YouTube Defunds “Controversial Speech” (the #1 site for videos), has demonetized videos containing content deemed “too extreme” or those containing “hate speech”.  This comes in conjunction with a number of corporations pulling their sponsorship.  (WALMART, STARBUCKS, PEPSI, AT & T, VERIZON, VW, DISH NETWORK, ENTERPRISE, FX NETWORKS, GSK, JOHNSON & JOHNSON and BEAM SUNTORY INC.)  Uploaders who made money using “Ad Sense” have now lost their source of income.  This, of course, does not effect videos YouTube/Google agrees with:  those with a P.C.-leftist point of view.  Where is this coming from?

Hillary, in her new S & M outfit.

This is coming from Hillary Clinton, who believes she lost the election because of “fake news”.  (Anything non-MSM.)  Even she knows the Russians had nothing to do with the election.

I, myself, abandoned my YouTube channel when it became impossible to continue.  The last video…

(Hillary + Waco = Slaughter) fried my computer, disconnected my phone service and shut down the electricity.  It should be noted that I received continuous nuisance phone calls last year which ended after Election Day.

The election of Donald Trump did not end our fight.  The war for free speech continues.

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