Prince Death Investigation SOLVED

 Prince’s eye ring and pyramid symbol of the Illuminati.

Following the April 21st discovery of Prince’s dead body in his studio-residence, the MSM have bounced back and forth on various theories. Additionally, the Internet is rife with rumors…

  1.  Prince was killed on the Queen’s birthday as part of a blood sacrifice.

2.  Prince was sprayed with poison chem-trails.

3.  He died from the ZIKA blood virus or AIDS.

4.  The Illuminati got him.

The Illuminati (a Luciferian sect of Satanists) exists.  There are Satanists in the music industry, but we don’t have to go for all of these exotic reasons.  Follow the money.  Who controls who?

Prince quote:  “If you don’t own your masters, then your masters own you.”

This is more about control than money.  His record company already has a lot of money.  What they don’t like seeing is loss of control.

Warner Brothers had ownership of his master recordings and were forced to give them back in 2014 if Prince re-signed with them.  He did and that was a mistake.  Nearly two years to the day of signing, he is dead.

What was Prince planning to do?  Prince was recording on his own, releasing music on his own and had plans to redo the originals.  His last work was streamed online.  (NO hard-copy, NO C.D.)  Needless to say, WB wanted no imitators of their artists “doing their own thing.”  What if others followed his example?

Prince’s execution is a silent warning to others.

There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of a real murder investigation or of the MSM reporting on it or of anyone being allowed to seriously discuss the possibility of foul play.  On the Dr. Drew show, he asked one of Prince’s co-workers, what he thought.  The man answered, “I thought Prince had been killed.”  Immediately, one of the hired panel jumped on his answer, saying, “There’s no proof of that!”  This was not by accident.  The MSM will always try to discredit the truth, if it doesn’t match with their version of what happened.  If there was any proof of murder, it was burned to ashes, like the man himself.

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