If Hillary Runs Again…

The sad fact that Hillary Clinton may run for president again has finally crept into the mainstream media.  (I’ve been saying it for over a year.)  Naysayers deny it by saying, “She’s too old, too ill, past her prime, the DNC doesn’t want her, etc.  Frankly speaking, if Hillary’s head were kept alive in a bottle of formaldehyde, she’d still run.  (And if you don’t vote for her, you’re a bigot – a bigot against disembodied heads!)

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The MSM will have to make a choice.  Will they back her or geriatric Joe Biden?  My prediction – it will be Clinton.  The MSM won’t be able to resist the “Rematch of the Century” headlines.  Yes, they know she looks awful, her health’s deteriorating, and she has the charm of a rattlesnake, but the Dems will overlook it.  They’re good at that.

Recently, Steve Bannon, Trump’s former right hand man, was harassed in a bookstore, by a psychotic woman who called him “a piece of trash.”  It turns out, the mystery woman is one of Clinton’s operatives.  If Clinton is paying a staff of thugs to go after Trump’s people, that means she’s running.

Important Note:  Never put your guard down around Mrs. Clinton.  We’re talking about America’s worst crime family.  She has no reservations about killing her enemies.

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Hillary is obsessed about getting even with Trump.  She thinks about it 24 hours a day.  She can’t get over it.  By 2020, she’ll be out campaigning in the rust belt, maybe in a wheelchair.

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Pres. Trump has a number of advantages.  In ’20, he could pass a voter I.D. law or take other measures in stopping the rampant cheating Dems do every election.  He could invalidate all votes from illegal aliens.  He could place surveillance cameras in voting areas.  I would also recommend no presidential debates.  Trump has nothing to gain from them.  No matter what happens, the MSM will say she’s won.  HRC will cry “Chicken!”  Let her.  She’s still a loser.

What do I take away from this?  HRC doesn’t care that she’s putting this country through hell.  She wants to be president and that’s all there is to it.  The thing of it is, she can’t win.  She’s spoiled goods.  She stinks.  And 2020 will be the final nail in the coffin of her political career.

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Left’s Plan for Revolution (Future War Pt. 2)

How will it begin?  What will be the trigger for a Communist uprising from the new far left?  Is it mere hype and rumor or the real thing?

There are serious plans for such an event.  How far will it go?

In the past, such traumas were borne in 1968, (MLK and RFK assassinations, riots, Dem. convention), 1992, (L.A. riots), 2016, (Trump’s election), could have led to an upheaval.  What’s different now?  The MSM continually feeds into the already disordered thinking of those who want Trump removed from office.  It won’t stop there.  Frustrated by their failed attempts to impeach Pres. Trump, the radical left will move on to more drastic plans.


Hypothetically, (or maybe not), Democrats will not be willing to wait out another four years.  It’s worth mentioning that top leaders within the Dems could’ve stopped this.  (I’m speaking of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.)  The fact is, they didn’t want to.  On the contrary, they fanned the flames of discontent.

The far left plans to kill Trump and then launch a full-scale overthrow – a Communist-style revolution.

The usual suspects:  ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Communist/Socialist orgs, illegal aliens, Muslim groups, college radicals and feminists, certain Hollywood celebrities.

What if foreign troops become involved?  China?  Various anti-American countries from South America?  How far will this go?

I believe with a new President, Mike Pence, it will be time for him to launch a military attack on those who threaten our very way of existence.  If Pence acts quickly, any foreign interventions will be stillborn.  I am very serious in saying that there is no other way of dealing with these people, except by brute force.  The National Guard won’t be enough.  You’ll see tanks rolling down Wall Street.


While leftist extremists envision a red flag flying over the White House, that will never happen.

Questions remain.  If the worst happens, we, the real Americans cannot allow the Democratic Party to plead “Not Guilty.”  If that day ever comes, and we ask who and why Mr. X pulled the trigger, le me say, it came from the actions of those on the very top.

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Hillary Clinton’s continual “campaign” against Trump, her inability to accept defeat, her insane quest for revenge, her fictionalized account of a Trump/Russian stolen election, have led some to believe that somehow she should be president.  These plans and her fanaticism will be heightened if, God forbid, she runs and loses again.  HRC would be directly responsible for the worst case scenario earlier described.

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Marilyn Monroe’s Last Movie

Most consider “The Misfits” as Marilyn Monroe’s last film; however, there were a number of failed attempts to cast her in other pictures.  Most famous of all is “Something’s Got to Give”, abandoned by 20th Century Fox after MM’s numerous absences.  A last attempt to finish it, after Monroe was fired, then rehired, ended when she died on August 5, 1962.

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The plot:  A woman returns after being lost on a desert island, finding out her husband has just remarried.  The first video is of a 1990’s TV special commenting on what transpired.

Recently restored by 20th Century Fox, the video below attempts to piece together what was filmed.  (37 minutes in length.)

   Funniest scene:  Wally Cox in the shoe store.

   Also contains MM’s nude swim, a major event in ’62.

 “The Misfits” (1961.)  Arthur Miller’s saga of how a woman changes the lives of three down and out losers.  Also starring Clark Gable, Eli Wallach and Montgomery Clift.  “Misfits” didn’t connect with audiences then, but is more appreciated today.

   Best performance:  Montgomery Clift as Perce Howland.

   Clark Gable died of a heart attack shortly after filming.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) 

   Based on the novella by Truman Capote.  The author urged the studio to cast Marilyn as Holly Golightly.  Turned down by the director Blake Edwards because of MM’s notorious reputation for being late, high, sick and/or forgetting her lines.

Monroe lost role of Holly Golightly to Audrey Hepburn who received an Oscar nomination for “Best Actress”

“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”  Rights to this were then owned by Charlie Chaplin, who offered MM the lead role.  She turned it down, believing it was about horses.  (Plot concerns marathon dance contests in the 1930’s.)

    Released in 1969, starring Jane Fonda, who received an Oscar nomination for “Best Actress”.

   “Freud” (1962)

Actor friend Montgomery Clift tried to get Marilyn cast as Freud’s wife.  Susan Kohner was cast instead.

See the source image  “What a Way to Go!”  (1964)

Dark comedy about a wife whose five husbands all die for one reason or another.  Shirley MacLaine inherited the role.

Last major public appearance.  MM sings “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy.  Host Peter Lawford refers to her as “the late Marilyn Monroe.”

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