland”, get it?)  She is a victim of MK-Ultra monarch mind control.  (A very real technique used by the CIA.)  This is hinted at in the film’s conclusion – the Barbie doll with wings.

D.  Muddled ending, but it seems that Bill and Alice’s young daughter is the next to be used by the Illuminati.  Is she being kidnapped, while Alice distracts Bill by offering him sex?

Altogether, about a half hour of footage was removed.  Still, enough remains to expose a secret society that silently runs the world.

Note:  Kubrick bases the “Nick Nightingale” character on himself – an entertainer brought in to these Illuminati functions, yet left on the fringes.  (And presumably killed at the end.)

It can be argued that Stanley Kubrick was no longer young when he died.  (Age 70.)  This still doesn’t answer why Warner Brothers would edit his last movie.  Wouldn’t they want a pure, director’s cut for the DVD?  It also doesn’t answer why his family and Cruise/Kidman refuse to answer questions about the original cut.

image précédente d images brittany murphy sin city posté le There are two different versions to the bizarre circumstances of actress Brittany Murphy’s death at the age of 32.

The MSM version:  December 2009.  Ms. Murphy is fired from a movie for bad behavior.  She is reported to be drastically underweight – possibly anorexic and on drugs.  (Unproven.)  Dec. 20.  An ill Murphy passes out in the shower and is discovered by her mother, who calls 9-1-1.  She is rushed to the hospital where she dies two hours later from a heart attack.  Official cause of death:  pneumonia, anemia and a bad combination of over-the-counter drugs.

Angelo Bertololotti (Brittany’s father) conducts a toxicology test on his daughter’s hair and finds extreme amounts of toxic material, possibly from rat poison.

Additionally, Ms. Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack dies five months later from the exact same thing.

Backstory.  Brittany M. had befriended a border patrol agent named Julia Davis who was being prosecuted by the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Ms. Davis had reported major breaches from terrorists on the U.S.-Mexican border.  The DHS decided to ruin Davis for exposing them.  B. Murphy helped Davis with income and legal aid.  Ms. Davis eventually won her case in court.  In the last months of Brittany’s life, she and her husband believed they were being followed and thought their phone was tapped.  Brittany-Murphy-s-Final-Film-Something-Wicked-Gets-First-Trailer-Video-435127-2

In her final movie “Something Wicked”, she appears noticeably ill.  Was death the price she paid for going against the government’s open border policy?

Brittany Murphy's Something Wicked DVD Release Details...

Los Angleles, CA.  September 28, 2015.  Cathriona White (known as Jim Carrey’s girlfriend) is found dead in her home, presumably from suicide.  She is 28 years old.  Pills are found on a bedside table with a suicide note for Carrey.  It reads:  “Jim, I love you.  Please forgive me.  I’m not for this world.”  Also, she had left a last goodbye on her Twitter account on the 24th.  (I don’t believe she wrote either.  It all seems staged.  And why leave the note to someone you just broke up with?)

Cathriona White, namorada do ator Jim Carrey, comete suicídio, diz ...

Jim Carrey issued the following statement:  “I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona.  She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.  We have all been hit by a lightning bolt.”  (A Satanic reference.)

Cathriona White: Jim Carrey's girlfriend found dead 'days after break ...

Anyone who has seen Jim Carrey in recent years will notice changes.

jim-carey-athlete-hockey-player-people-in-sports-person-pro-athlete-photo-u1 jim-carrey-snl maxresdefault jim-carrey-jimmy-kimmel-300x160

It is evident that Jim Carrey is involved in the occult, i.e., Satanism.   “The Number 23” film predicts he will kill his girlfriend.  On SNL, he appears as Baphomet aka the devil.  “In Living Color” the all-seeing eye watches from the background.  On the “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, he openly mocks the Illuminati as the “Illuminutty” and the “all-mocking tongue.”

Leading up to Ms. White death, there had been odd posts sent by Carrey.

Embedded image permalink

A photo of him giving the middle finger to a bunch of dead flowers.  (He refers to her as a “flower”.)  Or the photo of him saying the sun will never shine without him.

