Donna Brazile Admits to Stealing Debate Questions for Hillary Clinton

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Donna Brazile (former head of the DNC) finally admitted to Time magazine that she gave presidential debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton.

Q.  Didn’t this effect the General Election?   Q.  Does cheating matter if you’re a Democrat?  While the MSM and insane leftists oink about “Trump and the Russians”, here is actual proof of something that adversely affected the election.

Another question:  While the MSM (even CNN) have condemned Brazile, what about Hillary Clinton?  The actual reason the cheating occurred?  Why didn’t Ms. Hillary refuse to participate in the cheating?  Why did HRC set up an environment that cheating would occur?  Why is the MSM entertaining the idea of Hillary running for N.Y. mayor or even running again for president?  Why are people still marching in the streets in protest of the candidate who didn’t cheat?  Why is Brazile acting like it’s no big deal?  She lost her job at CNN over it.

Time to stop the crazy idea of Hillary Clinton running for anything ever again.

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