How Obama Could Inherit a 3rd Term Presidency

President Barack Obama.jpg  The 22nd Amendment states that a President cannot be elected for more than two terms. It does not state who would be president if the new President-elect is unable to fulfill his or hers duties.
Let’s assume Hillary Clinton is elected. Everyone out there knows of her email scandal, of erasures, of placing top secret gov’t documents on her private server, of withholding evidence, of obstruction of justice. Most assume this will all go away, because those in charge of the investigation (Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch and Obama) would rather see Hillary elected than Trump.
Let’s also assume “new information” comes forth between Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017. If this information proves Hillary’s malicious intent then she would be indicted, stand trial and possibly go to prison. If that did occur, who would be president? If HRC is never sworn in, her candidacy is made invalid; therefore, Barack Obama would remain President.

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