Embedded image permalink

Did Cathriona know too much about Carrey and his involvement with the Illuminati?  Did she tell the wrong person something about him?  Was she be about to go public and reveal who the real Jim Carrey is?

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Nerve Gas Used at Waco


Chimeral Insight: Death Cults

April 19, 1993, Mt. Carmel, TX.  Following a 51-day standoff between David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, the U.S. gov’t decided to end it.  The question is how?  Were there any real plans to save anybody?

Waco Seige of the Branch Dividians 1993

Delta Force

Delta Force is an anti-terrorist military unit designed to combat the enemy.  This was the death squadron used to destroy the Branch-Davidians.

Many have asked, “Why didn’t the Davidians flee the burning building?”  The reason why:  Nerve gas.  Nerve gas is a deadly poison that paralyzes its victims much like bug poison to an insect.  While nine managed to survive, eighty-six didn’t.  The survivors were the ones on the ventilated second and third floors.  It’s my belief that none were meant to live.

Further proof of this is for those killed in the church records vault.  A time bomb was placed on the roof…

After a propane tank was sheered, it exploded – ignited by fire.  The roof blew in.  The force of the blast tore apart the women and children hiding inside.

Special attention was made to kill the leader Koresh, his close associates and his children.

**No Holiday for Old Gunk Monday THSS Mockery Thread ...

David Koresh

The supposed reason for this was over guns that were modified to fire automatically.  Or was it simply because they did not obey?  Who ordered the deaths?  Many blame Attorney General Janet Reno; however, she didn’t have the final authority.  It was the Clintons:  Bill and his co-president Hillary, who passed it down the chain of command.

The Clinton Body Count... -

Some twenty-three years later, the Clintons are attempting a comeback – a return to the White House.  Is this the kind of government we want?  Where wholesale slaughter occurs just to prove a point?  The 1990’s weren’t the good, ol’, days the MSM-Dems try to represent, at least not for the Branch Davidians.

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Paper Heart – Documentary or Mockumentary?

Paper Heart was a film released in 2009, starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera.  In it, Ms. Yi tries to find out what romantic love is because she has never experienced it.  Throughout, she conducts interviews with friends and strangers, most of whom think she’s weird.

Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera | To Read Or Not To Read... | Pinterest

today s funny valentine is charlyne yi i first saw yi in the film ...

Charlyne Yi’s occupation is experimental comedy.

Nick (actor Jake Johnson who represents the director Nick Jasenovec, who was too busy directing to appear on screen) is her sounding board.  At a small party in L.A., he introduces her to actor Michael Cera.

... festival in this photo michael cera actor michael cera from the film

Michael Cera

At first, she does not like him, but Nick (a friend of Mike’s), arranges for them to meet up at the zoo, where they make a date.  Gradually, she warms up to him.  They share the same offbeat sense of humor and love for music.

At a restaurant, she orders a BLT, but substitutes bacon for pickles and cheese, calling it a “PCLT”.  Michael orders the “Mexican Beach Salad”.  While talking, he abruptly walks out and for a few moments, Charlyne is left alone.  As a joke, Cera has walked around the restaurant.  It’s clear she thought he left her.

Yi’s interviews continue:  love stories represented by puppet shows.

Charlyne Yi Inexplicably Joins House

She wants to know what love is.

Nick teases Yi (who wants to be one of the “dudes”), saying she has fallen for Mike.  Charlyne (sometimes called “Char” or “Chuck”) isn’t comfortable with her femininity, saying she doesn’t want to be “just the girlfriend.”  Nevertheless, she writes a song for her new boyfriend, calling it “You Smell like Christmas”. 

Nick takes her to a fortune teller who says the relationship won’t last – that it’s good for now – but, they’ll go their separate ways.  Yi seems to believe her.

Michael is becoming more uncomfortable with the ever-following camera, asking if they’ll ever be alone.

Yi interviews some inner-city kids about love, one who says, “It’s when you take somebody to Applebee’s and buy them hot wings.”  When Nick mentions she has a boyfriend, the kids laugh and she denies she’s in love.

