Manhattan Helicopter Crash – Precursor to 2nd 9/11?



June 10, 2019.  Manhattan, NYC.  A helicopter crash-landed on top of a skyscraper killing the pilot.  Questions remain as to why the pilot named Tim McCormick crashed and where was he going?  FoxNews claims he was meant to go to the Statue of Liberty; however, was seen going in the opposite direction.  MSM reports immediately denied any links to Muslim terrorism, even before the matter was investigated.


Wreckage of doomed helicopter.

2nd Senator Murdered within 2 days

Practically ignored by the mainstream media, two U.S. Republican Senators were found dead from gunshot wounds in their homes.  The latest is Johnathan Nichols, age 53, formerly a state senator from Oklahoma.

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Sen. Johnathan Nichols



Sen. Linda Collins-Smith

Previously, Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith had also been found murdered by gunshot wounds in her home.

Question:  what does it take for so-called mainstream journalists to get off their fat, worthless asses and do their job and find out what is happening?

Primarily, for the past two years the MSM has mostly reported on ways to impeach President Trump, regardless of failed investigations which prove nothing.  (Except that former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is the source of the fake news reports.)

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Former U.S. Senator Found Shot to Death

Former Arkansas Republican Senator Linda Collins-Smith

Former Arkansas Republican Senator Linda Collins-Smith was found shot to death in her home in Pocohontas, Arkansas.  Police are investigating her death as a homicide.

In 2017, Sen. Collins-Smith had introduced Senate Bill 774 which forced transgendered individuals to use bathrooms of their assigned sex.

Hillary Clinton Stole Nevada — Twice!

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Facts and evidence prove Democratic candidate Hillary R. Clinton knowingly and criminally maneuvered electors away from Bernie Sanders during the Nevada caucus.

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