“Black Lives Matter” is a Terrorist Group

Image result for black lives matter terrorist group Since the police killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, it has become apparent what “Black Lives Matter” is all about.  They are a domestic, Marxist, black revolutionary terrorist organization designed to tear down our great country.

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Where did they come from?  How were they formed? 

Barack Obama warned of this in his 2008 speech about a “civilian national security force.”  Quote:  “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong and well funded.”

Black Lives Matter is that civilian force.

Is 2016 our 1968?  No, because the powers-that-be of ’68 wouldn’t let our nation fall to a bunch of communist thugs.  The powers of ’16 would like to.

The sub-human that inhabits the White House has no intention of leaving quietly and peacefully.  If he leaves at all, he would like to leave the U.S. in a heap of smoldering ruins.

On the Internet, there are many predictions for Election 2016.

One.  Obama will declare Martial Law, postpone the election and never leave.

Two.  Hillary Clinton will win, carrying on Obama’s policies.

Three.  Donald Trump wins.

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What about #3?  What happens if the Donald wins big time?  I can tell already the DNC-MSM are afraid, as well they should be.  They are stuck with a candidate that nobody likes with the charisma of a soggy pickle.  The 2016 Republican Convention was everything the Democratic Convention was not.  Trump is a two-fisted, barroom brawler and he’s ready to tear Hillary apart.  Of the three predictions, I don’t think Hillary can win.  Her treachery is too well known.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think #1 won’t happen.  People are finally waking up to who the real Obama is – and he’s not beyond trying to set up a Hugo Chavez-type dictatorship, if he think he can get away with it.

Thus, from October on, he could release orders for certain incidents to take place; incidents designed to enflame the black population.  If riots break out across America and Martial Law is declared, our Constitutional rights are suspended.  So is the election.

Am I saying this is going to happen?  No, I’m saying it could happen.  We are at a crisis point.  What I do know is that we have someone completely evil in the White House.  As long as the creature is there, we are at risk of reaching a dead-end road, where there’s no way out.  (YouTube videos are by TakeBackTheRepublic and BOnoWAY2008)

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John Hinckley Jr. Released/Priest Decapitated by ISIS/Pregnant Woman Butchered by Muslim

John-Hinckley-Jr-from-Ardmore-Oklahoma1 Would-be Presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. will be released from his mental home facility today.  On March 30, 1981, Hinckley attempted to kill President Ronald Reagan, severely wounding him.  James Brady, Reagan’s press secretary was shot in the head and remained an invalid for the rest of his life.  Interesting timing for the release with Election 2016 only months away.

In Normandy, France, an 84 year old priest was decapitated by Islamic terrorists during Mass.  Police killed the two assailants.  No word from the Democratic National Convention, who believe the world is made from purple rainbows and cotton-candy unicorns.  The MSM ignored this news story, probably because their candidate Hillary Clinton wants to bring in 50,000 Muslim “refugees”, if elected.  Parish priest Jacques Hamel was forced to kneel before he was murdered, it has emerged Jacques Hamel, 84 year old priest murdered by Muslims.

Blood can be seen spattered across the ground outside the snack bar where a man killed a pregnant woman with a machete and injured two other victims 

Blood-stained sidewalk from dead woman.

Reutilingen, German.  A Muslim Syrian “refugee” hacked a nine month pregnant woman to death in Listplatz Square.  Two others were wounded until a man ran him down with his BMW.  Police arrested the injured man.

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HILLARY CLINTON Suffers Grand Mal SEIZURE on Video!

Friday, July 22.  While speaking to reporters, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went into convulsions, caught on video.  It is most noticeable at the beginning, when she closes her eyes and cannot stop it.  Hillary tries to pass it off as a “brain freeze”, saying “You’ve guys have gotta try the cold chai.”  But, the fake sip she takes is after the seizure.  This occurred just days before she’s officially nominated as the Democratic Presidential nominee, yet calls into question her failing health.  The mainstream media has not reported on this event, choosing to ignore it.  The video itself has gone viral on YouTube.  The four YouTube videos are by stateofdaniel, thejohnathankleck, Pastor Dave’s channel and Anthony Brian Logan.

ILLUMINATI – Dead Singer Theory Part 2 – Jenni Rivera

Precursor to Sandy Hook?

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera (1969-2012) was killed in a plane crash five days before the Sandy Hook school massacre.  The plane that crashed was a 43-year old Learjet which had been damaged previously, inhibiting its ability to steer.  Rivera, a Christian, may not have been willing to sign her name in blood for that Illuminati fast-track to fame.  Rivera was set for American crossover success in a U.S. sitcom produced by George Lopez.  She had sold 20 million records.

Image result for images,  illuminati

Illuminati manipulates events.

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The 15 Best Movie Trailers of All Time

Dead Ringer 1988 trailer by Chris Rowley, Obsession Original Trailer by Arrow Video, The Shining by TrailersEmpire1’s channel, The Towering Inferno by eigayokoku1212, Goldfinger by Movieclips Trailer Vault, Walking Tall by Shout Factory, Patton by Michael Appert, Taxi Driver by ryy79, Sudden Impact by Santa Cruz Movie Times, The Shootist by robatsea2009, Psycho trailer by Randy Monster, The Tenant by YouTube movies, The Parallax View by Jiceo69, Willard by robatsea2009, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage by vivendientertainment.  Videos are on YouTube.


