Antifa Must Be Destroyed

See the source image   June 29, 2019.  Portland, Oregon. Citizen journalist Andy Ngo was viciously beaten and attacked by the domestic group ANTIFA, while police stood by and watched.  Ngo suffered a brain hemorrhage and permanent injuries.  Additionally, Ngo states that the police were told to “stand down” (do nothing) so as not to “incite” members of antifa.  Evidence of this order leads to Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Here we have, once and for all, proof of the culpability of liberal politicians allowing conservatives to be attacked by a far left-wing mob.

What must be done?

Simply stated, if attacked deadly force must be used.  ANTIFA is a threat to all law abiding citizens.  They must be crushed into oblivion.  The police won’t do it for you.  You must do it for yourself.

See the source image

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