Team Hillary Won’t Admit Defeat

December 19 marks the date the electoral college votes in Donald Trump as President-elect.

Now, that the Jill Stein recounts (funded by Soros-Clinton) have failed, Democrats have moved on to the Russian hacker conspiracy theory.  Without any proof of evidence, Pres. Obama claims that the Russian gov’t (directed by Putin) hacked into DNC computers.  Supposedly, these hackers shared this info with WikiLeaks, swaying the election.  Why is Obama’s claim B.S?

julian-assange-seth-rich-feature One.  WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has already named SETH RICH as the leaker.  (Murdered on July 10, 2016.)

Two.  Hillary Clinton voters weren’t swayed by Wikileaks.  They had already made up their minds to put a woman, that woman, in the White House.

Three.  Obama won’t show anything that in any way proves his theory.  (Those in the CIA/FBI that agree are doing so only to keep their jobs.)

What we have is a last minute attempt to overthrow an election.  GOP electoral college voters have been threatened with death.  What does that tell you about their opposition?

hqdefault  A group of Hollywood actors (mostly has-beens, some unknowns) are pleading with Republican voters not to vote for Trump.  If so, they will become “heroes” and gain their “respect”.  Why would anyone want respect from a bunch of overpaid, Communist liars?  What is the point of an election, if at the last minute, electoral college voters vote the other way?  What about the will of the people – the American public?

I ask, what if Hillary Clinton had won the election?

Image result for images, hillary violent protesters



And then, what if Donald Trump voters marched the streets, set fires, and attacked people of another skin color?  What if they called for recounts?  What if they claimed hacking from foreign governments?  What if they called Hillary Clinton names on the MSM and made up filthy jokes and vile threats on the Internet?

God…what did America do to deserve Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?  What terrible sin?  When will Americans turn away from  evildoers who pretend to be good?

Text © 2016 – ERN

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