Debate 1 – Excursion into Hell

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Donald Trump vs. the devil.  Republicans chose Mr. Trump to crush Mrs. Clinton, not play verbal volleyball.  He’s getting bad advice from his advisors.  With all her corruption and scandals, not to go full-out on her was beyond belief.  It took over an hour before Trump finally said anything that hurt the Great Satan Hillary…that is, how she, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz stole the nomination away from Bernie Sanders.  That wiped the crooked smile off her face.  Yes, there were other moments, such as when he said he would show his tax returns when she showed her 33,000 deleted emails, but–

Hillary Clinton, feminist, painted a dark portrait of Donald Trump – a man who doesn’t pay his taxes, hates women and blacks, inherited his money, wants to blow up the world, etc.

This was his big chance to destroy the political career of HRC and he didn’t do it.  My only theory is this.  Now that, Mr. T is a member of the “club”, he can’t mention those toxic issues that would bring her down.  Namely:

The Clinton death list.

The Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme.  (They outright stole the Haitian relief funds.)

The Clintons are waist-deep in Arab $.

Her medical records.

Clinton’s plan to control the Internet.  (If she wins, this website is gone.)

Clinton’s plan to ban all religious teaching that says abortion is wrong.

Benghazi – having Gadhafi killed – ruining Libya.  “We came, we saw, he died!”  (laughs)

Mrs. C brags about the Clinton 90’s.  Anybody remember her husband’s impeachment in the House of Representatives?  That he was nearly thrown out of office for obstruction of justice, witness tampering and hiding evidence?  Another missed point.

Trump brought up ISIS.  HRC just grinned knowing no one believe him and how her cohort in crime Obama helped create them.

It was bad, very bad.  Only Trump knows what happened.  He’d better win the next two debates, hands down, or we’re going to end what was the greatest nation of all time.

Hillary’s Mistakes – You won’t hear anything negative about the evil queen from the MSM.  Here’s what she did wrong.

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The solid red pant-suit.  Hillary looked like the devil.  Red – the color of fire and blood.  Feminists think this is a “power color”.  It just made her look even more diabolical.

Image result for images, rosie odonnell picking her nose  Towards the end, Hillary brings up the old insults of Rosie O’Donnell.  “Y’know, Donald Trump calls women pigs, slobs and dogs.”  If Rosie O’Donnell stands for all women, we’re in big trouble.  This made H look childish, mean and dumb.

Image result for images, smug smile hillary clinton at debate 1 Her usual condescending tone, smug smile, bragging about thirty years of experience.  “Bad experience”, Trump called it.

Democrats reside on the left.  Satanists call their lifestyle, “the left-handed way.”  That’s what this is all about, folks.

Antichrist Obama calls for end of U.S. Independence – U.N.-N.W.O.

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Sept. 19, 2016 – United Nations.

In what some are calling President Obama’s “farewell speech” before the United Nations, the President announced that our nation must be willing to accept new “constraints”…then, he lowered the bombshell.

“Sometimes, I am criticized for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions, but I am convinced in the long run, giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests, but binding ourselves to the international rules over the long term enhances our security.”

So, again we have our leaders selling us out for “safety and security”.  Why?  Because if we give up our rule of law, there goes the Constitution.  And there goes the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  (What Obama really wants to get rid of.)

Pres. Obama has sought for different ways to circumvent the Constitution.  Executive orders worked for awhile, but that wasn’t enough.  Thus, begins Phase 2 – U.N. control for promises of safety, security and the end of war.  Hey, he gave the Internet away to the U.N.  Why not the USA?

Many hope and pray for a new beginning with a new president; however, I’m not so sure the current occupant is ready to leave, if ever.  How so?  People die.  And who’s to say if certain people die, Obama won’t call off the election?  He’s already had his team of lawyers look into it, if this happens.

With this President, we have riots in the streets.  Islamic terrorism is a daily occurrence.  There are calls for “law and order”.  But what if Obama declares war on the American people?  Do you think your little guns will stop tanks?

My conscience is clear, as I’ve warned you about the evils of this man . . . the son of perdition.

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The “Birther” Issue: Who Started It?

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Beginnings of the “birther” movement.

Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struggled against newcomer Barack Obama.  Her staff sought ways in which to bring him down.  HRC’s campaign manager, Patti Doyle admits to introducing the “birther” controversy, based on evidence dating back to when Obama ran against Alan Keyes (2004 Illinois Senate.)  In their debate, Keyes accuses Obama of being a foreigner.  Obama answers:  “That’s all right.  I’m not running for President.”

