YouTube Defunds “Controversial Speech” (the #1 site for videos), has demonetized videos containing content deemed “too extreme” or those containing “hate speech”.  This comes in conjunction with a number of corporations pulling their sponsorship.  (WALMART, STARBUCKS, PEPSI, AT & T, VERIZON, VW, DISH NETWORK, ENTERPRISE, FX NETWORKS, GSK, JOHNSON & JOHNSON and BEAM SUNTORY INC.)  Uploaders who made money using “Ad Sense” have now lost their source of income.  This, of course, does not effect videos YouTube/Google agrees with:  those with a P.C.-leftist point of view.  Where is this coming from?

Hillary, in her new S & M outfit.

This is coming from Hillary Clinton, who believes she lost the election because of “fake news”.  (Anything non-MSM.)  Even she knows the Russians had nothing to do with the election.

I, myself, abandoned my YouTube channel when it became impossible to continue.  The last video…

(Hillary + Waco = Slaughter) fried my computer, disconnected my phone service and shut down the electricity.  It should be noted that I received continuous nuisance phone calls last year which ended after Election Day.

The election of Donald Trump did not end our fight.  The war for free speech continues.

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Why Diversity Doesn’t Work

Image result for muslims attack in europe

“Diversity makes a stronger!” – Barack Obama proclaimed once upon a time.  Why is this statement a lie?  No where in past history has diversity made a nation more cohesive, more powerful or better in any way.  The Roman Empire collapsed because of diversity.  The American Indian civilization was taken over by diversity.  Western Europe is being ruined by diversity.  And yet, the left insist the opposite is true.  Or is that what they really think?  Are they really trying to erase what was/is a white man’s culture?  Perhaps, erase white men period.

If Germany is being overrun by mad Muslims, if in England, the name Mohammed is the most popular name for boys,  if women, girls and children are afraid to walk the streets at night for fear of being raped (or worse)…

If the Muslim Mayor of London said, “Major cities like London and New York must expect these sort of things,” (in response to the recent Islamic terrorist attack)…

If Western Europe opens their arms up to an enemy that wants to kill them…

Tell me how diversity has helped these countries.

Nobody in the MSM is saying it, so I’ll say it.  Obama deliberately created havoc in the Middle East, letting ISIS run wild, causing this “refugee crisis”.  The goal:  spread Islam all over the world.

If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, she planned on bringing in one million Muslims in her first year alone!  Her closest aide – Huma Abedin – has deep ties to Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Citizens, we’ve been infiltrated.  In the CIA, FBI, the Pentagon, DOJ, the Secret Service, law enforcement, even our education system – real Americans have been replaced with Marxist Muslims.

Pres. Donald Trump is trying to stop this maddening exodus of Islamic invaders with new stricter immigration laws and what happens?  He’s blocked by judges who just happen to buddies with Obama.

Ever visit a zoo?  There’s a good reason why the animals are separated by cages.  Would you put the lions with the zebras?  Tigers with the antelope?  Bears with sheep?  The left would call this “simple-minded”.  Sometimes, the truth is simple.  If you place a bunch of savages with over-civilized, socialist intellectuals, you get the obvious.

Case in point:  Recently, a Catholic man gave a free spare room to a Pakistani Muslim immigrant.  After he left, the migrant beat his mother on the head with a phone, then strangled her to death.  What do you think of that?

There are more horror stories.  Another Muslim immigrant raped a boy in a pool changing room, then told police it was because he had to have sex a certain number of times a day.  In Germany, police aren’t charging the rapists, their charging the victims.  All of this comes from Angela Merkel – Germany’s version of Hillary Clinton.  Now you know what would have happened here. 

I read news stories of Dems planning on “doing a Nixon” on Trump; making Mike Pence “the caretaker President”, until they get one of their own in.  The same MSM who slept for eight years while our nation was run into the ground.  (The only time they woke up was to bend over and take it up their doo-dah.)

Who is the true enemy?

What if millions of Americans wanted to help Germany and Japan win WWII?  How would that have turned out?

These enablers, these traitors, are as bad as the Muslim terrorists.  Worse, because they can’t be locked up.  Instead, they protest, march through the streets like lunatics and attack law-abiding citizens.

We are still one election away from disaster and next time Democrats will cheat even more to get rid of Trump.  Real Americans must forever keep up the fight for what they believe in, because fake Americans are willing to throw it all away for the sake of DIVERSITY.

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CHUCK BARRIS DEAD (1929 -2017), DELLA BARRIS (1962-1998)

  Chuck Barris, producer of twenty-seven game shows and host of the “Gong Show” died today from natural causes.  (3-22-17)

Image result for della a memoir of my daughter“Della – A Memoir of My Daughter” – Book Review

For those growing up in the 70’s, they might remember Della Barris from “The Gong Show”.  Her other brush with fame was an attempt at stand-up comedy.  Beyond that, “Della – A Memoir of My Daughter,” by her father Chuck Barris, is a darkly funny, tragic look at the girl who had everything , lost it and self-destructed.

