Trump Unbeatable in 2020

Despite Dems and the MSM thinking they have a chance in the next General Election, we here at EricReports are officially endorsing Donald Trump for President.

The top five contenders versus Trump…

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Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris

What a motley crew.

Are you telling me that with the U.S. economy at its best and unemployment at its lowest, any of these “share the wealth” commie bozos has a chance against DONALD TRUMP, SUPERSTAR?

Prediction:  I suspect Biden will continue to remain highest among Dems in the poll ratings.  Kamala Harris will rise to #2.  He will be forced to choose her as his VP,  This move will be an attempt to make Joe appear more “hip”, but despite Sen. Harris being “a woman of color”, there is nothing hip about her.

The 2020 Dem. convention:  If and I say IF a “MeTooer” comes forward claiming Joe Biden molested her – former Sec’t of State Hillary Clinton may try to start a “Draft Hillary” movement.  If that happens, it will fail as did the attempts tom keep Brett Kavanaugh off the  Supreme Court.

During the next two years, you’ll hear a lot about impeaching Pres. Trump.  Don’t worry about it.  If the President were ever going to be impeached, they would have done so already.  This is done purely for show.

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