The film concludes with a plan to go to Paris, the city of love.  Both Charlyne and Michael seem bewildered by it and ask why.  Nick says it’s because Charlyne has found love.  She answers, “But, I didn’t.”  The next day, Michael Cera quits the film.  (He reappears briefly at the end.)

Opinion.  Audiences are divided on the authenticity of Paper Heart.  Does Charlyne find love?  Is it real?  To me, it appears there’s a brief week or two of puppy love; however Charlyne is so unnerved at the idea of being vulnerable, of being a girl, that she cannot let her guard down.  Most of the time, her body is buried underneath a hoody, her face peeking out like a turtle.  What can be more telling?

Michael Cera enters the movie, reportedly to make the documentary more interesting.  Whether his feelings are real or not, only he can tell, but he appears hurt when she says she doesn’t love him.  I think to “save face”, Ms. Yi said this was all a put-on because in the end (which isn’t filmed), he, in turn, dumps her.

Afterward, in an interview, she was asked about Michael Cera.  She answered, “Who’s Michael Cera?”

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 Oct. 2, 2015.  White House officials woke up the President to make a statement about the Oregon shooting rampage.  Mr. Obama said that gun control was needed because these incidents had become “routine”.  It has become imperative to “politicize” this new mass murder and pass more restrictive gun laws.

Oct. 1, 2015.  In a stunning move, Russian Pres. Putin announced airstrikes against armed forces in Syria.  For the first time ever, the USA was ordered out of Syrian airspace.  This is our President’s most humiliating foreign policy defeat.  The media, of course, downplayed it, speaking instead about Hurricane Joaquin.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attends the opening of the 4th Conference of Journalists Union in Damascus August 15, 2006. REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri (SYRIA)

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Succinctly, Putin backs Assad; Obama backs the “rebel forces” (ISIS formerly known as al-Qaeda.)  You’ll remember back in 2013, our President threatened to bomb Syria for “crossing the red line”; then was forced to back off because of Putin.  What happened there?  The “rebels” had been armed with deadly Sarin gas, then blamed Assad for killing his own people with it.  Why all this turmoil over Syria?  It’s all about an oil pipeline and the U.S. petrodollar.  Why bother building the Keystone pipeline, when we can forever be dependent on Arab-Muslim oil?  (Something Obama obviously wants.)

We have seen what happens when Obama manages Iraq and Libya.  They are either being controlled by Islamic terrorist forces or on the brink of it.  Likewise, the President has announced his intentions of abandoning Afghanistan in 2016.  Even the Democrats see the risk of this.

What is Obama really up to?  Amidst his fancy words and political maneuverings, his ultimate goal is to help establish a new Muslim empire.  Eventually, Israel will be phased out for a new Palestine.

Chris Harper Mercer

Chris Harper Mercer

Returning to the Oct. 2 shooting; which incidentally knocked the Syrian debacle right off the news… This is what Obama lives for.  He freely admits he wants to politicize it on the very day those ten people were killed.  Won’t they be glad to know they died so that Obama could speak about gun control?  Obama doesn’t mention that the killer, Chris Harper Mercer, is a foreigner targeting Christians.  Why didn’t Obama say it was shameful for Christians to be singled out for execution?

Clue:  Obama speaks before the Pope on Sept. 23, saying:  “Around the world, at this very moment, children of God, including Christians, are targeted and even killed because of their faith.”  Why use the word “including”?  Obama is a wordsmith – he never says what he doesn’t mean.  If you break that sentence down, he’s saying that Christians aren’t God’s children.  The left will defend this statement by saying he’s trying to emphasize Christians by using the word “including”.  It’s unnecessary if by leftist dogma all religions are inclusive.  We are all God’s children.  Obama’s hidden message is meant for those who backed him from the very beginning.  Muslims.  It’s that needling remark known to those within his inner circle.

What’s happening now in Syria could trigger World War 3.  To be as blunt as possible, the U.S. has no president.  Barack Obama doesn’t stand for the American people, so frankly I hope he does nothing, rather than blindly stumble into a nuclear war.

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