Who Killed Elisa Lam?

Conclusive evidence points to police involvement and a cover-up by the LAPD in the mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

Where it happened:  the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.  (aka “Stay on Main” Hotel)

When it happened:  February 1, 2012.

The last time Ms. Lam was seen before her death was on this elevator surveillance video from 11:55 p.m. to 12 midnight.  (The night of January 31st.)

NOTE!  54 seconds of this video have been removed by the police (NOT THE HOTEL.)  Additionally, the video was slowed down to make up for the missing time.  When noticed by viewers, the police said that it was slowed down so the public could see her longer.  (THIS MAKES NO SENSE – A still photo would work serve the same purpose.

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TIMELINE:  Elisa Lam, a 21 year old Chinese-Canadian college student decides to visit the USA.

January 26, 2012.  Ms. Lam arrives in Los Angeles:  booked to stay at the Cecil Hotel from Jan. 26 to her checkout date on Feb. 1.  Police claim that from Jan. 26 thru 30, she stayed in a room with other hotel guests to save money, but was asked to leave because she was “behaving oddly”.  EricReports refutes this statement.  There is no evidence, no testimony, no interviews and no names of anyone making complaints against Elisa Lam.  Why are the police saying this?  In order to portray her as “insane”.  [Lam was bi-polar and on a doctor’s prescribed medication.]  There is no evidence of any suicidal behavior.

January 31, 2012.  Elisa visits a nearby bookstore called, cryptically, “The Last Book Store”.  The manager of the store, Katie Orphan, states that Ms. Lam was friendly and behaved normally.

11:55 p.m. – 12 midnight (Feb.1) – The Elevator Surveillance Video

Elisa Lam is seen entering the elevator.  She presses a series of buttons, the last being “HOLD” which (inadvertently or not) kept the elevator door open.  She was not wearing her eyeglasses and may not have been able to see what was written on the buttons.  (That is why she bends down to read them.)  Lam then presses her body into the corner as if she’s hiding from someone.  (Or is she playing a game?)  Next, she steps out of the elevator, returning back and presses the same series of buttons.  Stepping back out, she makes strange gestures with her hands, either to someone or to no one.  Because of the angle of the camera, we cannot see clearly if someone is there.   [This is when, most likely, police edited the video.]  Following this, Ms. Lam exits, walks down the hall and the elevator door closes.

The video may be interpreted in different ways; however, the police chose to describe it as a “psychotic break”.

February 6.  Worried because they no longer received their daily phone call, Elisa Lam’s parents report their daughters disappearance to the police.  A press conference is held.  [Why does Lam’s disappearance become major news?  It’s unknown as to whether or not she’s in danger.]  Police search the hotel (including the roof) with search dogs, finding nothing.  Flyers are placed around the city asking the public if they’ve seen the missing girl.  The notorious elevator surveillance video is shown on television.

CA/Canada - Elisa Lam (21) - Los Angeles - 31-Jan-2013 ...

A few weeks after her disappearance, Cecil Hotel residents reports that their water has “turned black”, tastes “sickly-sweet” and there is “less water pressure.”

February 19.  A hotel worker is sent to examine the four water tanks located on the roof.  One is left open.  Looking inside, he can see the nude body of Elisa Lam, her clothes floating by her side.

Police’s conclusion.  Sometime after midnight on Feb. 1, Ms. Lam in a delusional state of mind, wandered out onto roof by way of the fire escape, took off her clothes, carried them with her and “accidentally” fell into the water tank.

Official cause of death:  accidental drowning.

Autopsy report:  No water was found in Elisa Lam’s lungs or stomach.  This indicates that she was killed first and that her body was dumped into the water after.

The original finding by the coroner, Dr. Tovar:  cause of death- Undetermined.  (Later, changed to “Accidental”.)  Why did Tovar’s “higher-ups” force him to change it?

Lam’s parents sue the Cecil Hotel for “Wrongful death caused by negligence.”  The hotel is found “Not Guilty”.  Police blame Ms. Lam’s bi-polar condition for causing her accident.

Questions remain…

Q.  How did Elisa Lam know how to enter the water tank?  The top hatch can’t be seen except by a bird’s eye view.  Only someone with foreknowledge would be aware of it.

Q.  Why didn’t the police dogs pick up her scent on Feb. 6?

Q.  Why was she found nude?

Q.  Why are her clothes dirty?

Q.  How can the police call this “accidental?”

Q.  Why is the time stamp blurred out on the elevator surveillance video?

Q.  Why are 54 seconds of it edited out?

Q.  Who is she talking to?

Q.  Where is the rest of the elevator surveillance video?  The part where she is going up in the elevator?  Who was she with?

CONCLUSION:  While some may blame a hotel worker for Elisa’s death, why wouldn’t the police investigate?  Because there’s evidence of a cover-up (the edited surveillance video, the blurred out time stamp, the attempt to hide it by slowing it down), this leads to the police involvement.  Who would the police cover for?  A politician?  A cop?  If the crime was unsolvable, why not list it as “cause undetermined’?  Why bury this case under the lie of an accidental drowning?

Murder.  Whomever killed Lam (sacrificial “lamb”) wanted worldwide media coverage.  Whomever killed Lam wanted residents of the hotel to drink her essence.

CLUE:  Graffiti on the water tower – “She was a cunt” written in Latin.

Rape?  The police coroner tested her for sexual assault.  Finding:  there was none, except that her anus was found bleeding.  Dr. Tovar lists this as “decompostion”.  Any rape test is useless because of the nineteen days the body was left in the water.

The Cecil Hotel, near skid row, had become a hangout for the homeless and drug users.  (Lam was probably unaware of this.)

The hotel has a high incidence of death:  13.

Hotel known previously as the residence for mass-murderer Richard Ramirez (“The Night Stalker”), Johann Unterweger and murder victim Elizabeth Short aka the”Black Dahlia”.

Richard Ramirez

Johann Unterweger

Elizabeth Short photo from police bulletin.jpg

“The Black Dahlia” another unsolved, bungled, cover-up by the police.  (above photo)

The mainstream media has sought to portray Ms. Lam as “crazy” because of her bi-polar disorder.  It should be noted that this illness was under control – her medication was found in her bloodstream.  Rather than investigate the obvious – foul play – they instead blame the victim.

The police know what happened.  They know who did it.  And they’re not telling.

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