EricReports 2015 Bad News Review


Blood on the streets of a Paris outdoor café.

The expected attacks on Western Civilization in Paris (Nov. 13) and San Bernardino (Dec. 2.)

San Bernardino, CA.  Terrorists meet their bloody end.

Charlie Hebdo headquarters after Muslim attack

ISIS:  a product of the Obama Administration


Pushed thru by the Obama Administration who insisted this was the only way to avoid war.  More proof Obama works for the enemy or is a complete coward.


“USA, here we come!”

Because of the rise of ISIS and ISIL, mass chaos reigned supreme.  Muslims from Syria, Iraq and Northern Africa swarmed into Europe, creating chaos wherever they went.  Sweden is now #1 in rape – guess why.  Obama, of course, wants to bring 10,000 Muslim refugees to the U.S. because, “That’s who we are,” and “It’s the Christian thing to do.”  How would he know?


What may have started as a quest for equal rights, has been overtaken by the Black Panthers, Communists and Muslims, all with help from the Obama Administration.


Military drill for martial law spread from seven to ten states.  (Texas and parts of S. California were listed as “enemy territory”.)  The Dept. of Defense has announced that “Jade Helm 16” will go into effect this year.  (It will be kept more “low profile”.)

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump?  2016 Presidential frontrunners.

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Obama Disarming White America

Obama’s #1 MISSION: Take Away The Guns – The Millennium Report

January 5, 2016. Pres. Obama announces his new executive orders for background checks on those purchasing firearms from gun shows, private ads and the Internet. How is this possible? It isn’t, so it will be eventually stopped.  How are criminals and terrorists affected by these new laws? They aren’t. They will get their firearms through illegal means. The President’s actions take guns away from American citizens trying to protect themselves.  The sad irony of the San Bernardino shootings is they were caused by the Obama Administration – caused by a swift, 90-day fiancée visa for a Muslim terrorist – caused by two agents for ISIS.

Just as all Americans are being punished at the airport for the actions of al-Qaeda on 9/11, now the middle-class are being punished for the actions of terrorists and criminals.
Anti-gun advocates will argue: “Don’t less guns make us more safe?” Do you think the victims in Paris and San Bernardino felt safe when they were being shot at? Gun-free zones are the first place terrorists will go. Make no mistake – Obama knows this. He’s neither crazy nor stupid. He’s punishing “whitey” for the past injustices on his “Muslim brothers”.
It goes without saying – this is what you get when you don’t vet your Presidential candidate. Proof of this is Obama’s 2011 birth certificate. Where was it in 2008?
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