It was the ’08 Clinton campaign that released the Obama photos of him in a Muslim ceremonial robe…

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Barack Obama himself had stated for years that he was born in Kenya.  The proof is from a 1991 promotional booklet released from his literary agency:  “Acton & Dystel.”  Early ad for "Dreams from My Father"This was for his new book “Journeys in Black and White”, the title later changed to “Dreams from my Father” and rewritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Back in 1961, the state of Hawaii had a loophole.  Even if you were born in a foreign country, you could still be considered a citizen.  This was a state law, that is no longer valid.

In 1968, Barack Obama moved to Indonesia, changed his name to Barry Soetoro and became a Muslim.

Obama (Barry Soetoro) - Citizen of INDONESIA

Obama’s (Barry Soetoro) school records proving he is an Indonesian Muslim.

Obama denies he was adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro because this would make his an Indonesian citizen.  This is not believable because of the name change.  Further proof:  Obama’s mother applied for an Indonesian passport for her son.

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“Barry” returns to Hawaii four years later after his parents divorce.  There is no indication Barry Soetoro changed his citizenship back to being an American.  When he visited Pakistan in the early 1980’s, he used his foreign passport.

Later in college, “Barry” discovered that his fellow students responded more favorably to him when he became Barack Hussein Obama – the black, Marxist-Muslim, instead of “Barry”, the rich, pampered, Oreo-kid.  The new Obama is reborn.

Obama’s followers still scoff at the facts.  At most, they’ll say he lied about being born in Kenya, so that he would receive a foreign-student scholarship.  Why do you think he had his school records sealed?  Why do you think his past travel records (including his passport) were destroyed?

The government knows Obama is a foreigner.  They will never tell the public.  They betrayed us and the Constitution they were sworn to defend.  Since 2007, the Democratic Party, along with the MSM, have worked together, covering up the facts on BHO.  Somehow, someway, Barack Obama managed to circumvent the process and was elected POTUS.  The federal gov’t won’t admit that he is a foreigner because it would prove our whole political system is corrupt.  The Supreme Court knows the truth and so does most of Congress.

So why did Donald Trump renounce his belief in the birther movement?  Because he would not be accepted by the “club”.  If Trump became president and found out the truth, eight years of Obama’s presidency would have to be erased and the Democratic Party would be ruined.

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Obama: A Double-Agent for Radical Islam (Video)

This YouTube video dates back to April 2, 2011; however, most of it is still relevant today.  Barack Obama eventually did show his birth certificate on April 27, 2011, which he himself admits he had created by “special dispensation”.  Many people (including myself) believe it is a fake.  One must ask why he wasn’t forced to show it prior to the 2008 election.  Was it because it did not exist at that time?

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“They Shall Reap the Whirlwind…”

This video is from Inessa S on YouTube.

I don’t agree with all of this video.  The former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, wasn’t a good man, but he kept Libya under control.  After Pres. Reagan bombed this country, we had no real trouble until Clinton-Obama declared their illegal war.  He had already surrendered when the U.S. fired a missile at his caravan.  You know the rest.

Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 Collapse

See the source image

Sept. 11, 2016 – Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cut short her NYC 9/11 tribute ceremony due to lingering health problems.  HRC collapsed while being guided into her medical van.  A video of the event proved once and for all that her illnesses are not a “conspiracy theory.”  EricReports stands by his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.  (The Clinton campaign blamed it on “pneumonia”.)

Upon close examination of the video, Hillary totters, tries to move, then goes limp, falling forward into the van.  This would coincide with Parkinson’s symptoms.

The DNC is scrambling for a possible replacement, but let me state categorically that Hillary Clinton will not step down or quit unless she’s forced to.

Q.  What if the 9/11 fainting spell was no accident?  What if the powers-that-be, the people who really run the world, know she can’t win?

largeeye unitednationstruth-5 fe004-the2520united2520nations2520in2520a2520new2520world2520order RothschildCoatofArms

trilateraliuGPAYB2WL iuB4JALKZT th22WRHRAR

Or is God himself pulling the plug on the Clintons?  Is God sick and tired of seeing this country destroyed by the most evil leaders on Earth?

Hillary death hoax

ABC News mistakenly reported Hillary Clinton’s death on 9/11.  Was this a hoax or a warning from the secret societies illustrated above?

Does Hillary Clinton have a lookalike? Conspiracy theories ...

Fake Hillary on the left, real Hillary on the right

More accurately, Mrs. Clinton used a body double because of her illness in an attempt to fool the public into believing she is healthy.  The above photos illustrate the differences between the two women.  The woman who is trying to impersonate HRC is slimmer, younger with different features.

