Transgendered Bathroom Issue Solved


Since North Carolina passed a law stating that only those born with the sexual identity they were given could use the appropriate bathroom, the federal gov’t has gone ape.  According to them, the LGBT community must have the right, nay, the privilege to choose any bathroom they want.  Furthermore, the Obama Administration have expanded this to the public school system.  BHO wants boys and girls to share the same toilets and locker rooms – depending on what gender they are that day.  The mainstream media are also on board championing the rights of the sexually-deranged.  Somehow, the idea of normalcy is disturbing to them.

According to the new toilet police, sexuality is “fluid”, meaning that it’s changing all the time.  When does this change occur?  During a full moon?

 You know where this is all coming from, right?  Because our First Lady is transgendered, the Obamas have decided we must change so that she-males can share with the ladies.  Does this all make sense now?

What do I mean when I say this issue is solved?  The only way is to build separate transgendered bathrooms only.  Not only would this create jobs, it should make the PC-crowd happy.  Right?  Wrong.

Obama and his cohorts don’t want a common sense solution.  They want everybody inconvenienced.  If the President isn’t pissing off white, middle-class America, he isn’t satisfied.  Obama-bots will say “transgendered only bathrooms would stigmatize users” and “cause them to become second-class citizens.”  For the far-left, we the public must suffer.  Who suffers the most.  Women!

targets-new-transgender-friendly-bathroom-sign  Shame on them, especially mothers for not speaking up.

Why is the government allowing sexual perverts (posing as the sexually-confused) into the Ladies Room?  Are you comfortable with a psycho in the bathroom with your wife, sister or daughter?  Ready for your little girl to see a deranged she-male?  penis-tuck-silence-of-the-lambs

The Feds (Obama’s tool-no pun intended) are forcing social change.  Change that is unwanted and should not be tolerated.  It would quickly stop if the ones that are being targeted – normal women – made their voice heard.

Text (C) 2016 – ERN

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