Hillary Clinton Stole Nevada!

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Crooked Hillary – The Most Corrupt Politician in American History

Election Day, 2016. In a barely reported incident, at Nevada polling stations, a busload of Hispanics (illegal aliens) was allowed to vote for two hours past the legal scheduled times. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/trump-files-election-day-lawsuit-over-nevada-polling-hours/

It appears that it was a coordinated effort between the DNC who directed those who wanted to vote “after hours”. Shortly thereafter, Hillary Clinton won this swing-state.

Let’s examine the facts. HRC lost all of Nevada except for Clark and Washoe Counties.

Nevada Presidential Election Results 2016.svg

Hillary’s blue, Trump’s red

Mrs. Clinton won by the slimmest of margins, 2.4%

This was soon forgotten because of Trump’s unexpected electoral college victory. But, should it have been?

Since Trump took office, HRC has launched an unrelenting campaign against the President, trying to have him removed from office.

What if this busload of unregistered foreign voters could be traced back to Camp Hillary? Shouldn’t there be an investigation as to where this bus came from and why these people were allowed to illegally vote? Who funded them?

Currently, Dems are conspiring to have President Trump impeached for absurd and trivial reasons while Hillary Clinton’s thievery and election fraud are ignored.

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Book Review (What Killed Elvis?)


“Careless Love”:  Peter Guralnick’s second volume on the life and death of Elvis Presley.

In 1975, Elvis was offered to play opposite Barbra Streisand in “A Star is Born” (1976.)  Initially accepted, Col. Tom Parker was outraged that Streisand would go to Elvis first without consulting him.  The deal:  Elvis was offered $500,000 plus 10% of the profits after the break-even point.  The Colonel’s counteroffer: $1 million with 50% of the profits.  This effectively ruined the deal.  You could mark this as the beginning of the end for Elvis Presley.  With no challenges left; without a serious film role, everything went downhill from there.

1973-1977:  It was the last four years of his life where his addiction grew to out-of-control proportions.  Whatever the cause, (some cite his ’73 divorce), Elvis’ death is a reminder of the dangers of drugs, prescribed or otherwise.

June 1977.  After a four year absence from television, Elvis appears in two videotaped shows videotaped for CBS, ultimately titled “Elvis in Concert”.  The program aired twice and has not been seen since, except for bootleg discs, tapes and uploads.  Elvis’ estate refuses to acknowledge it.  This, I believe, is a mistake.

At the time of death, Elvis had fourteen drugs in his system, most notably Quaalude’s and Codeine.  [I.E., probable cause of death being polypharmacy; the deadly interaction of these drugs, mixed together.  The official cause of death was a heart attack.]

What can one say about “Elvis in Concert”?  Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick writes “It is almost unbearable to listen to or to watch the obliteration not just of beauty, but of the memory of beauty, and in its place sheer, stark terror.  It was like he was saying ‘Okay, here I am, I’m dying, fuck it.'”

There are moments when Elvis pulls himself together, just to let the audience know he’s still alive.  “How Great thou Art” that classic, gospel favorite stands out.  (YouTube video uploaded by High Desert Astronomy Larry Pearson.)

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Elvis sings “How Great thou Art”

“My Way” is the only song used from the first recorded show (the rest judged unsuitable for broadcast.)  A Sinatra standard, “My Way’s” lyrics pretty much capture the situation at hand.  “And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain…”  (YouTube video uploaded by Alexander Eriksson Elvis.)

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Elvis sings “My Way”

“Unchained Melody” was originally not shown until years later in “Elvis – The Great Performances”.  Peter Guralnick writes…

“Unchained Melody would prove too raw for network broadcast.  At the end of the show, Elvis sat down at the piano and with Charlie Hodge holding a hand mike, launched into “Unchained Melody” in which he seemed to invest every fiber of his being.  Hunched over the piano, his face framed in a helmet of blue-black hair from which sweat sheets down over pale, swollen cheeks, Elvis looks like nothing so much as a creature out of a Hollywood monster film – and yet we are with him all the way as he struggles to achieve grace.  It is a moment of what can only be described as grotesque transcendence.”  (YouTube video uploaded by Jack London.)

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Elvis sings “Unchained Melody”

What impresses me most is Elvis determination to get through this song no matter what.  Some have remarked that it’s a wonder he didn’t die of a heart attack while singing it.

