Obama’s Muslim Immigrants Rape 5 Year Old Girl

Three Muslim immigrants brutally raped and urinated on a five year old girl in Idaho.


What do you think of that?  I warned all my readers this was going to happen and so it has.  We all know where this is coming from.  Barack Hussein Obama, the bastard son of a slutting-commie-whore.  Who his father is, even he doesn’t know.  Since Obama likes abortion so much, it’s too bad we can’t make it retroactive for him.

The government will not protect you.  It’s up to us.  Now, if you know me, it’s pretty obvious what I think should be done to these three Muslims.  It would make Abu Gharab  look like an episode from “The Brady Bunch”.

Supposedly, according to BHO’s bitch Loretta Lynch, Muslim hate crimes are on the rise.  I wish.  In reality, the highest is among the Jews.

A lot of Christians are against violence, but I, for one, am for it.  America was not founded by the weak and faint-hearted.  Don’t tell me nothing should be done about this.  Don’t tell me the authorities will take care of it.  Like VP Dick Cheney said, “It’s time to go on the dark side.”

Obama will continue to bring in these Muslim immigrant sub-humans, as long as Americans sit by and do nothing.

If you want the U.S. to turn into a third-world nation, if you want Muslim ghettos sprouting up in your neighborhood, if you want your female relatives raped, ignore this.  If you’re a real American, it is time for a sacrifice.

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