Fidel Castro Dead


Fidel Castro (1926-2016)

Cuba’s Communist dictator Fidel Castro died Friday, November 25, 2016.  He had led Cuba from 1959 to 2008, until ill health forced him to step down.  It is ironic his death occurs shortly after U.S. Pres. Obama normalized relations with Cuba after more than half a century.  The current leader is his brother Raul Castro.

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Hillary Clinton Accepts Baby Blood Transfusions


Hillary Clinton ATE MY BABY!!! SPIRIT COOKING?? - YouTube  Breaking News:  Former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been reported to use the blood of babies as a new-age type of “health rejuvenation”.

As you remember, Hillary’s health became an issue prior to the election…

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This may explain why thousands of orphans have gone missing from Haiti – and why the Clinton Foundation has been so willing to “help them”.  As “Pizzagate” has unraveled the tight, inner-circle of Satanic pedophiles surrounding the Clintons, so does Hillary’s need for the blood of the newly born.  No wonder she’s for partial-birth abortion.

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Clinton Foundation Investigator Found Dead in Haiti

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Monica Petersen, who served on the Colorado Human Trafficking Council Research Task Force, was found dead Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016.  Cause of death was ruled as a suicide:  a gunshot to the head.  She had been investigating the Clinton Foundation since last year.  (i.e., rumors of child trafficking.)

Q.  Where did she get the gun in the first place?  If it was for protection, why didn’t she have security?  Supposedly, her suicide note (if real) stated that she was “depressed”.  How does killing yourself relieve depression?  What was she depressed about?  Aren’t there any notes left of what her investigation revealed?

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Jill Stein’s Green is $

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Former failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein has demanded recounts in three states, even though she only received 1% of the vote.  (Meaning she can’t win.)  Who or what could this recount be for?

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Stein admits there is NO evidence of voter fraud or hacking; so, why do it?  Interestingly enough, at first she asked for 2.2 million, then 3 to 4, now 6 to 7 million dollars.  …and, where is this money really coming from?  Is this an attempt to steal the election as Al Gore tried to do to George W. Bush in 2000?  (Breaking:  Clinton’s people have decided to participate in this recount.)

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Now that the election is over, Trump voters believe the worst President we’ve had will soon be out the door.  Not so fast.

Call this a conspiracy theory because it is.  Call it hypothetical.  From Nov. 9 – Jan. 19, Donald Trump remains in politician’s limbo.  No real power yet until he’s sworn in as President on Jan. 20.  Now, what if (hypothetically), an assassin killed Trump?  Or his helicopter crashed mysteriously crashed.  What then?

Many assume VP-elect Mike Pence would become President.  But, what if Obama said, “Not so fast.  My legal team tells me that because Trump was not officially sworn in yet, technically he wasn’t President.  If so, Pence isn’t his successor.”  Wouldn’t that mean the obvious?  That Barack Obama remains President?

Many reading this will say this is impossible, unless you consider the shadow government we’re living under.  As I said in my first article, Pres. Kennedy attempted to reveal the powers-that-be before he was assassinated.  If those secret societies were willing to kill Kennedy, why would they stop at Trump?

Hillary Clinton was the globalist’s candidate.  There’s no denying it.  She was pushing for a new cold war with Russia and a continuation of military actions in Syria.  There’s big money with war and a reduction of population:  the NWO agenda.

The first meeting Trump had with Obama was critical and I’m sure secretly recorded.  What Obama (et al) wanted to know:  Would Trump stand in the way of the New World Order’s Beast System?  Would he really discontinue Obamacare, whose end goal is the RFID-chip?

The last anti-NWO President we had was Ronald Reagan who was nearly killed on 3-30-1981 by John Hinckley, Jr.  (The Hinckley’s – friends with the Bush family, then the VP.  All coincidence, right?  Think about it.  What if Reagan had died?)  It was Bush Sr.  who announced America’s NWO speech on Sept.  11, 1991 – ten years exactly before 9/11.

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Clintons – Podesta – Spirit Cooking – Satanism – Pedophile Island

Now that Donald Trump is President-elect, he is made privy to hidden knowledge.  The members of the secret societies who run the world are a bunch of psychopathic, devil-worshipping, child-molesting, cannibals.  Maybe, that’s why he’s been so quiet.

Emails Reveal Possible Links to Occult, Rumors of Jewish ...

John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) and Marina Abramovic, holding a Baphomet goat head skull.

No, it’s not about “performance art”.

BREAKING : Clinton Foundation Paid Occult “Spirit Cooking ...

