Robin Williams Widow – Interview Raises More Questions than Answers

Robin Williams and wife

Susan Schneider, a.k.a. Mrs. Susan Williams, finally granted an interview on the subject of her late husband Robin Williams.  Since his suicide on Aug. 11, 2014, there have been rumors of a bad marriage.  How was it possible for Mr. Williams to kill himself in the same house without his wife knowing about it until the next day?  Why did they sleep in separate bedrooms?  What really happened that last night?

Unfortunately, her ABC News interview (Nov. 3) raises more questions than answers.  Previously, I believed he committed suicide.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Ms. Schneider doesn’t strike me as the soft, grieving widow she’s trying to portray.  Her interviews seem staged.  Her cruel actions toward his children speak louder than words.  (She sued them for control of his estate.)  There’s no doubt Williams’ health was in a steady decline.  Had he served his purpose to those who were using him?  Was there nothing left to harvest?

Death by Illuminati?  Suspiciously, several days before Aug. 11, 2014, it was leaked on the Internet that Robin Williams would die soon.  In the U.K., on the very night he died, there was a rebroadcast of “Family Guy”, where Robin appears hanging from a door.  Family Guy - Robin Williams Episode _Season 10 Episode 22___240p__0001 This is how he was found the next morning.    “Family Guy” is well known for its predictive programming.  Creator Seth MacFarlane is an Illuminati insider who says he missed flying into the Twin Towers on 9/11 because of confusion about his flight time and a hangover.


“Gaslight” (1944 film) is famous for its plot, wherein, the husband attempts to drive his wife insane.

In her interviews, Susan Schneider insists her husband was going insane because of “Lewy Body Dementia”.  “He couldn’t control himself in the last month.”  Accordingly, he was set for further neurological tests.  She said he killed himself in order to avoid these tests.  There is a great deal in these interviews that doesn’t make sense.  Ms. Schneider said his assistant couldn’t wake him up.  (This is a hanging victim, remember?)  Schneider cries loudly for the cameras (without tears), saying “Robin!  I forgive you!” Again, I would have to ask how a wife could not know her husband was on the brink of suicide?  Why the separate bedrooms?  Why the sudden name change from “Schneider” to “Williams”?  Obviously, to appear as the dutiful wife.  I just don’t see any real sadness here.  To me, it appears she knows every question that is about to be asked.  Is it all rehearsed?   Crying one minute, straight-face the next?

0 Did Robin Williams join the Illuminati to achieve fame?  After 35 years was he becoming unreliable?  Was Ms. Schneider his handler?  Why did Ms. Schneider originally try to sell their house, saying it “terrified” her to be in it, then says she won’t even move Robin’s slippers?  Schneider claims her husband was “clean and sober for eight years.”  Why had he gone to a drug rehab the month before?  Why was his brain dissected and sent all over the world?  To study the disease or is it part of the Illuminati ritual?

The manner of suicide is strange: death by strangulation with his belt.  This seems next to impossible to do and a very painful way to die.  If it was staged, why leave a pocket-knife nearby stained with blood?  If R.W. wanted to avoid pain, hanging yourself isn’t the way to do it.

Ms. Schneider tells “The View,” there were “no issues in the marriage.”  (Noticeably absent is Whoopi Goldberg, who I think knows what happened.)  She cries (again without tears) when they show their picture together.  If the reason to do these interviews was to dispel the rumors, I would have to say this woman failed miserably.  There’s no real way to know what really happened on Aug. 11, 2014.  There will be those who believe the official MSM version as told by the wife.  There are others who know the entertainment industry is run by people you don’t know and wouldn’t want to know.


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Obama must be removed from office or…

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Obama must be removed from office or we are going to die.  Most are aware that Barack Obama, our fake, Muslim, motherfucking, fag President won’t do anything about the ongoing threat of ISIS.  There is nothing left, but for the American people to demand that this scum be removed from office.  How has he honored his oath of office, “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?”

There’s no doubt he works for radical Islam.  Even the idiot, left-wing mainstream media is waking up to it.  Congratulations!  It only took you seven years to figure it out!

BHO calls the Paris attack a “setback” and says Republicans are “afraid of Syrian widows and orphans.”

Really?  How do you respond to that?  Anybody left who believes this man is beyond retarded; you’d have to be a mollusk.

Nov. 18, Paris.  “Diesel”, a police dog was killed by a female Muslim suicide bomber.  What does it tell you when a dog has more courage than Obummer?

America is quickly being torn down by the far-left, the PC mad, the Black Panthers, and other assorted psychopaths that put this cocksucker in office.  Worst case scenario?  Unless Obama is replaced, we are going to have a 9/11 every day.

There’s been a lot of conjecture about who Obama’s parents are.  Can there be any doubt?


Obama, the son of Satan


November, Friday the 13th, 2015, Paris, France.  Six different places were targeted by ISIS including the “Stade de France” (sports stadium), the “Ave de la Republique”, “Le Belle Equipe” (a bar), “Le Pitit Cambodge” (a restaurant) and the Bataclan Concert Hall.  As murder reigned, shouts of “Allah Akbar” were heard.  Also, “We are ISIS,” and “This is for Syria.”  ISIS immediately took credit. This was verified by French Pres. Hollande, who called it an “act of war.”

iu01OD1OL9  Pres. Obama said he would not speculate as to who was responsible for the attack.  Maybe, it’s because he’s the head of ISIS and plans on bringing them to U.S. shores in the near future.   Click Link here

Paris, a gun-free city, closed its borders and airports, declaring Martial Law.

Now that ISIS has served Obama’s purpose, that is, to rid the Middle East of Christians, there’s no doubt, they are dispensable.  Expect an all-out war in Syria.  (Except, whose side are we on?)  The MSM refuses to admit the Obama Administration funded/armed ISIS.  Russian Pres. Putin openly declares they are a U.S. “mercenary army”.  Secretary of State John Kerry said, there’s no difference between al-Qaeda and ISIS.  [Rebranded because Obama announced their destruction in 2012.]

Those who are reading this will recognize the insanity of bringing 100,000 Syrian “refugees” to our country.  To allow ISIS, to actually bring them here, is no longer about politics or votes.  It is national suicide.  In the name of “political correctness”, we are destroying ourselves.

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