David Cassidy’s Last Performance

Video is by Cal Vid on YouTube  (2-18-2017)

Singer David Cassidy announced his retirement Monday after a disastrous performance in Agoura Hills, California.  Cassidy slurred, stumbled off-stage and forgot some of the words to his songs.  Accordingly, he has been diagnosed with dementia, a form of mental illness, causing memory loss.

David Cassidy is best known for his starring role in “The Partridge Family” (1969 – 1974.)  Video posted by partridgefamily4ever on YouTube.

During the mid 1970’s, he temporarily retired after a girl was crushed to death, due to a mob of stampeding fans.  He resumed singing in the 90’s to mixed success, along with some DUI-drug related arrests.

David Cassidy’s father, Jack Cassidy was also an actor and singer, performing on stage and screen.  One of his best roles (shortly before his death) was in “The Eiger Sanction” (1974), as a homosexual assassin.

Image result for images, jack cassidy and clint eastwood in the eiger santion With co-star Clint Eastwood.

Real life tragedy struck when he was found burned to death – the result of falling asleep while smoking.

Jack Cassidy (1927-1976)

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#Boycott Oscars

Academy Award trophy.jpgThe Academy Awards (aka “Oscars”) supposedly represent the best films Hollywood has to offer.  In the past, what we used to call “movie stars” competed for the top prize.  That was then, this is now.  Today all the mystique is gone.  Thanks to an overabundance of media, we know EVERYTHING there is to know about our celebrities…and the more I know, the less I like them.  Formerly, movie studios protected (even covered-up) their images.  Now we know all about their sex lives, their proclivities, and worst of all, their politics.

Last year, the Academy received a great deal of criticism for not nominating any black actors (namely, Will Smith for “Concussion”.)  Consequently, “lifetime” members were let go and replaced with blacks and the politically correct.

I can’t really comment on most of the films that were nominated because I didn’t see them.  Vaxxed poster.jpg  The best of 2016?  I saw “Vaxxed”, a documentary on MMR vaccines and whether or not they cause autism.  The reason it wasn’t nominated is clear – the Hollywood establishment is in bed with the AMA.  Truth be told, I believe the reason these massive drugs are being given to infants, is to create a more controllable populace.

Image result for hollywood  I cannot sit through three hours of Hollywood cheese (labeled entertainment) or the endless speeches against Trump.  Don’t we already know they hate our President?  Do we have to hear their opinions – not based on fact – but on tripe peddled by the MSM, which bases their info from the one who lost:  Hillary Clinton?  “Racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, xenophobe, blah, blah, blah,” yeah, we get it.

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Remember 9/11? (Muslim Immigrant Hijackers)

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I shouldn’t have to write this article.  Any sane country would understand the need to keep out people who are trying to kill us.  And yet the disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters who didn’t win on Election Day are now getting their revenge on Pres. Trump by blocking everything he does.

January 28.  Pres. Trump does as he promised and imposes travel restrictions on seven countries which pose a threat to the safety and security of our nation:  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and the Sudan.  The left go into hysterics, calling it “a ban on Muslims” and “unconstitutional.”  February 3.  Federal Judge James Robart of Seattle blocks Pres. Trump’s executive action.

Islamics, realizing we now have a President who is serious about terrorism, begin flooding into the USA.

American airports have become deluged with protesters saying, “All Muslims should be welcome here,” and they curse Trump.When did so many people become so stupid?  Does anybody out there remember 9/11?  I realize that for eight years Pres. Obama said the 9/11 hijackers “weren’t real Muslims”, but I didn’t think anyone believed him.

What happened?

9/11 Condensed  (2,996 dead)

Image result for osama bin laden

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, launches his “holy war” (jihad) against the United States by attacking “soft targets”.  The plan:  hijack four passenger jets and use them as missiles on four targets.  The hijackers, all Muslim, 15 are Saudis, 2 are from the Arab Emirates, 1 from Egypt, 1 from Lebanon.

Image result for 9/11 hijackers

On Sept. 11, 2001, AA Flight 11 strikes WTC North Tower which collapses.  UA Flight 175 strikes WTC South Tower, which collapses.  AA Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon.  UA Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PN.  Passengers learn of the hijackers plan and storm the cockpit door.  The pilot crashes the plane before it reaches Washington, D.C.

The hijackers were here on flimsy student visas.  Many of their application forms were only partially filled out.  It’s safe to say the U.S. gov’t didn’t take the threats of the Muslim world seriously.  Now we have a President who does take it seriously, but a segment of the public wants to stop him.  It is up to you to make your voices heard.  We cannot allow the spoiled-rotten, Marxist revolutionaries to control what’s happening.

Do you want another 9/11?  Do you want your country filled with Muslim ghettos?  Do you want “Affirmative Action” for foreign-born Muslims? Welfare?  Food stamps?  You see where this is going.

The far-left politicians and celebrities will never have to deal with these kinds of people, because they are protected by their cocoons of wealth.  It is we, the people, who will suddenly find ourselves like Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and England – surrounded by Islamic immigrants who have no intention of changing their culture.  They want to change ours.

If you’re comfortable with being a third-world nation with customs out of the Dark Ages, ignore this article.  If you want a free America, without Sharia Law, it’s time to make your presence known.

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Pepsi’s Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Madonna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and now Lady Gaga – all Illuminati puppets for the Satanic-Luciferian-New World Order.  In past years, the halftime show has been so over the top in its demonic symbolism, I believe this year, they have been forced to go back into the closet.  There are still clues as to where they’re coming from.  Right before Gaga took the stage, Fox ran a commercial for the program “Legion”, showing a demon-possessed baby.  (Legion is a reference to the man who was possessed by demons in the New Testament.)

Image result for images, lady gaga,illuminati, super bowl

Likewise, throughout the Super Bowl broadcast, Fox kept running clips from a Lady Gaga video with her eyes rolled back in her head, indicting possession.

Image result for images, lady gaga,illuminati, super bowl

Ms. Gaga descended from the top of the arena on wires – Lucifer’s fall from heaven.  There was the usual devilish symbolism:  Pentagrams, the 666 hand gesture, one-eye/the eye of Lucifer, fire, etc.  The most obvious was when she squatted on stage, giving the upside-down devil-hand salute between her legs.  (Birth of the antichrist.)  The stage lit up like a black & white chessboard, a favorite symbol among the Illuminati (indicating they secretly control the world.)  Black & white = good vs. evil.  Dual natures of man.


Ms. Gaga sang a medley of past hits:  Pokerface, Telephone, Born This Way, Just Dance, A Million Reasons to Stay and Bad Romance.  (It should be noted that Gaga’s halftime show is meant to jumpstart her failing career.  Her last TV special flopped and her C.D.s aren’t selling like they used to.)

Witchy woman.

Image result for images, lady gaga jumping off stage

A lady possessed.

Lady Gaga wisely backed off from an anti-Trump statement which would have ruined her.  Rants like that may work on Hollywood Left award shows, but not on the Super Bowl.  Her only political gesture was singing “This Land Is Your Land” – sort of a socialist’s national anthem from the 1930’s.

Image result for images, lady gaga jumping off stage

Lady Gaga sings amongst the fires of Hell.

Remember that the Illuminati picks the talented and the beautiful to tempt people away from God.  There is little chance that any of these celebrities would have anything to do with the general public.  The hugging of a woman bystander was obviously staged.  All in all, these events point to the fact that we are living in the final days.  For more info on Lady Gaga, click the link below.


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