Congress Overrides President’s Veto on 9/11 Families Right to Sue

Good news once and for all from Congress who over-rid Pres. Obama’s veto on 9/11 families, who now have the right to sue those in Saudi Arabia who were involved with the funding of the 9/11 hijackers.  This comes on the heels of the release of the 28 pages withheld from the 9/11 Commission Report.  Within, it states how 15 of the 19 hijackers (Saudis) were secretly funded while living in the USA.  The 28 pages were withheld for 13 years by the federal gov’t (Bush and Obama) for fear of “jeopardizing our relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

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Obama’s excuse for the veto?  Other countries can now sue us.  Example:  for a drone strike.  What Obama leaves out is that other countries already have this right.

The incredible vote in the Senate was 97 to 1 with Harry Reid, the only vote supporting the veto.  The House of Representatives vote was 348 to 77.

Opinion:  This disgraced veto and the attempt to hide the truth about which countries were involved with 9/11 (including our own) is a new beginning for America’s response to our worst terrorist attack.  Also, there are many out there who believe Obama’s veto verifies his allegiance to the Muslim world and that he is a Saudi plant, cultivated for infiltration from within.  Their goal?  Place a Muslim in the White House.

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