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Barack-Obama Pres. Obama, 6-30-16, speaking before the Canadian parliament.  “Politicians, some sincere and some entirely cynical, will tap into that anger and fear, hearkening back to bygone days of order and predictability and national glory.”  Is this globalist rhetoric or has the President just announced our demise?  Also, it’s worth mentioning that Obama and his people helped start “Black Lives Matter”, those who are responsible for the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, TX.

Image result for images, james comey FBI director James Comey found former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “grossly negligent and careless with top secret, classified files” and then lets her off the hook because he can’t figure out her “intent”.  That’s not Comey’s decision.  It’s up to gov’t prosecuting attorneys.  Either way, this may be the defining moment of the 2016 Election.

LorettaLynchBillClinton_590 Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch met secretly (or so they thought) with former Pres. Bill Clinton on cutting a deal by exonerating his wife.  Dirty deal-making doesn’t get any higher than this.  (Lynch said they discussed his grandchildren and golf.)

Clinton-2016-tattoo-595x1056-576x1024 Whether you like him or not, Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders’ massive crowds dwarfed an unenthusiastic turnout for Ms. Pantsuit 1975.  There’s a lot of talk and evidence of voter fraud in the Democratic primaries.  It’s not surprising, since “H” felt the 2008 election was stolen from her.

Jeanine-Pirro1 Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro referred to Hillary Clinton as “the next commander-in-chief” on the Sean Hannity program.  RINO.

transgender-in-military2 Transgenderism in the military.   Clearly, Obama is behind the idea of these soldiers serving openly.  Does this mean uniforms will be replaced with bras and panties?

ghostbusters The least anticipated film of the summer:  a feminist version of “Ghostbusters” filled with fat, ugly, loud, farting, foolish, frauds.  Yes, women can be funny, but these women aren’t.

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