Anthony Bourdain: Murder/Suicide?

See the source image  On June 8, chef Anthony Bourdain, host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” was found hanging in the bathroom of his 5-star Parisian hotel.

ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE? – To become famous in the entertainment industry, you have to sell yourself to some pretty evil people.  The higher up you go on the food chain, the more you find out.  Rich people are into some sick things.  (PizzaGate, Pedophile Island.)  Did Mr. Bourdain find out something he shouldn’t have?  Were they afraid he was about to talk?  If so, the MSM won’t go near it.  Case closed.

See the source image   Asia Argento, an actress and also a litigant against Harvey Weinstein, was Bourdain’s girlfriend at the time of his death.  A few hours before his suicide, she posted an Instagram photo.  What is the significance of this?

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Mr. Bourdain publically tweeted about the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, who pretended to know nothing about the sexual proclivities of Harvey Weinstein.

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The Future War

“Politics isn’t like war.  It is war.”   President Lyndon Baines Johnson

On Nov. 8, 2016, voters rejected the status quo candidate named Hillary Clinton.  Against all odds, Donald Trump stood against the devil and spit in her eye.

This was only the beginning.  Since then, the enemy has sought to circumvent Trump’s presidency.  (“Refusing to normalize,” as they call it.)

Examples of this are the Women’s March, ANTIFA, Berkley riots, shooting of Scalise, fake Russia probe, Mueller investigation, GOP Republican train crash, etc.  The list goes on.

Charlottesville, VA.  August 11-12, 2017.  Riots break out between the far right and the far left.  The MSM calls those on the right, “Nazis”.

No one knows what the future brings, but let’s examine one look into what might happen.

Election Year, 2020.  Democrats once again convince themselves that their candidate will win hands down.  After all the hoopla, conventions, debates, polling, commercials and rallies, Pres. Trump is re-elected.  What do you think their reaction will be?  To say Dems came unhinged in ’16, would be an understatement.  In ’20, they will go insane.  Provoked by the MSM fake news, there are many dangerous individuals out there who would see it as their “sacred duty” to stop President Trump by any means necessary.

Assassination?  The presidential death curse by Indian chief Tecumseh.  (Also known as the election year ending in the number “zero’ curse.)  Every U.S. President since William Harrison has died in office, with two exceptions.

One.  Pres. William Harrison, elected 1840.  Died from pneumonia, 1941.

Two.  Pres. Abraham Lincoln, elected 1860.  Assassinated 1865.

Three.  Pres. James Garfield, elected 1880.  Assassinated 1881.

Four.  Pres. William McKinley, elected 1900.  Assassinated 1901.

Five.  Pres. Warren Harding, elected 1920.  Cause of death in dispute, 1923.

Six.  Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, elected 1940.  Fatal stroke, 1945.

Seven.  Pres. John Kennedy, 1960.  Assassinated 1963.

  Pres. Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated on March 30, 1981.  Reagan miraculously recovered from a bullet wound, one inch from his heart.  Who is to say God did not step in and save his life?  Reagan himself believed this.

  Election Year 2000.  Who was the real winner?  If the Supreme Court had not stopped the recounts, would then VP Al Gore have been elected President?  Many say yes.  If true, George W. Bush was not officially elected.

Election Year, 2020.  If Donald Trump assumes office, once again, as many are predicting, the manic hysteria from the left will be at a fever pitch.

Can the Secret Service be trusted?  If former Pres. Obama infiltrated various gov’t agencies with those who could be considered disloyal, would it be so hard to do the same with the Secret Service?  Will they be given order to stand down in the event of an assassination attempt?  If 9/11 could occur, as our gov’t feigns helplessness, would this aforementioned plot be made impossible?

Hypothetically, let’s suppose the unthinkable happens.  What will the MSM report?  That it was caused by Trump’s “hateful rhetoric”?  That Democrats were pushed over the edge and couldn’t help themselves?  What will be the reaction from Trump protestors?  This, I can say without reservation.  There will be celebrations in the streets.  And if our President is killed, (unlike a former foreign imposter), then it will be time to bring them down.

Notice of warning to Democrats:  if you’re stupid enough to cheer the death of Trump, prepare to suffer the consequences.

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Miss America Ends Swimsuit Competition

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Miss America dumps swimsuit competition

In 1921, the Miss America beauty pageant began as a bathing beauty contest.  As of now, it’s been discontinued.

