Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break

  12-19-2015, Democratic debate.  The characteristically punctual, hair-splitting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is late.  Socialist nutball Bernie Sanders and the invisible-vanilla Martin O’Malley are kept waiting.  Rep. frontrunner Donald Trump observes, “What happened?  Has she quit?  Gone home?”  No.  Former Madame Secretary has taken a colossal dump.  Witnesses say it stunk so bad it could have killed a dinosaur.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was late returning to the stage in Saturday night’s debate because she got held up in the bathroom line, a report says.

“I’m late. F.U!”

Whether Mrs. Clinton’s “Depends” blew-a-fuse or it was just one of those things, I don’t know.  Typically, the MSM rushed to HRC’s defense, calling The Donald, “vulgar”.

12-22-2015.  Donald Trump again observes that Hillary Clinton isn’t the strong candidate the MSM makes her out to be, noting that she got “Schlonged” by Obama in 2008.  Mrs. C took to Twitter trying to make it attack on all women.  (Did all women run for president in 2008?)  Even “Saturday Night Live” admits Gov. Sarah Palin came closer to being president, in one of their skits.

As a woman audience member said on the Dr. Drew prog, “It’s time for women to put on their big girl panties and stop being offended by everything.”  Well said.

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Hillary – All the Worst Traits both Genders have to offer

There have been rumors for years that Hillary Clinton is a closet lesbian.  Supporters will argue that she is a wife and mother.  I recall once seeing a video of Hillary holding baby Chelsea in her poopy diapers.  “H” has a look on her face like she is in Hell.  While Obama dodged rumors of a gay past, “H” may surprise everyone by admitting a few woman-to-woman indiscretions.   It may even help her campaign in these perverted times.


The mutant Hillary, who frequently reminds me of a frozen chicken, is laughing at the Republicans.  Why?  Division causes weakness:  continual infighting between Trump, Bush, Fiorina, Rubio, Cruz, Carson has caused ruptures within the Party.

After eight nightmarish years of Barack Obama (four with Hillary serving as his Sec’t of State), you would think Reps could win this sleep-walking.  Think again.  Obama’s legacy will forever remain as “the first African-American President”; to besmirch it would be considered racist.  Nevermind that BHO humiliated our country allowing ISIS to establish a caliphate, pushed for an Arab Spring, lied about Benghazi, forced Obamacare thru Congress, helped legalize gay marriage, put women in combat, and supported black riots – – all that matters is that Barack Obama is black!  Likewise, HRC will capitalize on the fact that she is a woman and that Dems will insist that this is the time we must have a woman president…but, what kind of woman?

Republicans have a difficult road ahead.  If they go too hard against Mrs. C, women voters will become offended.  If they go too easy, there’s an even greater risk for defeat.  Best advice:  stick to the facts.  Hillary C. would be a continuation of Obama – without the blackness.

Hillary’s weak points:  she is a poor speaker who only appeals to those who like her already.  “H” is not a good debater, appearing petty and mean.  Here’s what surprises me most – her 2016 campaign is worse than 2008.  Previously, HRC skillfully played it middle of the road.  Now, she is hard left.  After eight years of Obama, the American public is sick and tired of the bleeding heart liberal progressive arguments for “social justice”.  Still, “H” wants to be “hip” and get the millennial vote.  (She’s about as hip as a Lawrence Welk six hour marathon concert.)

Ordinarily, she would defeat herself.  That’s what happened in ’08.  In ’16, she isn’t running against that fake, super-cool, Chicago black man image.  Hillary and her loyal MSM will have her running against intolerance.  The “party of no”.  If I were her consultant, my best advice would be to say as little as possible.  Every time she speaks, she betrays herself as the ultimate phony politician.  If all that matters is that she’s a woman, why bother having a campaign at all?