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Florida: SpaceX Rocket Explodes/Moscow: Putin’s Chauffeur Killed – Obama’s Black Ops

Sept. 1, 2016, 9:07 a.m. Cape Canaveral, FL.  In a joint venture with Israel, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and China, a $200 satellite was set to launch, until an unidentified fighter jet fired into its fuel chambers, setting it off into a ball of flames.  The plane is circled.  (Video is by Graphics King on YouTube.)

Image result for images, spacex rocket explodes, ufo,

Why would the Obama Administration wants to destroy it?  Where is it coming from and how would it be used?  By Israel.  A satellite is a fact-finder.  It’s used to locate.  It could have been used to discover other countries hostile intentions.

When all is said and done, Barack Obama wants Israel removed from the Middle East.  He considers them invaders – part of a colony propped up by the USA.  BHO has and always will back the Palestinians.

This unwarranted attack help ruins Israel’s defense system, a country surrounded by Arab-Muslim enemies.


Car crash that killed Putin's chauffeur was assassination ...

Was this an assassination attempt on Putin?  Or was it a message from the Obama Administration, warning Putin what will happen if he tries to abdicate America’s false king?  Many are aware that Putin would be able to bring down the Obama Administration because of what he knows about our illegitimate president.  Putin is the only world leader keeping Obama from a full-out invasion of Syria.


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Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease

Proof:  Hillary Clinton searched for a drug designed to treat Parkinson’s Disease –  Provigil.

Image result for images, hillary clinton seizures Image result for images, hillary clinton seizures Hillary’s uncontrolled seizures.

Image result for images, hillary clinton brain freezeImage result for images, hillary clinton brain freeze

Hillary can’t remember what she is saying.  Black medical aide (disguised as Secret Service) must prompt her.

Image result for images, hillary clinton seizures

Hillary’s coughing fits – common among those with Parkinsons. She cannot swallow.

Image result for images hillary clinton stairs Image result for Hillary Clinton Falls Boarding Plane

Hillary loss of balance, another symptom of Parkinson’s.

Image result for images, hillary clinton crazy laughter

Uncontrolled laughter for no reason.

Image result for Hillary Clinton drinking special water

Needs special water – cannot swallow water out of a bottle.

Image result for images, hillary clinton dementia

Parkinson’s Disease eventually leads to dementia. Is this who you want as President?

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9/11 – Then and Now

Sunday, September 11, 2016 marks fifteen years since 9/11.  What’s changed since then?

George-W-Bush.jpeg Image result for images, muslim obama  We now have a Muslim President.

Image result for images, world trade center Image result for images, one-world trade center top spiral  Formerly the Twin Towers.  Now, the One World Trade Center with a Muslim spiral at the top.

Image result for images, one-world trade center msulim top spiral

Image result for images, one-world trade center  Image result for images, wtc memorial park  Muslim tower represents a penis, the two craters left by the WTC represent a vagina and an anus.  This atrocity was designed by Muslims.  That’s why Pres. Bush would not authorize it during his presidency.

Image result for images, mexican immigrants crossing the border Image result for images, scary muslim immigrants  Before we had mostly Mexican immigrants.  Now, thanks to Obama, we have Muslim rapists, terrorists and murderers.

Image result for images, USA airport circa 1970's, stewerdesses Image result for images, USA airport circa 1970's, stewerdesses

Image result for images, tsa search Image result for images, tsa search baby

Before we had peace and security.  Now, everybody’s a suspect.  Body scans contain dangerous amounts of radiation.  Rejected by Europe.  TSA gropes women and children.

Image result for images, osama bin laden Image result for images, osama bin laden watching tv On May 2, 2011, in a raid conducted by Leon Panetta, (not Obama), Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by Navy SEALs.  Body dumped in ocean, leaving a big question mark as to whether it was really him.  DNA analysis questionable.  Fingerprints don’t match.

Image result for al-qaeda 2001 in afghanistan Image result for images, scary ISIS  Al-Qaeda the terrorist group that launched 9/11 has mutated into an even more dangerous organization named ISIS.

Image result for images, ISIL caliphate  ISIL:  ISIS establishes their caliphate.  Pres. Obama stands by and watches.

Image result for images, iraq war, shock and awe Image result for images, war in syria Before, the Iraq War.  Now, Syria.

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Prediction – How Trump Wins, How Trump Loses

Image result for images, trump loses  HOW TRUMP LOSES

By his own admission, Donald Trump predicts Hillary Clinton will steal the election because it is rigged.  How so?

