Obama Betrays Us Once Again

Obama winks from Vietnam

America’s worst President, Barack Obama toured the lands of our former enemies, Vietnam and Japan.  Obama bowed and groveled, humiliating our country in ways that seemed impossible before.

President Obama bows before the Emperor of Japan

In Vietnam, he announced a military arms sale to this Communist dictatorship.  Those with a memory will recall our war with Vietnam.  (1963-1973.)   Marxist Obama must have felt right at home there.  Why can’t Democrats move to these countries instead of ruining ours?

   In Hiroshima, Japan, the President hugged a survivor of the atom bomb.  Obama seemed to condemn the U.S. bombing which brought WWII to an abrupt end.  No mention of how or why the war started by Japan bombing Pearl Harbor.  In part, he said:  “Seventy-one years ago, on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed.  A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself.”

“Those who died, they are like us.  Ordinary people understand this, I think.”  [Ordinary people?  Yes, Obama thinks we’re ordinary.  Isn’t that sad?]

“No religion has been spared from believers who have claimed that their faith is a license to kill.”  [Every religion except Islam.]

If you examine what BHO said, he makes no distinction between the good guys and the bad guys.  Upon closer examination, it’s apparent he thinks we’re the bad guys.  “Death fell from the sky?”  Does this remind you of something?

  Of course, Obama said that al-Qaeda “taught us a valuable lesson” on 9/11.  If you voted for this man, how do you defend his statements?

In America, the great debate is on transgendered toilets.  Make no mistake, Obama is using this side-issue to distract us, while he is up to something far worse.  If Donald Trump wins the election, what will Pres. 0 leave him?  A destroyed economy?  Riots in the streets?  A Muslim invasion?  World War III?  In this November – January time period, this agent for Islam intends to destroy us.

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Best Music Videos Ever

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Serge Gainsbourough and Jane Birkin sing “Je T’aime, …moi non plus”  (Video by glivingston73)

The Carpenters sing “Hurting Each Other”  (Video by CarpentersVEVO)

Petula Clark sings “A Fool on the Hill”  (Video by Enio Giacomini de Sales)

Elvis Presley sings “A Little Less Conversation”  (Video by videomolly)


Bananarama sings “The Wild Life”  (London recordings)

Sheena Easton sings “You Could Have Been with Me”  (video by Ignazio Deddu)

Prince sings “Little Red Corvette”  (Prince)

Nine Inch Nails sings “Hurt”  (Video by Nine Inch Nails)

Sarah Brightman sings “Who Wants to Live Forever”

Did Lady Gaga Steal the Identity of Dead Singer Lina Morgana? (Illuminati Sacrifice?)

Lina Morgana – Dead at 19

Due to continued interest in the Lina Morgana story, EricReports has updated the following:  New information is highlighted in RED.

Lady Gaga, heir apparent to pop star Madonna, ranks as one of the most successful singers in recent years; however, is she an original?  Those who worked with Lina Morgana and Lady Gaga describe Morgana as the greater talent.

Initially, record producer Rob Fusari brought Lina Morgana and Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta) together as collaborators.  They worked on over a dozen songs with Gaga singing backup.  Contrary to popular belief, it was Ms. Morgana, not Gaga who was being groomed as the star.  Stefani Germanotta was a far cry from the singer she is today:  overweight, awkward and unknown.  Somewhere along the line, roles were reversed.  Stefani (Gaga) adopted Lina’s gothic style.  Lina Morgana’s career had just begun, then apparently had been stolen by her friend/collaborator.   The following video is uploaded on YouTube by Benny Phantom.

Lady Gaga

2008:  In that year of fate, Lady Gaga would release her debut album “The Fame” on August 19.  On October 4, Lina Morgana would supposedly commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the Staten Island Hotel…or was it murder?  Police reports were rewritten in such a way as to make Lina  seem crazy or irrational.  “Behaving oddly, last seen dancing or exercising on the roof.”  The usual suspects state that she was “depressed” and had a recent argument with her boyfriend.  Foul play was originally suggested, but when those on top of the pyramid don’t want something investigated, it becomes a closed case.  Q.  What happened to Lina Morgana’s cell phone since gone missing?  Q.  Who erased material she uploaded on her Myspace page?  Q.  Why were car keys found belonging to a Ford with Illinois plates?  Q.  How did Lina get onto the roof without setting off the hotel’s alarm?

