Arthur Bremer reminds me of the current radical left

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On May 12, 1972, would-be assassin Arthur Bremer opens fire on presidential candidate Gov. George Wallace, shooting him four times, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.  (Three others were also wounded.)

Back in the day, I and everyone else accepted the MSM’s version of the events – that Bremer was a lone nutcase, a loser seeking fame.

What most didn’t know was that Bremer really wanted to kill President Nixon.  After a few failed attempts, he gave up, concluding that the President was too heavily guarded.

Bremer picked Gov. Wallace because he was a segregationist.  (Sound familiar?)  The Alabama governor put forced school busing on the table as a major issue in ’72.  [Nixon stopped busing.]

It should be noted that Gov. Wallace was running for the Democratic nomination.  [The Dixiercrats.  And he was doing well.]

Arthur Bremer had his beliefs and preferences.  Why didn’t he try to kill Sen. George McGovern?  This is something the MSM chooses not to speak about.

Another question:  if Bremer sought fame, why has remained silent for all these years?  Most young people have never heard of him.  Why has the MSM swept this man under the rug?  (Arthur Bremer was sentenced to serve 63 years in prison, yet for whatever reason was paroled in 2007, after serving only 35.)

TODAY.  We have a President who many erroneously believe to be a racist.

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In 2016, Dems firmly believed they had the presidency locked up – and when they lost – many became unhinged.  So I ask, are there any Arthur Bremers out there, pushed to the breaking point by the non-stop, anti-Trump coverage, 24/7?

How many of you heard about Hasher Jallal Taheb, a Muslim who plotted to blow a hole in the White House?  Maybe, he was listening to Madonna.

2020.  Dems scramble to find a candidate to run against the President.  A fool’s errand.  Anybody who knows anything about politics knows his re-election is a sure thing, unless-

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The Sad Last Days of Montgomery Clift


Back in the 1950’s, Montgomery Clift was at the top of his game, among the highest of the echelon of actors for that time.  Marlon Brando stated that he thought Clift was his only serious competitor.


On May 12, 1956, while driving home from a party held by his close personal friend Elizabeth Taylor, his car crumpled into a phone pole, nearly killing him.  Surviving, his shattered face was corrected with plastic surgery; however, the left side remained paralyzed.

The 1960’s became a rough time for “Monty” except for 1961, when he received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for “Judgement at Nuremberg” and excellent reviews for “The Misfits”.

Unfortunately, after “Freud” (1962), a film beset with many setbacks and problems, Clift was no longer bankable.  (He would receive much of the blame, undeservedly.)  It was true, he had trouble remembering his lines.  He became addicted to drugs and alcohol, used to dull the pain of the accident.  An eccentric to begin with, later day behavior became increasingly bizarre.  Plus, his sight was failing due to cataracts.  He became un-insurable.

Still, Clift wanted to act.  He pleaded with Warner Brothers for the role of John Singer in “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”.  Warners turned him down.  (Alan Arkin took the role, receiving an Oscar nomination.)


Clift and Liz Taylor discussed roles for them together.  They had already starred in “A Place in the Sun”, “Raintree County” and “Suddenly Last Summer”.  There was talk of them doing “The Owl and the Pussycat”.  (Later to be filmed with Barbra Streisand and George Segal.)

Ultiimately, they settled for “Reflections in a Golden Eye”.  Warner Bros. wanted proof he could still perform for the cameras.  So they cast him in the low-budget, grade-B cold war spy drama “The Defector”.  Clift knew it was schlock, yet did it anyway, just to prove he could still act.  It became his last.


Weeks before filming “Reflections”, Montgomery Clift died on July 23, 1966 of a heart attack.  He was only 45.  Ironically, he was replaced by his greatest competitor Marlon Brando.  Text © 2019 – EricReports.

Film vs. Video (Theaters)

Many movie theaters have switched to “all-digital formats”, that is, film presented on video, which is not film at all.  In other words, what you are watching resembles your T.V. set at home.  Why bother?

Additionally, movies aren’t being “filmed”.  They’re HD-video.  The studios said this is done to save money.  Why do they need to save money if they already have billions of dollars in profit?  Some film directors (Christopher Nolan, for example) remain loyal to film.

Is there a difference?

What do you think Blu-ray is all about?  Because of the increase in resolution, you are able to see some film grain. Additionally, there’s more depth and detail.  DVD gives a smooth look.

Am I the only one who’s noticed that new movies all resemble sit-coms?  Too bright, no shadows, everything appears flat.  This is lazy film-making.

Examine old films.  Early James Bond.  The cinematography is deep and rich in color.  Almost like slide film.  What about the shadows in “Godfather” 1 and 2?  The first “Night of the Living Dead (1968?)  1950’s film noir?

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If I’m expected to fork over ten bucks for a movie, I want an experience! And that experience is dying. Overpriced tickets and overpriced greasy fake-butter popcorn. There are no lines. There’s no sense of excitement. People can’t stop looking at their cellphones. Nobody laughs at the unfunny comedies. Where’s the talent? I can’t say much for many of the actors of today.  The women are loud, obnoxious and unattractive. The men are either weakling soy-boys or over-the-top maniacs.

The mule poster.png

The Last Movie Star.jpg


In 2018, I saw Clint Eastwood in “The Mule” and Burt Reynolds in “The Last Movie Star”.  Both are worth seeing because they were and are real movie stars.  Yes, they’re old, Reynolds is dead now, but whatever it is that made them famous is still there.

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Similarities between Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Obama


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Democrats have found their Mary Tyler Moore.  It’s the newly elected N.Y. representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Early on, it was proven that Barack Obama, “the chosen one” was selected by the radical left (Weather Underground) to be the POTUS.


With the self-destruction of the Hillary Clinton campaign, it’s time for Plan B.  Let’s push all the buttons!

One.  Female.

Two.  Latina

Three.  Young

Four.  Far-far left

Five.  Poor background  (Already proven untrue.)

How do you make far-left policies palatable to the American public?  Wrap it in an appealing package, covered with cotton-candy Communism.  It didn’t work with Hillary (Dr. Evil) Clinton who hates everybody that doesn’t kiss her ass.  Cortez is more of a people person.  Currently, she knows very little about anything except for Marxist dogma .  Those behind the scenes will smooth out the rough edges and improve her knowledge of the world.

The MSM began 2019 off with the AOC dance video, purportedly uploaded by “Republicans” to make her look bad.  Upon further investigation, the supposed right-wing website began in Jan. 2019.  Fake!


Also, the fledgling sparrow is suddenly the star of “60 Minutes”.  How’d that happen?

Listen, an unknown girl still wearing a training bra doesn’t just come out of nowhere and become a household name, unless there are others making it happen.  Citizens, we are being played once again.  Before, it was that “clean, articulate, Harvard law professor from Kenya, I mean Hawaii.  Now, it’s AOC “from the Bronx.”  (Or is it a wealthy N.Y. suburb?)

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