The contest, long targeted by feminists, is now being run by women.  The Me-Tooer’s and other fanatical groups have always hated Miss America.  This move will eventually dismantle it.  The result will be declining ratings.  Men will have no reason to watch.  People who disagree should read a book about biology.

Gretchen carlson cropped retouched.jpg  Former FoxNews hostess Gretchen Carlson is one of the women behind this malcontent.  Ironically, she was a former winner.  (I’m not sure why.)  Carlson is known for suing Fox’s CEO Robert Ailes – sending him off into retirement.

The evening gown competition has also been canceled, replaced by “women wearing what they feel like.”  Why not a smelly sweatshirt and stained yoga pants?

I suspect feminists will also target Miss USA and Miss Universe.

Is this an end of an antiquated tradition?  Or are feminists throwing a wet blanket over the proceedings.  And will the contest be decided on politically-loaded questions, designed to remove anyone who isn’t PC enough?

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Dorothy Stratten Murder Case

Quotes by Dorothy Stratten @ Like Success

Just on the cusp of the 1980’s, Playboy magazine chose Dorothy Stratten as “Playmate of the Year”.  She was to be groomed as their latest sex symbol.  Would Stratten be the next Marilyn Monroe?

August 14, 1980.  Dorothy Stratten is murdered by her husband Paul Snider with a shotgun blast to her face.  Snider would do the same to himself.  What went wrong?  Why couldn’t this have been prevented?  It was always about control.

Paul Snider, a small-time pimp from Vancouver, wanted to enter the big leagues and with Dorothy, he nearly made it.  In 1977, he found her working at a “Dairy Queen” and eventually convinced her to be Playboy’s latest model.

Founder Hugh Hefner immediately saw her potential.  Stratten would be their greatest star.

In 1979, Paul marries Dorothy.  He now has fifty percent controlling interest.

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Dorothy Stratten with Paul Snider


Poster for “They All Laughed”

Early in 1980, director Peter Bogdanovich casts Dorothy in his latest film, setting the wheels in motion.  A fatal love affair begins.

Image result for dorothy stratten and peter bogdanovich

Dorothy with Peter Bogdanovich

Dorothy and Paul’s marriage was never a good one.  Why she agreed to it, I can’t be sure, but Snider used it as a way to keep as much of her income as possible.  She felt she owed him her career, even though she never wanted to pose nude or achieve fame and fortune.  It was all Paul’s idea.

Peter Bogdanovich saw in Dorothy, his soulmate.  You could say his movie was the only thing she did that wasn’t exploitive.  Dorothy was willing to end her marriage for him, but not for herself.

What convinced her to ultimately leave him?

I suspect it was the poisoning of her puppy – a gift from Hefner.  Snider could be jealous even of a dog.  People who abuse animals often progress to people.

At the “Playmate of the Year” ceremony, you can see Dorothy pulling away from Paul, flinching, not being able to hold his hand or let him touch her.  He knew he was losing control.

In 1980, Dorothy had begun living with Peter.  Paul was aware of this.  He had hired detectives to follow her.

A last attempt to make money off a poster of Dorothy was rejected.  (Peter advised her of this.)

Finally, Hefner barred Paul from the Playboy mansion.  From then on, he would be allowed entry only if accompanied by his wife.

Cocaine was the drug of choice at the time and Paul used it for a paranoid high.  Add to this, his belief that he was losing Dorothy – his only ticket to the big time and…

The future may have seemed bright for Dorothy Stratten.  She had several features in the works.  A western (“Harry Tracy’) and Playboy’s version of “Little Annie Fanny”.  Plus, Peter’s forthcoming movie.

The only problem she had left was Paul.  What did he want?

Snider wanted a house, a green card, full access back inside the Playboy mansion, half of Dorothy’s money and, of course, he wanted his wife back.

“Star 80” (1983), a mostly inaccurate version of what happened, starring Mariel Hemingway (who looks nothing like Dorothy), focuses a great deal on that last day.  It can’t be known what they said, but it is known that Paul raped his wife, killed her and then raped her again.

Why did Dorothy go alone?  Didn’t she or Peter see this coming?  Although, Peter was unaware of her visit, why was she faced with the task of facing a dangerous man by herself?

Bogdanovich partially blamed Hefner for his magazine’s ethics.  He would go on to marry her younger sister, Louise, later ending in divorce.

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Peter Bogdanovich and Louise Stratten

Dorothy remains a tragic figure, caught in the middle, for her loss of control.

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