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Covered bodies killed by Muslim terrorist

July 14, 2016, Nice, France.  On Bastille Day, a celebration turned into another Muslim massacre when Mohamed Bouhlel rammed his 25-ton truck into helpless onlookers.  The road, littered with bodies, resembled a nightmare.  Police gunned down the driver after a mile and a half of carnage.

This photo made available by Kapitalis shows Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Tunisian Muslim mass murderer named Mohamed Bouhlel

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reacted strongly saying all those who follow Sharia Law should be deported from the USA.  Pres. Obama scolded Gingrich and made little mention of the man who killed all those innocent people.  Does this finally tell you whose side Obama is on?  How many more of these sleeper cells exist and how many are in our country?

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FAKES! Obama, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary 2016, Jeanine Pirro, Transgenderism in the Military, Ghostbusters

Barack-Obama Pres. Obama, 6-30-16, speaking before the Canadian parliament.  “Politicians, some sincere and some entirely cynical, will tap into that anger and fear, hearkening back to bygone days of order and predictability and national glory.”  Is this globalist rhetoric or has the President just announced our demise?  Also, it’s worth mentioning that Obama and his people helped start “Black Lives Matter”, those who are responsible for the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, TX.

Image result for images, james comey FBI director James Comey found former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “grossly negligent and careless with top secret, classified files” and then lets her off the hook because he can’t figure out her “intent”.  That’s not Comey’s decision.  It’s up to gov’t prosecuting attorneys.  Either way, this may be the defining moment of the 2016 Election.

LorettaLynchBillClinton_590 Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch met secretly (or so they thought) with former Pres. Bill Clinton on cutting a deal by exonerating his wife.  Dirty deal-making doesn’t get any higher than this.  (Lynch said they discussed his grandchildren and golf.)

Clinton-2016-tattoo-595x1056-576x1024 Whether you like him or not, Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders’ massive crowds dwarfed an unenthusiastic turnout for Ms. Pantsuit 1975.  There’s a lot of talk and evidence of voter fraud in the Democratic primaries.  It’s not surprising, since “H” felt the 2008 election was stolen from her.

Jeanine-Pirro1 Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro referred to Hillary Clinton as “the next commander-in-chief” on the Sean Hannity program.  RINO.

transgender-in-military2 Transgenderism in the military.   Clearly, Obama is behind the idea of these soldiers serving openly.  Does this mean uniforms will be replaced with bras and panties?

ghostbusters The least anticipated film of the summer:  a feminist version of “Ghostbusters” filled with fat, ugly, loud, farting, foolish, frauds.  Yes, women can be funny, but these women aren’t.

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Dead Singer Theory – ILLUMINATI – Part 1 – Christina Grimmie

Image result for images, christina grimmie, before you exit

Precursor to Orlando Pulse Nightclub shootings?  “Before You Exit” double meaning.

Christian singer Christina Grimmie began her career singing on YouTube.  Her greatest fame came through NBC’s “The Voice” (2014 – 3rd place.)  Her Illuminati connection:  Selena Gomez, who attempted to bring her into the fold. Image result for images, selena gomez illuminati   

Me Singing - "Stay" by Rihanna - Christina Grimmie Cover ...

Ms. Grimmie signed with Island Records who tried to mold her into a Britney Spears clone.  She rejected the makeover and was fired.  She would return to YouTube, singing for small venues.

Christina Grimmie sang preceding the act, tellingly called “Before You Exit”.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Christina Grimmie's Last Concert Before ...

June 10, 2016, the Plaza, Orlando, Florida.

(Notice the Illuminati symbolism in the background.)  Following the show, Ms. Grimmie sat down, signing autographs. Kevin Loibl approached her and when she reached out to hug him, he shot her four times.  Her brother tackled the assassin who broke free and shot himself.

Image result for images, , kevin loibl

Kevin Loibl, murderer

Was Christina Grimmie killed for rejecting her Illuminati contract?  What did she already know about the secret organization?  Why does the MSM continually report that “We may never know why Kevin Loibl killed Miss Grimmie?”  Because they don’t want to know.  Because they already do know.

June 12, 2016.  Two days later, Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL.

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Favorite Bikini Starlets #13 – Gone Too Soon Edition 2 – Models

Image result for images, gia carangi, underwear

Gia Carangi (1960-1986) AIDS

Image result for images, bikini, hayley marie kohle

Hayley Marie Kohle (1982-2008) Suicide.

Lisa Robin Kelly. (1970-2013) Overdosed in rehab.

Image result for images, bikini, rusisana korshunova

Rusiana Korshunova (1987-2008) Possible suicide, fell from 9-story building.

Fashion Exposed: Anorexic Models - The Front Row View

Ana Carolina Reston (1985-2006) Eating disorder.