Tucker Carlson’s Home Attacked by ANTIFA

Nov. 7, 2018.  The residence of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson was assaulted by a division of ANTIFA, known as “Smash Racism D.C.”  Group members threatened to blow up the house and began attacking the door.  Live video (recorded by the group itself) reminded me of the ghouls in “The Omega Man”.

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Carlson’s wife, believing she was under a home invasion, called 9-1-1.

Tucker’s weekday program was not broadcast Nov. 8.

Now is the time for Pres. Trump to officially declare ANTIFA  a domestic terror organization.

It’s no accident this occurred one day after the mid-terms.

Citizens, isn’t ANTIFA just a branch of the DNC?  Haven’t the Democrats become a party of gangsters?  Who do we have to thank for this kind of activity?

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Maxine Waters, who publically encourages violence and tells her obedient followers to chase down and harass Trump supporters and administrators.

The lunatic fringe has gone mainstream.

Regardless of anybody’s feelings about Fox News and Tucker Carlson, ALL Democrats must openly condemn this behavior before we have another Steve Scalise-type incident.

Text (C) 2018 – ERN

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