Her father ruminates about where he went wrong.  Big trouble begins with his divorce, after which Della and her mother move to Switzerland.  Della lives in a boarding school and encounters drugs.  She is a stranger in a strange land with few friends.  Later upon returning to the states, her father is granted custody and the drug addictions grow worse.  She leads a gang and beats up other girls for money.

Della Barris on “The Gong Show”

For a year, she introduces “My daddy”, the host of the “Gong Show” – a talent show put-on.  Della, who is secretly shy, isn’t happy about doing the show and eventually quits.

Perhaps Della’s best chance at a normal life is with her new boyfriend, Billy, a construction worker; however, the first meeting with her father goes badly.  Chuck sees him as a young thug with no future who rides a motorcycle.  Tough questions follow.  Billy, offended, walks out.  Soon after, Della runs away, sleeping on the streets.  She is mugged and robbed.  Returning home, she asks her father for the right to live on her own.  He consents.

After a brief marriage (ending with an annulment and an abortion), Della tries a makeover.  With a one million dollar trust fund, she spends a fortune on plastic surgery – her new “California look”.  White hair, white furniture and a white convertible.  Drugs, travel and wild times.  While drunk or high, Della tells jokes at a comedy club to an enthusiastic response…but, when she tries to go pro for a 1-week gig, it’s a disaster.

Because of her careless spending, the money runs out.  She moves into a one-room apartment.  Della hooks up with a man called “Strickland” who assumes she has money.  Father Barris refers to him as “a scumbag and a junkyard dog,” a drug dealer who fuels Della’s habit.

In the last year, father and daughter make amends.  In the back of his mind, does he know the end is near?  The “new” Della has orange hair, a different nose, a different chin and is painfully thin.  She announces she has HIV from that weekend in Las Vegas.

Della can’t hold down a job and resorts to begging on the streets (using the money to buy drugs for her and Strickland.)

A last attempt is made at art.  Della paints and works on her autobiography titled “Jesus Left the Building”.  She makes as much as $50 on her paintings, ghoulish representations of hell and the creatures within.  Is there hope?

No, because boyfriend Strickland, in a drug-fueled rage, destroys all her belongings (including her book and her three favorite paintings.)  Everything she owns is trashed.  The next day, Della is found dead from an overdose.

In the morgue, Chuck Barris sees his daughter for the last time.  “One of God’s photographs.”  She is a pale shell.  His last gift, never given, a snow globe is thrown away.  “Tough love doesn’t work.”

[Note:  This review was written the day before Chuck Barris’ death.]

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Donna Brazile Admits to Stealing Debate Questions for Hillary Clinton

Image result for donna brazile and hillary sclinton

Donna Brazile (former head of the DNC) finally admitted to Time magazine that she gave presidential debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton.

Q.  Didn’t this effect the General Election?   Q.  Does cheating matter if you’re a Democrat?  While the MSM and insane leftists oink about “Trump and the Russians”, here is actual proof of something that adversely affected the election.

Another question:  While the MSM (even CNN) have condemned Brazile, what about Hillary Clinton?  The actual reason the cheating occurred?  Why didn’t Ms. Hillary refuse to participate in the cheating?  Why did HRC set up an environment that cheating would occur?  Why is the MSM entertaining the idea of Hillary running for N.Y. mayor or even running again for president?  Why are people still marching in the streets in protest of the candidate who didn’t cheat?  Why is Brazile acting like it’s no big deal?  She lost her job at CNN over it.

Time to stop the crazy idea of Hillary Clinton running for anything ever again.

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If I Were President Trump…

  There can no longer be any doubt that Barack Obama  and his team are trying to ruin the presidency of Donald J. Trump.  While the leftist media deny and laugh about it, Obama has set up his headquarters in a mansion located two miles from the White House.  Former associates Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder have moved in with the Obamas.  What do you think they’re doing there?

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Iranian connection and Eric Holder, former Attorney General

Obama’s photo with his former classmate is the judge who blocked Pres. Trump’s recent immigration ban.  How’s that for a big F.U?


Obama has meal with judge the day before blocking Trump’s immigration ban.

It has already been proven that the Obama Administration wiretapped Trump Tower prior to the election.  In 1974, this got Pres. Nixon removed from office.  With Obama – no repercussions, no punishment and a silent MSM.

Upon further investigations, it can be assured that Obama-Clinton-Soros are behind the protests and mob violence.  What must be done to stop this attempted left-wing coup?  Pres. Trump must go on the offensive.  Stop playing defense.  Now that he’s the President, he has special powers.  It’s time to unseal Obama’s college records and prove that he was a foreign student.  If Obama is a foreigner, it also follows that he is a foreign agent.  He remains, as Tom Clancy said, “A clear and present danger.”

Show his connections to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.  This is what got Andrew Breitbart killed.


To be more direct, if I were Pres. Trump, I would take things much further.  I would make sure Obama knew that he should spend the rest of his life outside of the USA.  There are ways and there people who will make it clear to the foreign born-Kenyan-Commie-homosexual, that he is no longer welcome here.  And that to stay would be a big mistake.  The time for speeches and “tweets” are over.  The time for action is now.

