Part 2 – Obama Antichrist


Judge Scalia marked for death?  Feb. 11, 2016.

The chain of events began on February 13, with the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  He dies alone with no bodyguard, a pillow found over his head and the doctor rules it “death by natural causes” over the phone.  Pres. Obama refuses to attend his funeral, because they were of “different religions”.  Would the President have gone if Scalia had been a Muslim?  justice-scalia-questions

With 2016 being Obama’s final year in office, what is his primary goal?  Gun Control.

Obama + Gun Control

Obama + Gun Control

And yet, with all those mass shootings (including the mother of all false flags “Sandy Hook”), Congress and the American people still don’t want it.  What would cause it to happen?  As I and others have written about – what if, hypothetically, there was a false flag assassination attempt on the President himself?  What if this was televised nationally, while the President is speaking on the importance of gun control?  What if this patsy is a white bread, Tea Party, fundamentalist Christian – the type Obama hates the most.  What do you think the reaction would be?



BLACK LIVES MATTER – RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA.  (With the duplicitous MSM aiding in their outrage.)  The new mantra?  Ban all guns!  The 24/7 news cycle will endlessly replay this.  Cries of hysteria:  “We must not allow ordinary people to have guns!”

thXU2YI88EAssuming this happens and assuming the Antichrist Obama rises from his sick bed in three days – he will have a blank check for anything he wants.  Thus, approving whomever he wants as a Supreme Court Judge will be a breeze.  Finally, the left and all the anti-gun advocates will have what they want: a 6 -3 lopsided in-their-favor Supreme Court.  If Obama and his comrades can reinterpret marriage, don’t you think they can reinterpret the 2nd Amendment?  Or even revoke it?

f-obama-a-20160105-870x606 Gradually, we’ve seen our gun rights being whittled away.  That’s no longer good enough for the powers-that-be.  They want total control.  By that very fact, the government will force all registered gun owners to turn in their weapons or face felony charges/imprisonment.  The average citizen is suddenly at the mercy of the criminal underworld.  [Note:  See how it’s working in Australia, where home invasions have skyrocketed.]

2016 is the year Obama (et al.) have been waiting for.  With all of these events occurring, the new United Nations Police Force (already in the works) will be set into play.  A New World Order.  A coalition of ten nations headed by…

U.N. police force (click here for link)

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Is the War on Terror Over? (Farsi Island incident)

On 1-12-2016, a U.S. patrol boat wandered fifty miles into Iranian waters and was promptly captured. Nine men and one woman were held, humiliated and forced to apologize. The woman was made to wear a head-covering.  This all occurred, coincidently, on the day Pres. Obama made his last, formal address to the nation.  (He, of course, did not mention the incident.)

Is the War on Terror lost?

If the soldiers had been actors, such behavior would make sense.  What are their guns for?  What were they trained for?  Surrender?  How do you get lost by fifty miles?  Was this done on purpose?  Were they somehow forced into it? 

Our current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, is working for the enemy.  There’s no doubt his administration caused this to happen.  I think they enjoyed watching this defeat.  They relished it.  Sec’t of State John Kerry said we should be “grateful” for their release.

What is the real motivation behind this?  Obama and his cohorts paid a ransom – billions of dollars of unfrozen Iranian assets, plus the release of more al-Qaeda prisoners from Gitmo.

The MSM have covered this up as a military blunder.  Anyway you look at it, it’s a disaster.  Everybody knows that with Obama as president, we’re nothing but a paper tiger.

Coming Soon! – Obama Antichrist 2

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Satanist Beyoncé Does it Again at the Super Bowl

Santa Clara, CA.  The 50th Super Bowl.  Demonic messages, both subliminal and in-your-face, are a yearly broadcast event meant to brainwash a complacent public into the Illuminati’s hypnotic trance.  Beyoncé, who many see as a twerking feminist role model, has duped her fans; fooling them all into believing an illusion.  In reality, she is a devil-worshipper and is going straight to Hell.  “Bey” believes she will rule down there, but there are no rulers – just spirits in tormented agony.  While “Yonce” may continue to strut her aging rump, the days of the devil’s rule here on Earth are numbered.

Obama with Baphomet horns

Beyoncé’s alter-ego, “Sasha Fierce” in Baphomet/Satan dress

Both her and our foreign-born Muslim president will eventually spend eternity with Satan and his fallen angels.  May they rot forever.   Text Copyright 2016 – EricReports

Beyoncé – Queen of Evil – Mistress of Damnation

Beyoncé’s crew – Black Panther salute


Curse of Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemarys_baby_posterWho runs the world?  What if you were told there were a coalition of Satanists, behind the scenes, masquerading as our benevolent caretakers.  Would you believe me?

