Kobe Bryant-Illuminati Predicts Death

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Helicopter crash site

NBA Lakers basketball star #24 Kobe Bryant was killed along with eight others including his thirteen year old daughter Gigi, in a helicopter crash over Calabasas, California.  For fifteen minutes, the chopper was in a holding pattern, due to inclement weather and poor visibility.  What happened next led to disaster.  Reportedly, the helicopter made an abrupt turn when the chopper lost control, spinning into free-fall.  The radar’s flight data recorder ceases audio in the last critical minute.

Illuminati 2017 cartoon “Legends of Chamberlain Heights” foretells Kobe’s death…(Cartoon starts at the 17 second mark.)

Illuminati 2017 cartoon “Legends of Chamberlain Heights” foretells Kobe’s death…(Cartoon starts at the 17 second mark.)

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$50 Million Lawsuit against —-Hillary Clinton (Tulsi Gabbard)

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Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI), is suing Hillary Clinton for defamation of character because of comments she made last October, saying Ms. Gabbard was a “Russian asset”.  Tulsi, who is also running for President (D), states that HRC has held a grudge against her since 2016, when she backed Bernie Sanders, instead of her.

Additionally, Gabbard brought down Sen. Kamala Harris last July, during a debate.  (Hillary was backing Sen. Harris.)

The lawsuit makes clear that Hillary hasn’t brought forth any evidence proving her theory.  Mrs. Clinton also claimed Green Party leader Jill Stein secrets works for the Russians.

Hillary, who had recently plastic surgery done on her face, is also promoting a new documentary film of her life, which coincidentally comes out during the Democratic primaries.  Many feel (including myself), that HRC is planning to run again, by ruining the chances for front-runners Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

“H” has said that Sanders is partially responsible for her 2016 defeat for not backing her earlier and in a recent interview said “Nobody likes Bernie and no one wants to work with him.”  (meaning the Washington establishment “swamp”.)

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The gutless, cowardly left, the Communist-Socialist-Progressive-Democrats (or whatever else their calling themselves this week), have aligned themselves with the worst elements of radical Islam.  If you were watching the mainstream media (MSM), when Iran fired missiles at American bases in Iraq, you would’ve seen their true color:  yellow.  Shuddering, shaking, trembling voices, cowering in fear that Iran was coming to get them – “And it’s all Trump’s fault for actually doing something!”  The left are so used to Obama’s method – paying off the bully – that when a real American President takes decisive military action, it makes them pee their panties.

Soon after, you had them wishing for a long protracted war (like Iraq), so they could have something, anything, to run against.  [If we had a war, it should be a one-day nuclear war, where we wipe them off the map.]

Disappointed Democrats, (disappointed that millions of people didn’t die), have instead seized on the idea that the shoot-down of a Ukrainian passenger jet was Trump’s fault because he killed Gen. Soleimani in the first place.  (How’s that for convoluted logic?)  That’s right, anytime something bad happens, “It’s Trump’s fault.”

Leftist newspapers have severely criticized the President for killing Soleimani, calling the dead general:  “revered, a symbol, a leader among leaders.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Trump “attacked Iran’s sovereignty” and that he should have asked her permission first.  The President responded that if had, the Democrats would’ve leaked it.  What does that say about the “donkey party”?  (Text © 2020 – ERN)

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Iran Accidentally Shoots Down Ukrainian Airliner, 176 Dead

January 7, 2020.  Ukrainian International Flight PS752 en flight to Kyiv from Tehran Airport was seen bursting into flames, only five minutes after takeoff.  An American-made 2016 Boeing 707-800, it had been safety checked just two days earlier.

WHAT HAPPENED:  Iran, only one to two hours earlier had fired off 22 missiles toward U.S. military bases in Iraq.  Iranians, believing the plane was a missile, (i.e., Trump’s response) shot it down.  Iranian news sources initially reported the plane to have exploded, which they quickly revised.  Before any investigation, officials blamed it on “engine failure”.  Some remain skeptical of Iran’s engine failure theory – others accept it.

Aviation experts said because of the explosion, that it was either a bomb or a missile.

Based on the timing of the incident and the video evidence, there is one conclusion:  Flight PS752 was shot down.

[Iran refuses to release the “Black Box” recorded evidence.]

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Trump vs. Iran

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Iran has openly threatened to kill President Trump in retaliation for the death of General Soleimani.  Trump, on the other hand, threatens 52 strategic targets in Iran – one for each of the 52 Americans taken hostages from 1979-1981.

President Trump Warns: “If Iran Strikes any Americans” We Have 52 Response Targets Identified ...

What is the right course of action?

Q.  What would Iran do if they had our military capabilities?

A.  Destroy us.

And that is what we should do to them.

It’s time for America to stop being nice.  It’s time to stop playing the loser.  What’s the point of having nuclear weapons and never using them?  Don’t you think they know by now we won’t?  Iran is not afraid of us.  That’s why they need to learn to be afraid of us.  Pres. Trump needs to teach Iran a lesson and launch a full-out nuclear attack.  End this – before they end us.

   Everybody knows Iran’s nuclear aspirations were helped by the closet-Muslim Barack Obama.  They’re on their way of becoming a nuclear power.

If we don’t obliterate Iran, Iran will eventually attack us.  There’s always the chance some chicken-shit Democrat will be elected in November.  What has Trump got to lose?  He’s already been impeached by the House.

The MSM hates him.  The spoiled college punks hate him.  Queer Hollywood hates him.  The effete, elite, leftist pseudo-intellectuals hate him.  Real Americans love him.

2020 is that year of opportunity to get rid of a sworn enemy once and for all.

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2020 Starts Off with a Bang – -Soleimani Killed

January 3, 2020.  Iran’s star General Qassem Soleimani was blown to bits near Iraq’s Baghdad airport.  (Video Below.)  A U.S. drone missile ended the life of America’s sworn enemy and murderer of countless U.S. soldiers.

Gen. Soleimani’s SUV in a fiery ruin. He was identified by a ring found on his dismembered hand.

Trump vows “There won’t be another Benghazi.”

Tensions have risen in Iraq during the past week amidst protests and attacks of violence.  (U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.)

Predictably, Trump’s opposition here in his own country, are in a state of fear from Iranian retaliation.  The cowardly Democrats, who are predicted to lose the 2020 election, have shown their chicken wings.  [Text © 2020 – ERN]

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