Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should – Resign

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – the most deadly type known – and yet the mainstream media continues to pretend that she will recover.  The reality is:  Ginsburg is 86 years old and has been in ill health for a long time.  In a saner world, there’d be no illusionary talk of her “getting over it”.  And yet, the lamestream left can’t stop themselves.  The idea of Pres. Trump appointing another supreme court justice  is abhorrent to their very being.  Most of all, they fear the overturn of Roe vs. Wade – America’s abortion law.  (“Reproductive rights” they’re calling it now.)

The left continue their delusions, believing Pres. Trump will be impeached (just because they don’t like him.)  Or that they’re going to win the 2020 General Election.  (They won’t.)

What will happen?  Most likely, Ms. Ginsburg won’t resign because Donald Trump would be able to replace her.  Instead, she’ll continue to linger, kept alive on machines until she dies.  (From the way she looks, I’d expect that to be this year.)  Then, Dems will block any Trump appointment.  Don’t expect Ginsburg to be replaced until Trump is re-elected.

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Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy

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Q230:  Jeffery Epstein Autopsy Hyoid break:  Deep State Murder or Prison Suicide?  Video by Shaun Attwood on YouTube.

Aug. 14, 2019.  Autopsy results report that financier/billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s neck bones sustained injuries that indicate death by strangulation or hanging.  The mainstream media, however, have stuck with their conspiracy theory by saying Mr. Epstein hanged himself on his bunk bed.  Epstein’s attorney’s have said their client was upbeat on the last day and ready to make a deal with prosecutors.  Guards state they “fell asleep for three hours” and by some coincidence, all video cameras were turned off.  He had been taken off suicide watch on July 31.

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“Twilight Zone” Accident (1983)

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Twilight Zone Tragedy – Helicopter Accident Scenes Reconstructed by Lucid Films on YouTube.

Incomplete “Time Out” episode, starring Vic Morrow, where Morrow and two child actors were killed by a falling helicopter.  Myca Dinh Le and Vic Morrow were decapitated.  Renee Shin-Yi Chen was crushed to death.  Date of accident:  7-23-1982.  The film itself was released a year later.

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Jeffrey Epstein: Another Name to Add to the Clinton Death List

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On August 10th 2019, the body of Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his prison cell.  Why does this matter?

Jeffrey Epstein:  billionaire and leftist-Democratic donor was in jail for his involvement with underage prostitutes – prostitutes he provided for the rich + famous.  (The most famous being former President Bill Clinton, who visited Epstein’s resort 26 times.  Clinton said it was only 4.)

He owned his own island “Little St. James” (known as “Orgy Island”)…Those he brought there on his “Lolita Express” private jet.

For years, this has been discussed on alternate news websites and the tabloids, but the MSM has stayed far, far away from it.

Once jailed, Mr. Epstein became a major liability and a danger to the Clinton Machine.

You may ask:  Why would the Clintons care now?  Aren’t they out of power?  Don’t kid yourself.  Hillary Clinton still wants to be the president and has her own plans.

Presently, the top contenders amongst the Democratic nominees are:  former VP Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Socialist Bernie Sanders.  If elected, Sanders would be 80 years old upon taking office.  Forget it.  If Biden is somehow taken out of the equation for health reasons (cancer, heart attack, stroke) or worse, sexual allegations, he would be out.

That leaves a very weak candidate, Elizabeth Warren, who most believe has little chance at beating Pres. Trump.

The Democratic National Convention 2020.  A “Draft Hillary” movement begins, started by her own people.  She makes a deal with Warren as her vice-president.  There you have the ultimate female ticket – two women vs. two men.  Who do you think women will vote for?

If Jeffrey Epstein had outed Bill Clinton as a chronic sex abuser of young girls, wouldn’t it follow that Mrs. Clinton knew all about it?  Thus, the Clintons plan to retake the White House would be spoiled.

Many questions have been asked about how Jeffery Epstein could have killed himself.  Why were the guards sent away?  Why were all the video cameras turned off?  Why was he taken off of suicide watch?  Did he try to kill himself in July or was he attacked?  AND THE BIGGEST QUESTION OF THEM ALL:  WAS EPSTEIN ABOUT TO MAKE A DEAL AND NAME NAMES TO AVOID PROSECUTION?

