Democrats Become “Psycho Ex-Girlfriend”

See the source image   Post Election.  A large segment of Clinton-Sanders voters have refused to accept the results of Election 2016.  Although, Mrs. Clinton conceded twice and Jill Stein’s fake recount failed, it’s still not enough for the left.

Analysis – Cause & Effect.  Preconditioning by the MSM, who continually told the public that Donald Trump had no chance of winning.  The buildup:  Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations have been the stuff of feminist legend – going all the way back to her “co-Presidency” in the early 90’s.  Her 2000 Senate win (only because Rudy Giuliani quit the race and John Kennedy Jr. was killed in an airplane “accident”.)  Her near 2008 win – (HRC also won the primary popular vote against Barack Obama.)  Her four years as Sec’t of State.  It all seemed inevitable.  And then, that thing called REALITY.  Why is it that Dems cannot accept the real world?  They smash and break things, hurl insults and attack innocent people:  adolescent tirades from the spoiled spawns of liberal day-care centers and Communist-loving universities.

It’s fair to say this is a form of mental illness – a psychotic break.  Pundits predict they will “settle down” once Trump proves himself not to be the next Adolf Hitler.  I don’t think so.  It’s true the protests must die down, because eventually Pres. Trump will have to stop them for the public’s safety.  Sadly, there’s no chance whatsoever of the fanatics changing their mind.  Like the insane ex-girlfriend who can’t accept the fact that she’s not wanted anymore; the delusional far-left will continue to carry on their “Not My President” mantra.

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