  Questions…Was the “Lady Gaga” character originally intended for Lina Morgana?  Was Stefani Germanotta chosen instead because she was willing to join the Illuminati?  Did Lina Morgana know something that could jeopardize the career of the new “Lady Gaga”?  Did Lady Gaga make her “deal with the devil” for fame?  [Ironically, the name of her first album.]  Was that deal to completely erase, then replace her partner?

 Further proof:  Lady Gaga’s alter-ego is named “Morgana Devacelli”, an obvious take-off from her former friend.

See the source imageSee the source image

2013:  Lady Gaga had court papers sealed (concerning her lawsuit with Fusari) saying they could be “damaging”.  What was in these papers?

The last song Rob Fusari worked on with Ms. Gaga was “Paparazzi”.  This seems to be the bridge between the old Stefani Germanotta and the new Lady Gaga.  It’s also the song video laden with clues.  The Illuminati likes to hide their clues in plain sight, making them ambiguous. 

The final single from “The Fame” was “Paparazzi”.  In the video, Lady Gaga is thrown off a high balcony, falling to her death.  Just prior, she stands by a statue holding a basket, indicating an offering.  A human offering.  When Gaga falls, she falls thru a black and white spiral, symbolic of transformation.  Indeed, Gaga would change her name and suddenly become a star.  A newspaper headline reads “Lady No More Gaga” – notice the similarities to the name “Lina Morgana”.  There are allusions to suicide by hanging, strangulation, poisoning, etc.

See the source image

Spiral transformation and the eye of Lucifer symbolism.

Further proof of Ms. Gaga’s Satanism was a remark she made on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

For those who don’t believe in the occult, examine the look and style of Lina Morgana and compare them with Lady Gaga.  There’s no mistaking it – she ripped off her manner, her clothing, her way of singing and so on.  I’m providing links below.  The first is titled Lina Morgana vs. Lady Gaga by Kavad Medeiros.

 The second is Lina Morgana My Angel live performance by Intersouffle.  (Filmed two weeks before her death.)

Illuminati member Kanye West’s video eludes to Ms. Morgana’s death in the cryptic song “Coldest Winter”.

Dead SexyAnother Illuminati clue:  the Kung Fu Vampire album “Dead Sexy” with the song:  “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” (album cover’s model looks disturbingly like Lina Morgana.)  Released on Oct. 31, 2008, the same month she died.

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Prince Death Investigation SOLVED

 Prince’s eye ring and pyramid symbol of the Illuminati.

Following the April 21st discovery of Prince’s dead body in his studio-residence, the MSM have bounced back and forth on various theories. Additionally, the Internet is rife with rumors…

  1.  Prince was killed on the Queen’s birthday as part of a blood sacrifice.

2.  Prince was sprayed with poison chem-trails.

3.  He died from the ZIKA blood virus or AIDS.

4.  The Illuminati got him.

The Illuminati (a Luciferian sect of Satanists) exists.  There are Satanists in the music industry, but we don’t have to go for all of these exotic reasons.  Follow the money.  Who controls who?

Prince quote:  “If you don’t own your masters, then your masters own you.”

This is more about control than money.  His record company already has a lot of money.  What they don’t like seeing is loss of control.

Warner Brothers had ownership of his master recordings and were forced to give them back in 2014 if Prince re-signed with them.  He did and that was a mistake.  Nearly two years to the day of signing, he is dead.

What was Prince planning to do?  Prince was recording on his own, releasing music on his own and had plans to redo the originals.  His last work was streamed online.  (NO hard-copy, NO C.D.)  Needless to say, WB wanted no imitators of their artists “doing their own thing.”  What if others followed his example?

Prince’s execution is a silent warning to others.

There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of a real murder investigation or of the MSM reporting on it or of anyone being allowed to seriously discuss the possibility of foul play.  On the Dr. Drew show, he asked one of Prince’s co-workers, what he thought.  The man answered, “I thought Prince had been killed.”  Immediately, one of the hired panel jumped on his answer, saying, “There’s no proof of that!”  This was not by accident.  The MSM will always try to discredit the truth, if it doesn’t match with their version of what happened.  If there was any proof of murder, it was burned to ashes, like the man himself.

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