Ann Coulter vs. Berkeley vs. ANTIFA

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April 27, 2017.  Political commentator Ann Coulter has been rescheduled to speak at UC Berkeley after a previous cancellation.  Why am I against this?  Isn’t this a victory for free speech?  There’s an old saying about casting your pearls before swine, which is what Miss Coulter is doing; however, my main concern is that the police aren’t enforcing the law.

Feb. 1, 2017.  Riots breaks out at UC Berkeley over a planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.  Only one student was arrested.  This does not bode well for Miss Coulter.

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Hypothetically, let’s say there is a plot.  Let’s say those in charge are aware of it.  What makes you think they’d do anything to stop it?  The left want to silence the right.  Since losing the 2016 General Election, tell me how tolerant they are…how open-minded.  Explain to me how marching in the streets before Donald Trump took office is fair.  In my own opinion, Ann Coulter is being set up.  I don’t trust UC Berkeley’s Dean Janet Napolitano (a former Obama flunky) and I sure don’t trust Berkeley’s Mayor Jesse Arreguin (a member of BAMN, a division of ANTIFA.)

In a recent interview, Miss Coulter said she trusted the police.  How can they be trusted if they’ve been given orders to stand-down?  I don’t see any changes in the way rioters are being treated since Trump took office.  There are few arrests and no real crackdowns.  Where is the National Guard?

The left has gone insane and I don’t think they care how they stop Ann Coulter as long as they stop her.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Ann Coulter’s speech was cancelled again by Berkeley on the  26th.  Berkeley’s College Republicans are filing a lawsuit.

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