Charlottesville Rally.  On August 12, 2017, James Alex Fields, Jr. ran his car, a 2010 Dodge Challenger, through a crowd of left-wing protestors, killing one Heather Hyer.  Since then, he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  Q.  Will he be found “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” like John Hinckley, Jr. was, who shot a President?  (Hinckley is free now.)  How about O.J. Simpson who killed two people and was let go because of his black celebrity status?  What about Arthur Bremer who shot George Wallace?  (Bremer is free now.)  No, I think Mr. Fields will probably be executed.  Why?  This is all symbolic.

Image result for heather hyer His victim, Ms. Hyer, is the new martyr for the far-left.  She wasn’t ANTIFA.  She was just another liberal-progressive caught up in our loony times.

I can’t answer why Mr. Fields rammed his car through a crowd of angry protestors.  Maybe, it’s because the police haven’t done anything to stop them.  This madness has been going on since November.  These people have gone way past their First Amendment rights.  The left has turned violent.  It was only a matter of time before someone snapped and took the law into their own hands.

How did the MSM report it?  According to them, “the Nazi’s and white supremacists” were the violent ones. Note:  the official “Nazi Party” ended in 1945.  The neo-Nazis are a small fringe group.  Pretty much the same thing for the Ku Klux Klan.  ANTIFA, on the other hand, are well-funded and very much alive.  Follow their money.  It probably leads right up to the DNC.  I’m sure sore loser Hillary Clinton and our abdicated Muslim king Barack Obama have a hand in these protests.

I watched ABC News cover Heather’s funeral.  The reporting was so ridiculous, it would seem more appropriate for SNL.  The “peaceful” crowd were armed with “pink bats and helmets”, just in case those evil “Nazis” showed up.  They didn’t show up because they don’t exist.  Her wild-eyed mother gave the eulogy and it’s not hard to see why her daughter went off the rails.  The MSM have decided that if you’re for Trump, you’re a Nazi white supremacist.

The reality is, this is a battle for what kind of country we want to live in:  A free nation or a socialist, communist dictatorship.  The choice is yours, based on whether you are going to allow the Democratic Party to steal our victory.

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Trump Must be Psychic!

Image result for trump statement predicts george washington statue

“George Washington was a slave owner.  So will George Washington lose his status?  Are we gonna take down statues of Thomas Jefferson?  Do you like him, because he was a major slave owner.  Are we gonna take down his statue?  So, it’s fine.  You’re changing history, you’re changing culture.”  Pres. Donald Trump

The President also commented on the violence.  “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, alt-right?  Do they have any semblance of guilt?  What about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem?  I thing they do.”

Image result for lincoln memorial spray paintImage result for lincoln memorial spray paint

(Photos above:  Lincoln Memorial spray-painted.)

For Democrats, First Amendment be damned, first they went after and took down the Confederate flag.  Next, went statues of former Confederate leaders.  Now, they’re going after our Founding Fathers.  Again, the Democratic Party owns this.  This is why they lost in 2016 and this is why they will lose in 2020.  The DNC and the MSM are supremely out of touch with real Americans.  They’re great with fringe groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  But, with the Average Joe or Jane who works hard, pays their taxes, goes to church – they marginalize them.

Blacks (some, not all) are also stuck with this issue.  Too many black are stuck in the late 1950’s-early 60’s, in a tragic state of arrested development.  They cannot get past those times or get over themselves.  No matter how much the white liberal bows or kowtows to their demands – it’s simply never enough.  Putting an inexperienced, black, junior senator in as President wasn’t enough.  Putting blacks all over the MSM, movies, TV, news, etcetera isn’t enough.  Giving every black man a burgundy Cadillac, a gold Rolex and a big-boobed blonde isn’t enough.  (Okay, maybe that’s enough.)

Destroying America’s history, destroying our past, to rebuild it into a Communist Wonderland is what the Left have in mind.  Don’t kid yourself.  They will go after all that is sacred to erect their false ideology.  And what bothers them most is the election of Pres. Donald J. Trump.

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Jerry Lewis Dead

Comedian Jerry Lewis died on August 20, 2017 at the age of 91 from natural causes in his Las Vegas home.  He made fifty feature films, mostly comedies, except for “The King of Comedy” (1983) and “Max Rose” (2016), his last.  “The Day the Clown Cried” (1972) remains the holy grail of unreleased movies – Jerry’s ode to the Holocaust.

Jerry Lewis Telethon 1970's.png  For 44 years, Jerry hosted the MDA Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.  He was unceremoniously fired in 2011 for not agreeing to a shortened, modernized revolving-host format.  Without him, the telethon lasted only four years.  (2011-2014.)

For whatever reason, many hated Jerry.  They hated the telethon, they hated his TV shows, his films.  I guess there are some folks who hate Christmas too.

Errandboy.jpg  Thepatsy.jpgMy personal favorite films were “The Errand Boy” (1961) and “The Patsy” (1964.)

