More CLINTON News (Plagiarism, Midterms)

  Chelsea Clinton is being sued for $150,000 for plagiarism. Her book, “She Persisted” (a women’s lib children’s story), has come under new scrutiny – author Christopher Janes Kimberly claims he wrote it a few years ago.  (Or that Chelsea’s ghostwriter stole it.)  Coincidently, “persist” is part of Hillary Clinton’s comeback slogan.

  Hillary Clinton has announced her plans to be involved with the 2018 mid-term elections.  The DNC’s officials stance is that HRC is welcome to participate, but it’s time for others to dominate.

Opinion:  In the fantasy world Hillary lives in, she believes she will run again and win in 2020.  2018 is just another opportunity for her to stick her ugly face in the cameras, another chance to see if the Democrats still love her.  They may feel sorry for her; however, any rational person would say that it’s time for Mrs. C to go away.

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