Prince – Cause of Death – Drugs, Illness or Murder?


Prince’s last photo. April 19, 2016.

Text © 2016 – EricReports.  More information comes forward on the untimely death of rock star Prince on 4-21-16.  Contrary to the MSM reports, witnesses state that Prince’s health appeared normal just days prior.  Also, contradictory reports stating that Prince stayed awake for 154 hours don’t make sense, considering he was alone for at least part of that time.

Prince was being prescribed pain-killers to deal with injures sustained during his vigorous dance moves on stage.  This led to an o.d. on Apr. 15…But, what caused his actual death on Apr. 21?

CLUES  Screenshot-5644-585x300  Final Instagram reads:  “JUST WHEN U THOUGHT U WERE SAFE”

Some call this “cryptic”.  For me, it seems plain that he thought there was some kind of threat against him.  If so, why can’t he come out and say it?  Once you become part of a secret society, whether you are willing or not, you can’t reveal what you really know.  I’m sure “the others” knew what he meant and didn’t like him writing it.

simpson-prince  THE SIMPSON’S PREDICTION (2008) 

In this “Simpson’s” episode, record execs ask Homer Simpson to kill recording stars who refuse to do what they want.  Homer kills what appears to be Prince.  Again, we have the Illuminati doing what they do best:  shoving it in our faces and saying what they’re going to do.  Simpson’s creator Matt Groening is another man on the make willing to sell his soul to hide those secrets in plain sight.

  LET’S GO CRAZY lyric…

“Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh, no, let’s go!”  Prince said the word “elevator” was a code word for the devil.  Prince was found dead in his elevator.

  Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) reportedly called Prince the day he died.  The man who nicknamed himself after Prince – and has had his career boosted by the Illuminati – speaks to him shortly before his death.  Odd coincidence?


Prince battled [name redacted] for years for control of his music and rights to his name.  Eventually Prince won, but were recording executive willing to let it go at that?  At age 57, did [name redacted] feel his best days were behind him and now it was time to reap the harvest?

PREDICTION.  The MSM will come down on the side of their controllers.  Prince’s death will be attributed to either natural causes or accidental drug overdose.  My personal belief is that he was killed for the millions of dollars of revenue received by his music, his movies and his videos.  The MSM will not be able to ignore those on the Internet willing to speak the truth.  Unfortunately, they will ascribe this to the usual pile of conspiracy theories.  I ask:  How does it make sense for a rich man in reasonable good health to suddenly die for no reason?

Final thought:  I first saw Prince in the early 1980’s on one of the local music video T.V. shows.  Here’s a link to his first #1 hit “Little Red Corvette” that will set your hair on end.

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