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Obama’s ISIS, Plans on 10,000 Muslim Immigrants and the Bloody Massacre in San Bernardino

 For many, Pres. Obama’s bland indifference to the Dec. 2 San Bernardino terrorist killings was a surprise.  From the start, it was known the terrorists had links with ISIS.  And yet, Obama’s MSM did their best to describe it as “workplace violence”…that is, until the FBI called it “an act of terrorism” on Dec. 4.  This didn’t prevent him and his former Sec’t of State Hillary Clinton from blaming it on our lack of gun control.  150312_loretta_lynch_ap_629_956x519 Likewise, on Dec. 3, Attorney Gen. Loretta Lynch said what disturbed her the most was our “anti-Muslim rhetoric, born out of fear” and that “any threats against the Muslim community would be prosecuted.”

What surprised me was that only fourteen people were killed.  It’s obvious the assassins were on their way to kill more, until police shot out their SUV with them in it.  EricReports pretty much predicted this a year ago.  Americans, Arm Yourselves! ISIS is Here!   (Oct. 29, 2014.)  After the Nov. 13th Paris attacks, it became inevitable.

Every newscaster gave their opinion on what should be done.  None will state that Barack Obama is a Muslim who will always side with Islam.  He’s stated this in his autobiography.  He isn’t one of the “good ones”.  To be frank, I think the only sympathy he felt was for the two killers who died.

bowonebowtwobowoneObama grovels before Saudi prince.

Unless our gov’t wakes up and removes this man from office, we will have to endure many more mass killings like this.  It’s open season on Americans.

More info is coming out daily, proving Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik weren’t acting alone.  Two weeks prior, $28,500 was wired to Farook.  Also, he reportedly was speaking to someone on a security watch list.  What about the mother and sister who said they didn’t know what was going on?  Was there a third gunman as initially reported?  Did he get away?

All this is bad timing for the Obama Administration who are planning on bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S.  Most of our states governors have said they don’t want them.  Nevertheless, the Obama Administration has promised due punishment on any state that refuses them.  This event may slow down the President.  It will not stop him or the swarms of Arab-Muslims from entering our borders.  In truth, I believe Obama thinks this is the most important thing he’s ever done:  repopulating America with Muslims.  Most likely this has been in the planning stages for a long time – find whatever Islamic state is in crisis – then bring them here on the pretense of “humanitarism”.  False promises of screening them does no good, if you consider the actions of Tashfeen Malik.  How many more of them will be like her?

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Obama’s Face-Saving Speech on Muslim Mass Murderers

The President ‘s evaporating credibility forced him to address the nation on Dec. 6  Most notably – –

Obama finally admitted the Dec. 2 San Bernadino killers were Muslim (without actually naming them.)

Dead End for Syed Farook

Image result for images, dead syed farook

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

Shooting in San Bernardino, California

Our President made sure to defend all Muslims except “that tiny fraction” who break the law.

Most absurdly, he claimed that he would “destroy ISIL” with the help of Congress.  ISIS grew from the President’s desperate attempts to get rid of Assad.  Who is he kidding?

Obama called for gun-control:  a ban on assault rifles, i.e., semi-automatics with the ability to shoot over 10-15 rounds.  (California already has this law.)  As in Sandy Hook, he’s exploiting his gun-control agenda.  How is gun-control going to disarm the terrorists?  What about the pipe bombs they had?  What about all the other weaponry?  Gun-free zones are what shooters prey on.  Disarming the public only makes us more vulnerable than we already are.

BHO knows full well his policies have weakened us.  He must make it seem as if he’s doing the opposite.  It’s a stage-by-stage process to make us a Sharia compliant state.

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Sexiest Female Television Stars

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Suzanne Somers, Marilu Henner, Adrienne Barbeau, Victoria Principal, Donna Douglas, Loni Anderson, Yvonne Craig, Charlene Tilton, Bernadette Peters, Cher, Karen Valentine, Diana Rigg, Barbara Eden, Dawn Wells, Tina Louise, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Marlo Thomas, Julie Newmar, Catherine Bach, Lynda Carter, Judy Landers, Audrey Landers, Kaley Cuoco.

Obama’s “Love Gift” to ISIS

obama ISIS leaflets

Here’s more sickening proof of “President” Obama’s secret love for the radical Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS – Leaflets are being dropped (with 45 minutes of advance warning) before U.S. warplanes attack.


I ask, is that how you win a war?  By warning the enemy?  What further proof is needed to show Obama’s collusion with terrorists who want to kill us?  This man is a traitor!

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