COMPUTERIZED VOTING MACHINES.  Rejected in Europe because of the ease with which they can be hacked.  Is it any wonder the last big Republican winner George W. Bush used a paper ballot?  Pres. Obama himself eluded to this by saying, “If Trump loses it won’t be from a state like Texas because voting is controlled by Republicans.”  Read between the lines.   He is saying he would lose in a state NOT controlled by Republicans.

TRUMP IS NOT SPECIFIC AS TO HOW HILLARY IS A LAWBREAKER.  Clearly, she was collecting money as Secretary of State  for her foundation, which she profits from.  I call that embezzlement.  The Clintons are thieves.  Secondly, how is it ethical for a Sec’t of State to be taking money from foreign countries for her future campaign?  And most of these countries are Arab- Muslim.

HER EMAIL SCANDAL.  Back in 1973, Pres. Richard Nixon didn’t destroy his White House tape recordings.  This led to his downfall.  Hillary, on the other hand, erased (or at least tried to) incrimination emails from her private, at-home server.  Legal authorities James Comey (FBI) and Loretta Lynch (DOJ) both chickened-out at the last minute under very suspicious circumstances.  To anyone who knows anything about the law, that woman should’ve been indicted.  The evidence from WikiLeaks and Guccifer more than proves it.

DNC – BERNIE SANDERS – DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULZ SCANDAL.  This years Dem. Convention was one big, bad joke.  Why hasn’t anyone investigated if Hillary Clinton knew and took part in the conspiracy to keep Sanders from winning?  And look what Hillary does the day Wasserman-Schulz is booed off state – she hires her to work on her campaign!  Unbelievable.  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has stated that his informer DNC’s Seth Rich was killed for leaking this information.


Image result for images, trump wins  THE DEBATES.  Donald Trump must gain control beforehand or refuse to participate.  No more set-up questions like CNN’s Candy Crowley did with Obama/Romney in 2012.  No more debates controlled by ultra liberal orgs.  (ACLU, NOW, League of Women Voters, etc.)  No third podium with Gary Johnson.  (Remember Perot 1992?)  This cost elder Bush the election.

ATTACK ADS.  HRC has begun her old-school commercials saying that Trump will start WWIII.  (Used by LBJ in 1964.)  Donald Trump has the $ to hire the best ad agencies to go after her.  [Note:  Because Hillary is a woman (sort of), he can’t attack her personally, as she is doing to him.]  Stick to the facts.  Make it abundantly clear, we cannot have a proxy 3rd term Obama.  Hillary is her own worst enemy and would have little chance of winning if the MSM wasn’t backing her.  She is unattractive, a poor speaker, annoying, shrill and mean-spirited.  Trump must show ads of this Hillary.

SPEECHWRITERS.  Trump needs great speechwriters.  He will continually get himself in trouble if he says whatever he thinks.  Hillary is just the opposite, sounding scripted at all times.  She can’t speak without sounding insincere.  Trump must not cater to groups who will not vote for him.  (Black Lives Matter, rabid feminists, LBGT.)  Stay true to his core audience.

Finally, it must become inevitable that Trump will be President.  Egomaniac Hillary has no problem acting this way.  Trump must stop playing the underdog.  Hillary should be treated as the scoundrel she is.  Trump is the good guy, Hillary the villain.

Image result for images, trump good, hillary evil

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Obama Hillary’s Puppetmaster

Image result for images, hillary obama's dummy Many voters are breathing a sigh of relief that Obama’s 2nd term will be over soon.  Democrats believe Hillary Clinton will fix everything.  Wrong.  Because HRC was arrogant enough to work for Obama, he was able to collect information on her that could be very damaging.  The first half of 2016 will be remembered for when the Obama Administration let her twist in the wind and for when Bernie Sanders nearly took the nomination away from her.  What did Mrs. C agree to, in order to get the endorsement of the President?  HRC has already publically stated that “We are not at war with the Muslims.”  She wants to bring in 65,000 more Muslim “refugees”.  (Murdering rapists and psychopaths.)  New info from WikiLeaks proves she made $100,000 arming ISIS to fight Assad.  In 2012, then Sec’t of State Clinton helped Libya become a terrorist nation, laughed about the bloody murder of Gadhafi and then lied about what caused Benghazi.  This is whom the so-called left-wing intellectual wants as our President?  As you can see there is little, if any difference between her and our current President.

It’s my belief that Hillary’s closest aide Huma Abedine also plays a key role in this.  Her lesbian relationship is an open secrets in Washington, D.C.  Obama knows more than what he’s saying.  A homosexual secret betrayal?

Image result for images, hillary clinton and huma abedine, lesbians Image result for images, hillary clinton and huma abedine, lesbians

Thus, we have (potentially) the 44th President controlling the 45th by keeping silent on what people already know.

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