Lady Gaga samples a spirit cooking dinner. (New gal pal of Miss Hillary.)

These revelations were a part of the last WikiLeaks email dump, overshadowed by the election.  Do you think the MSM wants any part of this?

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Do you realize how close we came to having these people in the White House?


Trump Meets Obama (and I don’t like what I heard)

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Nov. 10, 2016, Washington, D.C., the White House.  President-elect Trump met with current Pres. Obama in what was supposed to be a short meeting.  Instead, it lasted ninety minutes with Trump appearing overwhelmed and unduly awed.  He said that it was a “great honor” to meet the President, that he had “great respect” for him and was “looked forward to dealing with him”, in regards to “council.”  What?!

Some will say this was done to quell the rioting protesters.  Some would ask, “What could he say?  Did you want him to be rude?”  No, but this is not what Trump voters wanted.  This isn’t what we have waited eight years for.  Obviously, Obama schmoozed Trump – that’s what this phony has done his whole life:  ingratiated himself to get ahead.  Did Trump fall for it?  I don’t know.  I hope not.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted for her crimes.  This “gentlemen’s agreement” may have been part of an election deal.  If so, the Clintons should be forced to shut down their crooked foundation that is no charity.  It’s a money-making machine.  Also, it should be made clear that she never run again.  (Notice no mention of those “Russian hackers” trying to ruin our election.  Where’d they go?)

Next time, Trump needs to bring in his staff to handle Obama because BHO cannot be trusted.

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The Donald Trumps Hillary becoming our 45th President

Election Night Victory for Donald Trump with family

Nov. 8, 2016.  Billionaire Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in an incredible win that the MSM got wrong for over a year.  Election 2016 will go down in history as the meanest, one-sided campaign ever, all stacked against the eventual victor.  Even I got it wrong, but will we ever know how much the Clinton machine tried to steal it with fake votes, people voting multiple times and the illegal alien vote.  (Encouraged by Pres. Obama.)

As election night dragged on and the MSM refused to give Trump the win “until they were sure”, eventually HRC’s campaign manager John Podesta told a bewildered crowd that the vote counting was not over and to go home.  WTF?  The Associate Press and the New York Times had already declared the winner online.

Image result for images nov. 8, 2016, john podesta  John Podesta, Satanic sex pervert.

Hillary Clinton phoned the Donald one hour later, conceding the election.  I think Hillary was physically incapable of going before her crowd.  She was too sick, too old and had basically had it.

Nov. 9, 2016. Hillary Clinton quits.  Former Pres. Bill Clinton looks on.

What lost it for Hillary?

One.  Her insane plan to bring in one million Muslims.  Hillary said her favorite world leader is Germany’s Angela Merkel, who has all but destroyed a great nation with filthy, rotten, Arabic, rapist-murderers.


HRC with Angela Merkel. (Separated at birth?)

Two.  A campaign of hate.  Mrs. C couldn’t run on her empty record of accomplishments, which meant she could only go after Trump, demonizing him as the most evil man who ever lived.

Three.  Charisma deficit.  This really turned off millennials who saw a sick, ancient throwback from the 1970’s.

Four.  Hypocrisy.  While trying to accuse Trump of sexism, how did this make sense when she has a sexual abuser husband like Bill Clinton?

Five.  Benghazi, our second 9/11.  Four dead Americans, including our Ambassador.  Nothing was done to save them, but, as she said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Six.  Libyan war, the Arab Spring and a dead Gadhafi.  “We came, we saw, he died!”

Seven.  WikiLeaks.  Proof of an out-of-control campaign and a crooked DNC that shoved Bernie Sanders aside.

Eight.  The 33,000 deleted emails.

Nine.  The Clinton Foundation.  A massive money-laundering, slush fund posing as a charity.

Image result for images, seth richTen.  Seth Rich, the DNC leaker you can add to the long list of those killed off by the Clinton crime family.


There’s plenty of sour grapes from leftists who are going to hell.  May they meet a bad end beyond their worst nightmares.

Peaceful protests are allowed, but when the violence starts, it’s time to roll out the tanks.  The decent, law-abiding citizen must be able to walk the streets without fear.  If the streets must be washed with the blood of those who attempt to destroy our country, so be it.


Kim Clement: the LAST PROPHECY of Kim Clement - God in a ...

Nov.  7, 2016.  Janet Reno, Bill Clinton’s former Attorney General died just a day before the election.  You cannot tell me this wasn’t a foretelling of H’s defeat.  (Reno, along with the Clintons, are responsible for the eighty deaths at the Branch-Davidian church near Waco.)

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