  "Jerry Lewis in The Family Jewels" Stickers by Art Cinema ...My favorite scene comes from “The Family Jewels” (1965), where he portrays the most evil, rotten clown of all time.

He is gone now.  A remnant of Hollywood’s golden age.  He’s been replaced by filthy-minded people I wouldn’t break bread with.

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Muslims Attack Barcelona; Media in Denial

Image result for barcelona terrorist attack

Aug. 17, 2017.  14 were killed in Barcelona, Spain when two members of ISIS went on a bloody rampage running people over with a van.  One hundred more were wounded.  One was killed, the other arrested.  The mainstream media (MSM) went way of its way to not mention that it was a Muslim attack.  Instead, they are still speaking about the Charlottesville riots where one woman was killed by a deranged white man.   Also, because Pres. Trump did not make a weepy statement (as Obama and Bill Clinton were so good at), they are calling him a “racist”.   I don’t want to see my President cry – I want to see him take action.  Trump is a doer.  Obama and Clinton are experts at “crocodile tears”.

Image result for obama and bill clinton cryingImage result for obama crying

Additionally, the MSM has announced that “white supremacists and neo-Nazis” are the greatest danger to our country.  Not ISIS or al-Qaeda.  Not the radical left.  Not North Korea.  Not Iran.  Not China.  Not even Russia-Russia-Russia.  It’s the white man who is the most dangerous.  I kid you not.

All of this insane propaganda is aimed at ruining Trump’s presidency.  It won’t work.  Real Americans know when they’re being lied to.  And the far-left media mind manipulators are only convincing themselves and their likeminded sheeple.

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(Video is posted at the end of this article.)

What really happened on July 15, 2017 to Justine Damond is beginning to make sense.  For those who recall it, this was a 40 year old woman who was shot to death in her pajamas by a Muslim-Somali cop in Minneapolis.  Just prior to them arriving, she had phoned 911 TWICE.  The police were late and they were lost.  When they finally showed up, Ms. Damond was probably agitated.  This may be why she slapped the back of the patrol car.  Next, she spoke with Officer Harrity.  This is where the missing piece of the puzzle is.  What did she do to make Officer Mohammed Noor shoot her three times?  Harrity said she was only talking with him.  Noor said, Damond startled him and that she caused it by the way she acted.  Question:  Is this just cause for killing someone?

Video is by MrLTavern on YouTube, which is not affiliated with EricReports.


Image result for fake newsBrief comment:  the mainstream media has gone off the charts by stating on all the major newscasts that the riots in Charlottesville were caused by “white supremacists”.  Where has the MSM been since November?  I seem to recall many violent protests by Democrats, the alt-left and anarchists who didn’t like how the election turned out.  They seem oblivious to it.

President Trump has called them on their lies.  If he had done what he should have, this wouldn’t be happening.  The USA has many enemies, but the worst are right here in our country; those who have been trying to overturn this election since it overturned the foreign-born Muslim revolutionary that never should have been allowed in the White House.

I am also making a complaint against my readers, who are not saying anything to what I am saying.  Are you asleep?  Do you want to go back to the days when the Clintons or the Obamas were running this country?  Where is your support for our President?

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HIllary: What Happened?

Image result for hillary what happened

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is attempting to make more money by bilking readers into reading why she lost in 2016.  Titled:  “What Happened?” (stolen from another book “Elvis:  What Happened?”)  HRC has already said why she think she lost:  blaming it on “fake news” and on FBI director James Comey reopening the investigation into her misdeeds as Secretary of State.  (She refers to her crimes as a “nothing burger”.)

The Real Reason Why Hillary Lost

One.  A lack of self-awareness.  H thinks people only see the cleverly crafted image her PR-firm gives out.  (And not as the cold, calculating bitch she really is.)

Two.  Her accomplishments as Secretary of State and N.Y. Senator were meager.  Her disastrous push into war with Libya (resulting in Benghazi and a terrorist state) led Obama to call this his biggest mistake as President.

Three.  Her campaign.  HRC hated Trump and she wanted you to hate him too.  Hate is a tough sell.  The haters were already going to vote for her.  No positive message to speak of.

Four.  HRC couldn’t care less about white men, unless you were gay, transgendered or a beta-male.  Clinton was/is the feminist/LBTGQ candidate because she is a closet lesbian.  Straight people might have trouble relating to her.

Image result for hillary lesbian

Five.  She is a poor speaker.  HRC has a shrill, harsh, nagging way about her – and when she’s not talking, she’s glowering a possessed hate stare.  The DNC chose her because “It was time to have a woman president,” no matter who it was.  Democrats need to start picking women who don’t turn men’s stomachs.

Image result for hillary stare3

Six.  People hate a phony.  Love or hate Trump, you know who he is.  For some time now, Hillary has tried to pass herself off as a harmless, socialist, grandma who only wants to help you.  There is a long list of dead people who found out the hard way what happens when you get on her wrong side of her.

Ultimately, I think HRC is trying to rehabilitate her image after her sound 2016 thrashing.  She is trying to control the official version of “what happened” with her willing MSM accomplices.  It won’t work.

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