The MSM wants no part of these questions.   Whatever FBI investigation occurs won’t find anything.  The MSM knows full well Epstein’s involvement with the Clintons, except they don’t want to talk about it.

When J. Epstein was arrested, I had great hopes he would finally blow the whistler on the Clintons, bringing their empire down to a crashing halt.  This was his chance to do that.  Why didn’t he?  Did he think he had a chance to make it out of prison alive?  He must have.  What were the last two weeks like for him?  He must’ve known he was in grave danger.

While the lying MSM said back in July that he tried to kill himself, how does this make sense?  This attack was a message:  “Don’t talk.”  I suspect Epstein was about to.  That’s why he’s dead.  And that’s why Hillary Clinton’s aspirations to be the president are still very much alive.

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Kamala Harris Taken Down by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

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Democratic debate, July 31, 2019, Detroit, Michigan.  Sen. Kamala Harris, who was flying high from her first debate performance against VP Joe Biden was unexpectedly “taken to the woodshed” for a serious ass-whipping by the previously unknown Representative from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard.

The MSM, unsurprisingly, refused to report on Sen. Harris record as former California Attorney General; Rep. Gabbard, on the other hand, laid it out for all the world to see.

Sen Harris jailed 1,500 marijuana offenders, then laughed about smoking pot in the 90’s.

Sen. Harris blocked DNA evidence for a prisoner on death row.

Extended prison sentences for free labor.

Jailed parents for not sending their children to school.

Harris could do nothing but shake her head, saying she was “proud of her record as Attorney General” and that Gabbard was only making “fancy speeches”.  The fact is – EVERYTHING GABBARD SAID IS TRUE.  Sen. Harris is a dirty, lying, crooked, authoritarian politician.

Where does this leave Kamala Harris?  Unless she makes a miracle comeback in the next debate, she is through.

What would be the stupidest thing Harris could do?  Go after Tulsi Gabbard and that’s exactly what she’s doing.  Ludicrous charges of Rep. Gabbard being “an agent for the Russians” and/or Syria’s Pres. Assad, because she met with him (with Rep. Dennis Kucinich) on a diplomatic mission to prevent war.

Prediction:  There was never any chance for Kamala Harris to take the top spot in 2020; however, she could have become Vice President, just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Now now.  Now that position belongs to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Watching that exchange between Gabbard-Harris, we are witnessing high drama and the takedown of someone who could have one day become President.

(Video titled Biden vs. Harris vs. Gabbard is from Don’t Walk, Run! Productions on YouTube.)

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Mass Shootings + NWO = Gun Control

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America, in the span of a week suffered from a rash of shooting occurring in California, Texas and Ohio.  Coincidentally, this is taking place as the Democrats begin to seek power for the 2020 election.  This is no accident.  Those people who work behind the scenes, the ILLUMINATI, if you will, are orchestrating these events.  The hoped for and desired result is gun confiscation:  the destruction of the 2nd Amendment

What stands in their way?  Pres. Donald Trump and the Republican Senate.  Without them, our right to bear arms would already be taken away.  That’s why the 2020 election is so crucial – we are at a tipping point; between a free America and a Socialist America.  Text © 2019 – EricReports

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Trump Unbeatable in 2020

Despite Dems and the MSM thinking they have a chance in the next General Election, we here at EricReports are officially endorsing Donald Trump for President.

The top five contenders versus Trump…

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Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris

What a motley crew.

Are you telling me that with the U.S. economy at its best and unemployment at its lowest, any of these “share the wealth” commie bozos has a chance against DONALD TRUMP, SUPERSTAR?

Prediction:  I suspect Biden will continue to remain highest among Dems in the poll ratings.  Kamala Harris will rise to #2.  He will be forced to choose her as his VP,  This move will be an attempt to make Joe appear more “hip”, but despite Sen. Harris being “a woman of color”, there is nothing hip about her.

The 2020 Dem. convention:  If and I say IF a “MeTooer” comes forward claiming Joe Biden molested her – former Sec’t of State Hillary Clinton may try to start a “Draft Hillary” movement.  If that happens, it will fail as did the attempts tom keep Brett Kavanaugh off the  Supreme Court.

During the next two years, you’ll hear a lot about impeaching Pres. Trump.  Don’t worry about it.  If the President were ever going to be impeached, they would have done so already.  This is done purely for show.

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