Obama Betrays Us Once Again

Obama winks from Vietnam

America’s worst President, Barack Obama toured the lands of our former enemies, Vietnam and Japan.  Obama bowed and groveled, humiliating our country in ways that seemed impossible before.

President Obama bows before the Emperor of Japan

In Vietnam, he announced a military arms sale to this Communist dictatorship.  Those with a memory will recall our war with Vietnam.  (1963-1973.)   Marxist Obama must have felt right at home there.  Why can’t Democrats move to these countries instead of ruining ours?

   In Hiroshima, Japan, the President hugged a survivor of the atom bomb.  Obama seemed to condemn the U.S. bombing which brought WWII to an abrupt end.  No mention of how or why the war started by Japan bombing Pearl Harbor.  In part, he said:  “Seventy-one years ago, on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed.  A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself.”

“Those who died, they are like us.  Ordinary people understand this, I think.”  [Ordinary people?  Yes, Obama thinks we’re ordinary.  Isn’t that sad?]

“No religion has been spared from believers who have claimed that their faith is a license to kill.”  [Every religion except Islam.]

If you examine what BHO said, he makes no distinction between the good guys and the bad guys.  Upon closer examination, it’s apparent he thinks we’re the bad guys.  “Death fell from the sky?”  Does this remind you of something?

  Of course, Obama said that al-Qaeda “taught us a valuable lesson” on 9/11.  If you voted for this man, how do you defend his statements?

In America, the great debate is on transgendered toilets.  Make no mistake, Obama is using this side-issue to distract us, while he is up to something far worse.  If Donald Trump wins the election, what will Pres. 0 leave him?  A destroyed economy?  Riots in the streets?  A Muslim invasion?  World War III?  In this November – January time period, this agent for Islam intends to destroy us.

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