A Time for Heroes

Citizens, we are approaching a crossroads. Our choice is to be a victim or to be something else.

 March 12, Columbus, Ohio.  A psychopath named Thomas DiMassimo, 22, manages to jump across a railing, making it to the stage where Presidential candidate Donald Trump is speaking.  Secret Service agents apprendeded the man seconds before, what could have been a fatal attack.  DiMassimo, a Bernie Sanders supporters, with possible ties to Muslim extremists, claims he only wanted to take the microphone away from Trump.

If this had been Pres. Obama, there’s no doubt this assailant would’ve been shot and killed.  Instead, he appears on CNN and MSNBC as a minor celebrity.



Approximately 3,000 protesters appear in an effort to stop Donald Trump from speaking.  They are a combination of “Black Lives Matter”, “MoveOn.org”, and Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton voters.  Mr. Trump calls off his speech because he said a riot was ready to break out, but is this why?  Could the police be depended on to defend him in a city as corrupt as this?  With these events, we have concrete proof of what the Democratic Party has become:  a hotbed of anarchists, revolutionaries, Communists, Muslims, and criminals.

This is who should be the President right now.

Sarah Palin called their actions, “punk-ass thuggery.”  God bless her.

For the last seven years, we’ve seen what happens when the Democrats are allowed to run our country…into the ground.  Barack Obama, a junior senator, formerly a black power-agitator, a foreign-born Muslim with ties to terrorists becomes the President of the United States.  He does little for his own people except inspiring them to riot.

The Middle East has turned to rot.  ISIL, ISIS, Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Syria, Afghanistan, the “refugee” crisis and the slaughter of thousands of innocent Christians.  The fundamental change Obama promised is destruction.

  The Hillary Clinton deal has been planned since 2008.  There will be no indictment on her email scandal.  That was done to force her to adopt Obama’s so-called “legacy”.  He owns her.

Democrats expected the usual Republican loser to get the presidential nomination.  Why not after McCain and Romney?  Instead, they may get Donald Trump who will win if the Republicans don’t blow it at the convention.

Obama/Clinton will do whatever they can to retain their power and control.  Real Americans must push back against an obvious takeover from the left-wing degenerate and the Black Panther Muslim.

Citizens, it’s time for you to be that something else.  It’s a time for heroes.  That time will come sooner than you think.

Text (C) 2016 – EricReports

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