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The Hillary Clinton Dream

Image result for hillary old an dying  I dreamt Hillary Clinton died from a heart attack.  This was before the information of Obama’s DOJ tapping into Trump Tower or, more specifically Donald Trump himself.  (Eventually, this bugging will be traced back to Campaign Clinton.)

 A recent photo of “H” showing her with a thousand mile stare, heavily indicates that despite her smug video on the woman’s march, Mrs. Clinton is not a happy camper.  Without the presidency to look forward to, what has she got?  Another boring book tour?  More of the same tired speeches?  For what purpose?

Originally, Hillary Rodham latched onto Bill Clinton for a specific reason.  She knew he could take her to political places; places she could not get to by herself.  He had the charm.  She has – – – ?!

2008 and 2016.  HRC may have convinced herself that the women’s vote would carry her across the finish line.  It became apparent that the Internet provided proof of her evil, dark side.  Of her love for death.  Sane women could not vote for her.  (Video below is by Zig Zag on YouTube.)

That’s why I believe my Hillary Clinton dream will come true.  Her mission in life is over.  It has ended in failure.

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Notice from EricReportsNews

Image result for images, ericreports, seconds

Since I posted an article titled “Remember 9/11?  (Muslim Immigrant Hijackers)”, my views on this website have become much lower.  Is this a coincidence?  This happened before on YouTube.  Explain how a video can receive nearly one million views and another can’t break 400?  Others on YouTube have complained about being pushed to the back pages.

Q.  Did my article touch a raw nerve among the controllers?  Am I being penalized?  Why?  Because Muslims are now considered a “protected minority”?  That’s Obama’s way.  We have a new president now.  And Pres. Trump said we have to stop allowing hoards of immigrants into our country who may not have our best interests at heart.

Image result for images, san bernardino terrorists

If you care about free speech, if you read or follow EricReportsNews, start sharing it on other social networks.  It’s easy to do if you go to the end of the article.

Eventually it may become pointless for the citizen journalist to write, if they are continually blocked when they start gaining popularity.

Obama Bugged Trump Tower – The Facts

Image result for obama bugs trump tower

June 2016 – The Obama Administration asks a FISA court for permission to secretly monitor and record then Presidential candidate Donald Trump on the grounds of espionage with the Russian government.  This request is denied.

Oct. 2016 – 3rd presidential debate.  Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of colluding with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin on wiretapping her and the DNC.

Oct. 2016 – The Obama Administration re-words their FISA court request and it is approved.  Trump Tower has been officially bugged by the U.S. government.

Nov. 2016 – Donald Trump is elected as the 45th POTUS.

Image result for obama bugged trump

Deduction 1.  Pres. Obama and former candidate Clinton must have worked on this strategy together.  This means that a then-current President worked with a presidential candidate to undermine an election.

Deduction 2.  Obama’s weak denial is that he did not “order” the hidden surveillance.  He doesn’t deny knowledge of it.

Deduction 3.  Who ordered the bugging?  It all points to Obama/Clinton.  Wasn’t the purpose of this spying to derail the Trump campaign at the last minute?  Who benefits?  Who would’ve been president?  Whose legacy would have been maintained?  Look for a fall guy to appear; perhaps Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch.

Summation.  Although this reaches Watergate proportions, it probably won’t affect the former President or Clinton.  They are out of power.  The MSM won’t run with it.  Once their scapegoat appears and takes the fall, this story will not be pursued by the media.  What it proves is that the Democrats are hypocrites.  A Democratic administration is now guilty of the same crimes that former Pres. Richard Nixon committed, and the left-wing press doesn’t give a damn.

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John “Skippy” Podesta: Secret Video of Torture?


Video titled “Comparing John Podesta’s voice to voice heard in disturbing leaked video” is posted by sheilaaliens on YouTube

Original video source WorldCorp.  A video has surfaced with a recording of what sounds like John Podesta (former advisor to the Clintons and Pres. Obama), torturing a child.  The murky lighting makes it difficult to see, however; some have identified it as “Comet Ping Pong Pizza”, a rumored hangout for pedophiles, located in Wash, D.C.

Q.  What proof is there that this is John Podesta?  A.  According to an article from the Huffington Post, John Podesta admits to having an evil alter-ego named “Skippy”.

Click LINK here

In the video, the voice refers to himself as “John Podes—“, “Skippy” and “father”.   It sounds like Podesta.  In order to prove it, a voice print analysis would have to be done by the FBI.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton had planned on appointing him as Secretary of State, if she’d been elected president.

Recently, Podesta has refuted the claims of “Pizzagate”, blaming it on fake news from Alex Jones (InfoWars) and Pres. Trump.  He, and other in the Clinton camp, also insist that “Russian hackers helped Trump get elected.”  (No evidence provided.)

Where is the mainstream media in all of this?  The Washington Post has hired John Podesta as one of their columnists.




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