Back in 1968, Paramount released “Rosemary’s Baby” (based on Ira Levin’s novel), directed by then up-and-coming film director Roman Polanski.  The movie would become a phenomenal hit, the title a catchphrase everyone understood.  Some forty-eight years later, it’s still viewed with morbid fascination.

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The Dakota Building aka “The Bramford”

Director Roman Polanski claims he doesn’t believe in the devil, yet the opening and closing sequences are shot from the devil’s point-of-view as he hovers over Manhattan.

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His wife Sharon Tate was cast as an extra in the party scene.  She was murdered while pregnant on August 9, 1969.

 The mysterious apartment building known as “the Bramford” is really “the Dakota” where John Lennon was shot to death on Dec. 8, 1980.  (Dec. 9th in Liverpool – #9.)

Book connections:  “All of Them Witches” isn’t a real book, but is used as a device to warn Rosemary.  The movie is meant to take place in 1966.  In 1999, Polanski would direct another Satanic film titled “The Ninth Gate”, about a book that is able to bring forth the devil.  1933 – 1966 – 1999.  33 degrees.

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Tony Curtis (who appeared with Tate in “Don’t Make Waves” a year earlier) does a voice-over as Donald Baumgart, an actor who goes blind from a witch’s curse.

Krzysztof Komeda vol.14.jpg  Composer Krzysztof Komeda who wrote the eerie score died a year later from a brain injury.

    Robert Redford lost the role of Guy Woodhouse due to legal reasons.  John Cassavetes was cast instead.

  Mia-Farrow-Rosemary's-Baby-1968 (4) Tuesday Weld lost the role of Rosemary Woodhouse because Paramount preferred Mia Farrow.

Image result for mia farrow, frank sinatra  Frank Sinatra divorced Mia Farrow because she refused to quit the film, so she could appear with him in “The Detective” (1968.)  She was replaced by Lee Remick.

Image result for ruth gordon Ruth Warrick was the only major Oscar winner (Best Supporting Actress.)

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Roman Polanski would go on to even greater fame for “Macbeth”, “Chinatown”, “The Tenant”, “Tess” and “The Pianist”.  (Academy Award winner for Best Director – 2002.)  He is forced to live in France because of his 1977 arrest for unlawful sexual relations with a minor.

The novel and movie alludes to a network or witches living in New York.  In the finale, the baby Adrian “the antichrist” is visited by devil-worshippers from all over the world.  The baby itself isn’t shown and his mother Rosemary seems ambivalent.  Today, he would be of age.

The mainstream media will never acknowledge the Luciferian agenda:  a New World Order born from the United Nations, i.e., a world dictatorship.

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Obama’s Past

Back in 1976, supposedly Barack Obama’s first job was selling ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins in Hawaii.  No proof of this – no pictures, no employment forms, no real witnesses.  We just have to take his word for it.  Obama said this is where he lost his taste for ice cream.

My take on this is that Mr. O probably worked there for a few days, couldn’t stand it and went right back to selling his ass to rich, white men for cocaine.  I also believe this is why his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, ultimately rejected her son.  She couldn’t stand the fact that he was “Mama’s Little Fairy”.

Larry Sinclair, Obama’s gay prostitute who passed a lie detector test.

Recently, Michelle Obama was asked who received better grades in school, her or her husband?  She pointed at herself saying, “Barack was a bum, who messed around in high school.”  It makes sense now as to why BHO sealed those records.  (Besides hiding evidence of his foreign-student scholarship.)

It’s incredible how our President’s life story has been covered up and lied about.  The MSM expects us to accept his autobiography as the gospel truth.  Yes, they casually mention that BHO smoked marijuana.  No big deal to the left – they smoke it all the time.  Cocaine is something they won’t mention; yet explains why our Prez manages to stay unusually trim.  Obama quote:  “Pot had helped, maybe a little blow (cocaine) when you could afford it.  I inhaled frequently.  That was the point.”

To those who knew teen Obama, they describe him as an aimless moocher with the annoying habit of putting his hand on your shoulder – his way of “owning you”.  And what has Mr. O done, but lived off the tax-payer as a “public servant”.

A great deal of time will be needed to disinfect the White House after the Obamas leave.  They’ll also have to roll up those Muslim prayer rugs and unlock those secret rooms.  On the other hand, if the Clintons return, why bother cleaning it?

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