August 16, 1977.  Elvis Presley is found by his girlfriend Ginger Alden, collapsed by his toilet, already dead.  The last thing he tried to do is crawl for help to the bedroom where she slept.

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The Misfits (1961)

For some reason, “The Misfits” doesn’t seem like Marilyn Monroe’s last movie; probably because of the publicity received by “Something’s Got to Give” (1962, unfinished.)  It is, along with Clark Gable’s final performance, who died from a heart attack before it was released  (1960.)

Montgomery Clift would also die five years later (1966); Thelma Ritter in 1967.  The sole survivor for many years was Eli Wallach, who passed away in 2014.

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The opening credits: Jigsaw puzzle pieces not fitting together describes the characters shown against Alex North’s moody score.

The screenplay by Arthur Miller was written especially for his wife, Marilyn.  By the time, filming commenced, Miller and Monroe weren’t on speaking terms.  Divorce was imminent.

The role of Roslyn Taber was meant to be her breakthrough dramatic performance.  What emerged?
Monroe seems exhausted at times.  The combination of drugs, Nevada’s extreme heat and her marriage falling apart took its toll.
There are moments of brilliance…
Monroe’s seething anger boiling over at the men during the “mustanging” episode…
The stark backdrop of the Nevada desert…
The black & white cinematography, considered old-fashioned at the time, is more beautiful than ever.

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Of the love relationship between MM and Gable as Gay Langland…it seems almost like father/daughter, doesn’t it?


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Eli Wallach (center) broods over his empty life.


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Co-star Montgomery Clift poses with Marilyn.


Best performance – Montgomery Clift as Perce Howland.  Clift’s face was left partially paralyzed by an auto accident in 1956.  Although he started off as a matinee idol, the accident forced him to become a better actor.  While filming Clark Gable’s scene, where he reacts angrily at Roslyn, it was real anger at Clift who thought he was upstaging him.
“Misfits” ends anti-climatically.  The real finish is Gable’s monologue…
“Damn ’em all.  They changed it, changed it all around.  Smeared it all over with blood.  I’m finished with it.  It’s like ropin’ a dream.  I just gotta find another way to be alive, that’s all.  If there is one anymore.”
For whatever reason, “The Misfits” was shut-out at Oscar time, receiving none.
Time has been kind, however and today many rank it as a film of great importance, if only for being the end of an era.  I think it’s more than that.  Towards the conclusion, Gay describes the horses as “chicken-feed horses, misfits.”
Likewise, this makes a larger statement about the characters; people who simply don’t fit in, who can’t find their way in society and are marginalized.  Back in ’61, critics didn’t know what to make of it.  Now it’s easier to accept conformity.
Except how many movies from 1961 are still being discussed?  And does its difference make it last?
There’s some argument about when Hollywood’s “Silver Age” began.  Most critics cite “Bonnie & Clyde” (1967.)  I say “Psycho” (1960.)  There’s little argument when Hollywood’s “Golden Age” ended with “The Misfits”.
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The Dennis Miller Theory

Comedian/political commentator Dennis Miller believes Hillary Clinton will run again in 2020. 

Dennis Miller

Miller theorizes her strategy will be to let the current clown-car of Socialist-Democrats knock each other out in the debates.  When the fray is over and Creepy Joe Biden rises to the top, out comes “evidence” that he is a sexual predator.  

Biden’s unwanted advances on Hillary Clinton

Remember Trump’s “Pussy-gate” video?  Where’d that come from?  The big reveal from”H” herself during the 2nd debate.

What she didn’t foresee:  Republicans weren’t willing to throw Trump overboard for what he called “locker-room banter.”

Democrats are less forgiving.  (Photo below:  Al Franken.)

In this era of “MeToo” political-correctness, Joe Biden will be forced out by feminists, SJW’s and the far-left who didn’t like him in the first place.

Afterward, in marches the devil herself…Hillary to save the day.  According to Miller, “H” will say she doesn’t even want to run, but that she’s being forced to run, “drafted” in order to save the Party.  

The MSM will eat it up like candy.  The “Great Rematch!”

In ’20, won’t Mrs. C know her weak spots?  Where to cheat more?  Where to bus blacks and illegal aliens, so they can vote and re-vote?  To run a more positive campaign rather than a “hate Trump” diatribe.

While all of this is hypothetical, “H” has lied before about not wanting to run and once said, “I just want to be a grandma.”

As bad as a Trump vs. Biden race might be, it could always be worse and it will be if that fat-ass criminal Clinton decides to run again.

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