Kamala Harris – Political Whore

See the source imagePolitical whore, now presidential candidate, CA Sen. Kamala Harris, fucked her way to the top.  Willie Brown, California Assembly Speaker and Mayor of San Francisco, was her john.  From 1994-1995, Harris used Brown to meet those who would help her climb the ladder of success, then quickly dumped him when he was no longer useful calling him an “albatross around her neck”, but also “a friend and a mentor.”

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Kamala Harris & Willie Brown’s extramarital affair.

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9/11 Coup

Vice-President Dick Cheney assumes the role of President on Sept. 11, 2001

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President George W. Bush left out of the loop. (Sarasota, Florida.)

September 11, 2001.  For a time, Vice-President Dick Cheney took control of the USA while President George W. Bush was in Sarasota, FL, listening to children read “My Pet Goat”.  This continued while the President was aloft on Air Force One.  Also, while he was briefly hidden in an underground bunker.  By the end of the day, against his handlers wishes, he insisted on being returned to the White House.  This means that on the most critically important day of the new century, Dick Cheney was our Commander-in-Chief.

This demands a “What If?” scenario.  What if the fourth plane (Flight 93) had not been late?  What if the fourth plane had struck the Capital Building or the White House?  Is that what the shadow government wanted?  Taking it one step further – What if a hijacked plane had struck Air Force One?  Were there plans to do so?

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Flight 93’s flight path, which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. What if it had hit its intended target? Was this part of an intended coup d’etat?

The CIA was aware of the whereabouts of three of the hijackers – including Mohammed Atta – the pilot of Flight 11…

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…the first plane to strike the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.  The CIA knew and didn’t do anything to stop it.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to know – this was an attempted coup on our country.  By who?

If the CIA had contact with Osama bin Laden’s cell phone, how could they not know when 9/11/01 would take place?

Another question:  Are any future 9/11’s planned?  And what can be done to stop them?

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Hillary Clinton Next Supreme -Court Justice?

Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton wants to create the most liberal Supreme Court in h...  EricReports Exclusive-In March 2016, Pres. Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to succeed the deceased Judge Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.  Most likely, if Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies before the election, the Democrats will do the same.  Let us also assume that somehow Donald Trump was not re-elected as President of the United States.  Who would the Democrats choose to succeed Ginsburg, if she dies by then?

The reality is:  Hillary Clinton expects political payback for whomever wins the presidency and that payback would be a seat on the Supreme Court.  Forgotten by most, it was she (as then First Lady), who ordered Pres. Bill Clinton to chose Ginsburg in 1993.  Over 25 years later, the great Satan Hillary plans to replace her in 2021.  This, she feels, would be suitable revenge on those who denied her the presidency in 2016.

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Leaked!-Hillary Clinton working with Kamala Harris

Fusion GPS on Flipboard | Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, Donald Trump Jr


EricReports exclusive:  Sen. Kamala Harris is being backed by failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton…right down to the black suit.

Proxy candidate California Senator Kamala Harris has inherited Hillary Clinton’s campaign team and is desperately trying to catch up, being stuck in a distant 4th place at five percent.

Back in the July 27 Democratic debate when VP Biden crumbled from Harris’ charges of racism (on busing and working with segregationists), it was Hillary who coached her to do so.

Tulsi Gabbard Wrecks Kamala Harris Over Abusive Prosecutorial Record

July 31.  Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tore down Sen. Harris who had been climbing in the polls, charging her with political corruption, hypocrisy, prison slave gangs, prosecuting those who smoke marijuana while smoking it herself and outright lying.  Since then, the DNC has made new rules, excluding Gabbard from the September debates.  (Proof HRC still controls the DNC.)

Harris/Hillary have joined forces together in her dirty trick campaign – now against Socialist Bernie Sanders – walking out of his speech chanting “It’s time to put a woman in the White House.”

What’s Next?  While Sen. Harris said she’s going after Pres. Trump, come debate time, expect more unwarranted attacks against the front-runners.

The DNC have worked themselves into a fever pitch, hysterical at the prospect of another four years of Pres. Donald Trump.  With the candidates they have, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

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